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what is the most effay car and why is it the AE86 Toyota Sprinter Trueno?
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De Lorean
Your favourite anime sucks

Your favourite movie sucks
Life is not an anime, friendo.

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So I've got super curly hair but I can't find the right hairstyle. Taking any suggestions.
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>I've got super curly hair

hi nigger
Unfortunately not, that'd be super convenient.
ill dump some i have

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evol cheveux 7.jpg
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Just got a buzzcut for the first time, not sure how long I'll keep it, give me ideas for what I should do next

+ Hair thread
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Pic 4 and 5 ar bretty hot, although ur nice all around anyway 8.7/10
thanks anon
6 and 7 my dude, highlights your facial features and makes you look mature

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Anyone have some more /fa options when it comes to backpacks? I'm off to college soon and I feel like messenger bags are kind of douchey.
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The military bags are pretty /fa/, I'm pretty fond of the incase bags but they don't have as many cool colors as they used to.
Do they pill tops at all? I feel like the only way to avoid that would be to get a leather bag but I'd much rather not rock a leather backpack. They certainly look nice tho.
Just buy whatever you think looks good and will last a while, but nothing too big. If you pack for the day and not for the week, you can slim down on what you carry considerably and it'll save your looks and your back. On some days I carry just my laptop (then I don't carry a backpack) and on others, I have my laptop, a binder, pencils/pens, one or two books, and that's it.

pic: my backpack

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I believe the shoes are Vans.
are you fr? you can easily find shirt like that at goodwill. just vintage solid-colored tees. might even be able to find them brand new but the cut will probably be off
Pacsun you fucking normie pleb

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Are they effay?
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I wish I could do that...
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1MB, 2154x2870px
feel free to add to it if you have similar styled pics
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File: gvmdMKL.jpg (176KB, 681x922px)Image search: [Google]
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Where do you lads get your chinos?
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ralph lauren classic fit ones are good
and where do you get your money?
Monitoring. Been on the hunt for light gray chinos lately.

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Can denim vests ever look good?
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File: willie-rigid04.jpg (530KB, 1134x1550px)Image search: [Google]
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you needa go FULL AMERICANA
File: Sunny9x02_0229.jpg (168KB, 1280x718px)Image search: [Google]
168KB, 1280x718px

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Fuck i want to buy sneakers i am tired of taking Ls so give me links or tell me the best sneakers bots please. I'm trying to buy the zebras on the 26 i'm desperate
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Here's what I'm gonna say on those sneakers. Print off that picture. Watch as your camera struggles to focus. Great gear for commiting crimes and avoiding properly focused CCTV evidence. Otherwise however......
>not just buying the fakes that are at the point where they're indistinguishable from real on feet
>wearing fakes and feeling good about it

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No, fuck autistboosts.
Superstars are literally the only adidas that should be worn.
Poorfag detected
in 2k17? lolno

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Why is it so hard to find mens skinny cargos for a 32 waist in black?
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because you aren't very good at searching
skinny cargos looks weird anyway, you can't actually put much anything in the pockets, opt for something with taper, they will actually work and look more fitting
Get military surplus and then taper them yourself/get them tapered.
Helikon UTP, maybe not exactly skinny but far more narrow than regular BDU pants.

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post effay cholo shit

where my CHI's at?
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File: 32487560239.jpg (82KB, 1000x1250px)Image search: [Google]
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File: tumblr_mygj0jN59z1s8bypgo1_500.jpg (108KB, 500x730px)Image search: [Google]
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How does one dress like Ryan Gosling? I need links, please.
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>be handsome
>don't not be handsome
Ok, what if you are handsome, then what do you wear?

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other thread is dead. Lets start another one about the hair on our heads
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reminder: you can filter this degeneracy in the catalog
bumping this for interest. only black hair general threads or threads with black people in general?
can you post a short tutorial?
File: Snapchat-1645690396.jpg (199KB, 720x1280px)Image search: [Google]
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I'm not black, but I have very curly hair, and do not know what to do with it. Anyone have any suggestions ?

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