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Catholicism is the most effay faith in history. Prove me wrong, atheistic scum.
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Good gracious god, look at this hunk of man
How are pagan superstitions and dress effay again?
I don't think any other faith had so many homosexuals in its clergy, so I believe you are correct.
If I recall correctly three quarters of retired priests in the USA have AIDs. You can look that up, it's something like that.

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cus /s/ doesn't do it for me and i see way more babes on this board that i like than anywhere else
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Bi n want 2 c babes
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How do you deal with being a chinlet? My friend pointed it out to me a while back and up until then I'd never really noticed but now it's all I think about and feel really ugly. Other than sliding genioplasty is there anything I can do to alleviate the chinlessness
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grow a beard
Mewing faggot

This. even a patchy chin strap will do wonders.

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Things are getting pretty modern, I quite like it
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pic was a bad example, perhaps

Some of these outfits are utterly retarded. But if I squint, I can see things that might be good.
nah, the items look good but whoever arranged outfits fucked up

pic related is probably the best one, that jacket/vest combo is killer

Where do you shop in Austria?
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Vienna I'd guess, first and second district is good. If you want to thrift check out the seventh district. Idk, just ask for more if you want to know
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I second this, moving to wiener neustadt for college. Will probably hang out in Vienna since its an hour away. Usual HM , zara and cheap shit like that will have to do
near Mariahilfer Stra├če are a few shops and in Donauzentrum is quite a nice one.
With some luck you can also find some good stuff at TK Maxx

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So six months ago I threw away all of my clothes and bought two pairs of black jeans and a bag of white t-shirts from target. I have been getting noticed around my area. People will say "who is that?" or just look at me when they think I don't notice. They can tell I don't care about trends and they feel threatened but also interested. I don't even care if my look is getting popular, I am just being myself and living my life.
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those t shirts are real thin though

maybe they're talking about you because they can see your nips?
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Those are undergarments, OP. Work shirts for low class mongoloids. They wear them under their grease stained smocks provided for them by their superiors. You are no better than a women wearing leggings while picking up her kid at chess club. Except they fit her. Your shirt goes to your mid leg because you probably wore it right out of the bag and it didn't shrink in the wash. You are not being fashionable, even though you think you are going against the grain.
Gildan has such excellent fits for a mass market shirt

Interview with Christophe Lemaire from Vestoj #5 "On slowness". For >>12524233
Feedback on the scanning quality will be appreciated.
I have 100 pages left to scan. A download link with the full magazine will come around next week.
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Thanks OP
That's the end of this interview.
What did you think of the article? Do you agree or disagree with what's being said? Why?

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Old one nearing 300
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jesus christ for what reason
lose some w8 m8, your silhouette is whack as fuck, you look like some pudgy grandma

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r8 my messy room, also general interior fred
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from my bed
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my favourite room
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How can i be effay in college without looking overdressed or tryhard. Thinking minimalistic fits.

>pic not related
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My goal
than wear that or dont, idk wear what you like.
So a button up a slacks? Done. Perfect. Thread over.

It is time
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black is fye
look pretty shit
GATs are a disgusting shoe. The only wearable verison are the MMM paint splatter ones.

Just fucking get standard OG Sambas, a shoe that actually has an identity of its own. Ignore the shitty collaboration meme versions that get posted, like the disgusting Consortium suede ones. If you want generic sneakers go buy some fucking CPs.

I'm tired of poor people making excuses for GATs.

Why do people think this degree of thinness is fashionable? I'm not even memeing. The super lankiness in fashion honestly just reduces it's models to a husk of what they could be. I know the focus is to be on the clothing, and the models to act as a human hanger, but still. The most fashionable body imo is a well built one that exhibits the beauty and raw power and symmetry of the male physique. And this is coming from a skinny guy.
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imo your opinion is shit
embrace the lankiness you self hating lazy bones
tfw 6'0 150lb master race
>tfw 6'2", 145 lb skeleton race

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Thoughts on Zara?

Personally I think they have some affordable and well made pieces every once in a while.
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They steal ideas
they look at established fashion brands and hop on whatever trend they're pushing out and make cheap ass quality clothes

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Wanna get a buzz to maintain my hairline and keep the hair off my forehead before my head divulges into a fucking volcano

no fucking idea what a buzz is anymore, do i get aryan skinhead, army surplus, crew cut with high fade?

my hairline isn't ideal, but it's not terrible, i have high cheek bones but they're not very visible, my features aren't sharp but they're not fat, and my jaw is pretty dece

i can grow a half good beard

what do?
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What colour is your hair/skin/eyes

Hair is dirty blonde with dark roots, tends to go light in summer

eyes are blue

skin is naturally pale but i have a bit of a tan atm
I have a haircut like op pic

i just get a 1 all around

i think, you're overthinking it

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Do beards look good in general?

I haven't shaved for two weeks and I am having pretty good coverage everywhere except the cheeks. Mustache very thick and chin/sides are decent.
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If you're masculine with muscle tome, yes.

If you're a skinny hipster memester, or a fat guy looking to cover up his double chin, no.
>in general
Beards are case by case.
they are slowly falling out of style, and will soon be regarded in the same way as we see mustaches now

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