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Is this hat /effay/?
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only on /bant/
I'm not Australian, if that makes a difference
then don't wear it, that'd be cultural appropriation

how would you dress someone of this body type.

im 6'5 and and about 330lbs

i wear size 48 pants cause anything less and my thighs would burst the seams on the pants.

2x in shirt size.
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Dwayne Johnson is the best dressed guy I've seen with this body type. Do what he does.
Watch ballers for inspo
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doesn't he always wear tight fits? i was thinking about him when i was looking around but every picture hes in hes always wearing some type of constrictive clothing. i have a little gut so i try to mimic ill look like im bulging out of my clothes.

pic for example
Unironically this

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Seriously people talk all day and night about bikes, converse, adidas, Vans, hell even fucking new balances but have people really FORGOTTEN Fila?
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FILA f-13s are pure fashionkino
Your pic related pretty much answers your question

fila alredy coming/came back

how do I get my hat game like Sufjan, only guy I know who pulls it off
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Sufjan only pulls them off because he has one of the most aesthetic faces on Earth.
I do too
post face

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What headphones won't make me look like an autist in public? These don't look too bad, Sony MDR1A.

Any other good options?
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in ears m8
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>caring about just aesthetics and not focusing on sound quality
Ath MSR7s are a good choice. They look pretty similar to the sony set, except they have a nearly full metal build. opted for them instead of the MDR1A cuz I heard they have a more neutral sound, tho the sonys are apparently more comfy.

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Is there such a thing as late 90's-early 2000's core?
Like the spiked randomly hair, but not too high. Not too rebel but still edgy. Like in Jimmy meets world, this (Avril Lavrigne), middle blink 182, early linkin park videos. Is there a name for this
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Pre-9/11 comfy times core
Playstation-Era core

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Looking for a black dad hat to cover up my big dumb stupid head.

Also, posts dad hats.

Dad hats.
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literally any hat you fucking autist

looking for a hat w/ some design. not a blank, you fucking autist.
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grand teton cap.jpg
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You could sew a national park patch or something on to a blank that suits the colour scheme.

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Admit it, he is /ourguy/.

Every little piece of /fa/ in the past 5 years has come from Yeezy. He is our god.
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>copypasting manlet

>Every little piece of /fa/ in the past 5 years has come from Yeezy

factually incorrect
Look at this board my dude, it's all influenced by Ye
i think you meant to post this in /r/streetwear

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Why is this sneaker so perfect?
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They're not

in fact, show me ONE pair of modern sneakers in this style adidas keeps shitting out that looks good

no rick, yohji, etc. included

this "futuristic" sneaker trend doesn't work for casual wear, they look too much like running/sports shoes
also designer ones do look good but they have close to zero doable fits where they look good

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Been searching for the platinum Vapor Max's since its release and I still can't find them. Where they limited edition or something?
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Yes, they're limited
ugly as hell

buy fakes if u really want them
Saw them sitting in store in Braintree, MA southshore plaza mall

I found a really cheap pair of "wheat" 95s at a local store. I love 95s but I'm not really sure about these ones, what you think?
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i like those
Any ideas on what kind of pants wear with them?
techy track pants or joggers

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Those 'pants' are 1500 fucking euros

wtf is this shit this is not fashion this is a ducking black curtain being sold for thousands of dollars who the fuck wears this stuff
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sour grapes
Not you, poorfag

Fashion (runway fashion/mainlines) are typically more for art and concept.

Rick for example, has DRKSHDW, the more streetwear style line, which is more durable and intended for daily wear.

This isn't an every day garment. This is art, dipshit.
>togas for pants is now considered art
Truly advancing our culture to unfounded levels

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Raf Simons has won, both, Menswear and Womanswear Designer of the Year with his debut collection at Calvin Klein.
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Commencing dump

1/66 from Vogue
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File: image.jpg (132KB, 900x1350px)Image search: [Google]
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fila disrup ii.png
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Why am I starting to like these fucking things? Can someone snap me out of it?
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I mean they're pretty cool
ya they're honestly pretty fresh
The overdesigned trainer look is a trend that'll leave as soon as it appeared.

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fat shit.jpg
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Is it possible to be fat and also effay?
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Why not?
Can a snake walk?
only if youre rich, think pablo escobar

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