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Looking for a summer shoe, thoughts on slipons?
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Ok Spicoli
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God level sneakers perfect for hot summer days, you would be a virgin if you didn't cop such effay footcabins
I want the EG ones coming out but I promised myself no more vans

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bondage shit.jpg
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this is my situation

>20yo straight male
>1 month ago
>go to model casting for pitti uomo in florence
>today there was the dressing
>they make me wear this fucking bondage shit
>no underpants almost with my dick out
>everybody tells me im awesome in it
>9/10 guy tells me '' your tight butt is really nice in this outfit ''
>tomorrow i have to wear this stuff in front of 50+ people

how am i even supposed to feel about this?

pics related looks like the dress
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If you can handle it with confidence and actually pull it off like they say you do, will that not be great when taken into consideration for future casting? Also it can only go uphill from there, right?
>Become model
>Expect not to do gay shit
You're a model. Your job is to wear what they tell you to wear.

Don't like it? Don't be a model.

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Is it a curse or an effay blessing in disguise?
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1. be attractive


If you look like guy in picture, you dont need to worry about wheter you have a widows peak or not

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What's a good type of coat to wear on a night out? I think of a denim jacket
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I think of a denim jacket
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Leather trenchcoat.
Sorry I was using phone what do you guys generally wear on a night out

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How do we revive /fa/?
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What about the other boards?
Can you zoom in on the Y-scale?
boards like /trv/ and /his/ are /fa/ tier, a few are lower like /po/ and most are higher

google 4chan statistics
As if more traffic would improve anything.

Are these actually effay or do they just make you look like a faggot from Reddit?
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we had to wear those in my catholic middle school's uniform and they're absolutely fucking disgusting
They're big, clunky, and won't go with any outfits except flannel r/mfa core
I had a pair for four years and I never wore them until I got an office job.

How do i dress Midwest emo
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I wish america and europe were as white as that room
You should go to that room and never step outside again
Band shirts, khakis, vans, those 3/4 sleeve baseballs shirts, glasses, ripped shorts

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/fa/ water
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Kill yourself if you buy what is essentially designer water
>designer water
How pleby
Might as well buy Molecule 01

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redpill me on cargo shorts
why are they so disliked?
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Real reason is that fatsos adopted the ones with the sliding waist line thus making them sweatpants-tier.
the progressive left despises anything functional

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rate me and my boys fits
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Germans in Spain.

the ones without the red cans have made the mistake of getting some of the worst beers this country has to offer

do not ever drink:
>san miguel

do drink:
>estrella damm
>estrella galicia
oh god I can hear the cockney and smell the piss brew

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You guys think its at all possible to wear these without looking retarded
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Those are house shoes, not streetwear.
Not entirely. They're great for running marathons.

It's natural and not from jaundice and not any other condition. What can I do to minimize that coloring? And are there any famous white guys with that coloring?
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Most likely you are schizophrenic or have some kind of body image issue
What happens when you get some sun? Do you tan or do you burn?
>What happens when you get some sun? Do you tan or do you burn?

Tan. Deep yellow, golden tan.

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Nothing kills clothes more than humid Houston heat

disgusting! summer kills fashion
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top jej move then.
File: 1485899525640.jpg (54KB, 863x533px)Image search: [Google]
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it was way too fucking hot in new jersey today. summer is objectively the least /fa/ season fuck this shit
File: 1496041605463.jpg (41KB, 473x590px)Image search: [Google]
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i cant wear anything in my god damn closet because houston is so fucking gross. fuck me

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File: s-yaegakinigori-720-2.jpg (41KB, 162x500px)Image search: [Google]
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water and tea master race.

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Is your partner effay? How do you deal with having a partner who has poor fashion sense? I adore my boyfriend but he can't dress for shit. Is it okay if I start making clothing suggestions to him or is that a dick move?
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>having a gf or a bf
I've wanted to dress every gf I've ever had.

If they're not into it they're not into it, and won't be able to pull whatever off anyway.

You need to decide whether you can live with or not.
i know that feel. sometimes I calculate about how much I think it would cost to get her tattoos removed before i start dating a girl. sigh.

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