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Thoughts on this look?
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autism is totally in right now
Ditch the running shoes and switch the undershirt with a white one
hes gonna grow up insanely handsome isnt he?

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> hey guys I'm alpha hehehe

is he even tall or is he a manlet?
hes 5 foot 6 inches

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couldn't find one

post shoes, ask about shoes, etc.
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What are the best ways to improve my facial aesthetics? I've been mewing for 3 months but I feel like it's a meme
>Inb4 takes a while to see results
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Jaw position matters. If you're under 20 than you're still growing and also you should lose weight. There are some neck exercises to help too but until there is weight loss it doesn't matter
I'm 186 cm and 64kg do I need to lose it or am I ok?
wtf is mewing

I had an underbite when I was a kid and then I got this thing called a herbst device put in my mouth that expanded my palate and moved my lower jaw forward so now I have a stronger jaw. Maybe you could look into that. It's a hell of a lot of metal in your mouth though

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Where can I get some good slim black jeans that don't stain clothing or catch a lot of dust? Of good/decent quality too.

Last pair I had were nudies but they stained clothing and recently blew out.

Any reputable brands you guys would recommend?
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new yorker
That's even shittier than Primark
never heard of them.

this is bad

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Is it ok to wear cat eye sunglasses as a guy?

I really like the shape when the edges are not as pronounced and pointy. But I'm not sure if I should do it, anyone here tried it?
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Sure, if you're a total faggot.
I'm not, but what if I were a fag?
Then I would expect you to wear them. Either way, you're going to get hit on by other dudes.

anything like this shirt that I can get without paying $50 shipping? aliexpress is fine or ebay or anything

i just want a shirt that is a drop shoulder with a not-loose neck and not too streetweary
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I think pacsun has some. Try the website
asos usually has These Shirts and they fit well
ASOS has loads of shit like this for cheap

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Dude in girls short shorts, weird?
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Are you str8?
If you have skinny chicken legs like him then yes

Unless you're a homosex
I am him

I recently decided to stop looking like trash and thought about dressing like this dude. Yes, I already read the stick. This guy looks pretty good to me. Is this a style? What do I have to search for?
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I´m posting more pictures for reference. Also, would this look good with long hair?
This stuff is probably really expensive, you cpuld pull off a cheaper version of the top fit easily enough, its just a black shirt and trousers, the second one looks like it could be yhoji though, i think youd have to buy designer to dress like that..

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Is there a way to go bald without looking like I'm 35 in my 20s?
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saw some middle eastern looking dude who was in his twenties for sure. nice guy and of course bald but also had a full beard, kinda like Stewart in that pic but the hair color was black.

so if your face isn't full of wrinkles and old looking, you will look young no matter what. being skinny helps as well.

get into skincare too. we got skincare generals on /fa/.
im 23 and have a pretty bad receding hairline. I'm skinny but also really, really pale. I worry that if i shave my head i'll look like some kind of cancer patient

How can you go bald with grace so to speak? I imagine you'd have to shave once or twice a week, but how can you get a nice scalp and stuff
>I worry that if i shave my head i'll look like some kind of cancer patient

that's very effay. you'll look like a deranged monk or like Billy Corgan. I dig that look, pham.

>How can you go bald with grace so to speak?

I don't have any good answer since I'm not bald but google skincare for being bald. that's where I would start in your position and yes, you'll have to shave. you should grow a beard. it will make you more approachable and if you don't like it, fuck what everybody thinks. not your fault getting bald.

The more I look at pictures of myself the more I feel I've outgrown the basic T-shirt.

It scares me that I might wear them forever. I'm fashion illiterate and don't know what to move in to however.

Summer wear btw.
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Diadora or sergio polos
kinda all look like golf shirts. I'm turning 30 not 80.
>outgrown the basic t shirt

that cant happen

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Whatta good fit for a person who loves rock/metal?

Without going full autist mode.
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There isn't, kys or stop listening to shit music
>who loves rock/metal
>posts Metallica

> Whatta good fit

A noose.
Yeah if you're over say 20 you're gonna look like a dummy.

Do i really need shoe trees for my dress boots?
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i'd recommend it, but if you have trash shoes anyway why bother
I said dress boots not shoes
i'd recommend it, but if you have trash boots anyway why bother, cunt.

How do you stay fa while bulkin?

You get a gut overhang, you get gyno, your ass blows up.
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you get /fa/ when you start cutting
That means it's time to start cutting.

Rule of thumb; cut until you're miserable, bulk until you hate yourself.
you are taking your bulks too far and/or not starting lean enough

you should be able to gain 15lbs and still have abs

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literal autism shoes.png
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is autism effay?
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They would go nicely with the "Please Be Patient I Have Autism" hat.

If you could wear that without getting people mad I'd rock those shoes with them.
imagining that fit made me choke on my peanut butter toast. thanks
File: autism fit.png (633KB, 1500x1178px)Image search: [Google]
autism fit.png
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quick mock up

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