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i'm looking for some new glasses that go well with my face but i want something effay

>pic not related
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Here is a pic of me with my current glasses, i feel that they don't go well with my face. Any help?
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Pic with both
you need a better haircut when using glasses

So this...is...the...power...of...Post-Raf


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umm what? this is dior homme, raf worked on only womenswear at dior.
kris van assche has been creative director since 08

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Which hairstyle will be the next trend?
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>tfw thick straight hair
how do i train my hair to go back towards my hair on the sides? it's very thick and like to go straight/down, and whenever i try to comb it back, even with gel, it sticks out and it makes it look like there's spikes on the side of my head, what do?
long hair (i secretly hope)
style while it's still wet or at least damp

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they dont look like criminals, they look more stylish than white guys with tattoos, why is this? i want to get tattoos but i feel like ill look like a criminal (age 22 white boy)
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for example, looks cool, but bit like a criminal imo
It's mainly the context. Black, hispanic or white people (especially in the US) look like criminals because usually hardened criminals have them.

Whereas in places like Japan or Korea have low crime rates and don't have the association with tattoos.

It's also about the rest of your wardrobe. If you look trashy and you have tattoos then of course you're gonna look criminal
Tattoos look like shit on everyone.

The mark of the ultimate fashion victim.

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/fa/ther thread
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I'll post the girl in the video too

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hi /fa/. let's have a thread dedicated to the fashion aspects of the americana aesthetic. what's some cool americana clothing?

classic 50's americana is welcome, but i'm also curious to see what you guys think modern americana fashion would look like. This may be different considering that today we actually live in the future that many americana novels predicted in the 50s/60s
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One of my favorite brands, Engineered Garments fits into vintage working man which I feel can work very well with americana if its not already.
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Dropping some random shit by to hopefully get the ball rolling. Wanna see this take off.

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Are there any supplements or anything that can whiten eyes? Mine have always been very red/yellow. Not quite as bad as pic, but close. All my searching just gives a bunch of make up advice and weird surgery shit
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Have you been to a doctor?
The thing about that is: doctors are fucking assholes. They that just happens sometimes, and I was a retard for asking
*They told me that just happens

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who else / N O C U F F / here?
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Anyone who isn't a manlet and buys the right size pants?
my mom

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Pure autism?

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Looks like shit unless you look like a male model
I do though
Or is this sarcasm
Answer me

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what does /fa/ think of how to make blond hair and blue eyes stylish without looking preppy, boring, or like absolute trailer trash?
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among white americans, darker hair/olive skin has always been viewed as more fashionable.

look at the ethnic pool of large cities in america such as NYC. huge italian/jewish immigrant groups leading to an average darker white population in the city.

people with fairer skin/hair as far as i can tell tended to either flee cities into soulless suburban voids without culture, remained Appalachian hillfolk, or are german americans living in the midwest, the only region of the country where even the major cities are boring as fuck.
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just lol if u arent prime gandy

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he looks like he would browse here so yes

prolly will shoot up a school
How is it that of Donald's 5 kids, only one (Ivanka) turned out attractive?

Don looks okay in some shots, but that's just the clothes hiding his autistic face.

Eric looks like a literal bridge-troll

Tiffany does as well.

Hopefully Barron turns out ok, though he kinda resembles Eric right now.
even that is a long shot

Been using this shit for a while now, and the antiperspirant does fucking nothing.

Whats a relatively cheap antiperspirant that will actually stop the sweat.

I hate walking around with massive pit stains.

Preferably unscented so I can use cologne.
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certain dri

you apply it the night before, does a real good job with me and i'm a real sweaty bastard
Degree Everest

With the new cheap adidas GATs dropping in 2 days it occurred to me that we might just be getting meme'd and these things could look lame when thrown into an actual outfit. I think it necessary that we gather as many GAT fit pics as possible to truly evaluate if they look good and are worth buying. If you have some pictures, please dump, I'll be posting what I can find

For example, this doesn't look great
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this looks alright, thinking black would be the way to go

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are loafers /fa/?
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w2c socks
File: IMG_3955_1024x1024.jpg (54KB, 1024x768px)Image search: [Google]
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yeah, but not with those socks. And those loafers are nothing to be proud of.
what loafers are worth it?

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He went from looking unique, to looking like one of the other hundred hitler youth memes. All he needed was to clean up his beard to better define his cheeks and jawline, and it would've looked great. Plus the longer hair and curls seemed to blend in better with his hairline, looks receding with the shorter cut...
He went from animal in the streets to animal in the sheets
looking like robinson crusoe is looking unique?

looking unique doesn't mean looking better

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