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Last thread: >>12509670 #

Comfy Rules:
>post thinspo
>make america thin again
>stay hidhratted


Low Calorie Food & Drinks List:

>MyFitnessPal: "/fa/ friends"

New /thinspo/ tumblr:
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Why do my cheeks become sunken in and I get facial folds when I get down to BMI 21.5?

How are skinny people have such normal faces?
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good thinspo for guys on this blog
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is my sternum piece effay
post tattoo inspo
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was thinking about getting this, just the engine, on the back of my calve. c/n?
I like it alot. Its still more important that you do though
That placement looks weird. Who do you want to ssee that?

does a small chin not negate a good jawline? im confused, i always thought chins had to be broad for men to appear attractive.

can yall give me some insight, im dumbfounded.
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That picture does not show off a perfect jawline at all. It's all about proportions, and that guy's jaw is way too wide for the rest of his face.
yes, this "male"""" looks dum
You are right. Jaws like one the pic often look like they belong to a cartoon character or Robbie Rotten.

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Alright. I want some white ones, vote time. Low, mid or high?
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streetwear is lame
youre face is lame dude
lows always
af1 =/= streetwear
i wear mine with high end all the time

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>trying out clothes and outfits when no one is around

Am i the /only one/ ?
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Nah, I'm pretty sure everyone here does that.
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>where are you going anon?
>are you going out with your gf?

i have no one mom stfu
Not really but kinda. Sometimes I'll try on a fit, do a mirror check and realize it doesn't work. Rush to put on something else because I've got minutes to spare.

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Does anyone know where I can buy off the rack, high rise trousers that are of decent quality?

I've heard the trick of buy dress pants larger than you usually do and then get them tailored but I'd like to avoid that if possible.
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Damn i really want to dress like this and i'm only 24.

Try buying in dadcore mall brands like Marks & Spencer
You might want to try some #menswear stuff instead? Epaulet does a decent high rise in the clarke and gable fit.
I don't know if dadcore will cut it. Low rise has been normal for a long time now. High rise today is more cutting edge than it is traditional.
The only place I know to reliably get it is Cowboy Cut jeans.

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How do I achieve David Lynch's ability to dress however the fuck he wants and have it look incredible no matter what, every single goddamn time?? Completely effortless
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I mean look at this sloppy motherfucker. But /fa/ as all hell!
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Any one of us would tear the other apart for how terribly this suit fits but he makes it work!

He's /fa/ because he has good facial structure, an old man, artistic creativity and has goofy yet cool looking hair

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/fa/ inspiration for far right wing girls?
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Anything that is as revealing as left wing clothes.
post face op
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face tatoos

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A few people wanted things from the Vogue Archive. I have access but I cannot download full volumes. If anyone has any idea how to rip multiple images off ProQuest that'd be much appreciated. But for now, here's just a dump of some random stuff.
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pg (9).jpg
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Post inspo
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One of the apollo contingency rucksacks
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just bought these and don't know what to wear with them except all black everything, please help a basic ass fuccboi here
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when can i start posting my fits with some dignity
Doesn't look that special, probably will work with most casual clothes, as long as colors compliment.

When you start buying clothes that fit and are presentable, instead of baggy workout clothes.
From that bar dress code thread: "No matching colors of the shoes, hat and/or shirt."

Is that a real thing worth keeping in mind?

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W2c general:

Where to cop some good high waisted pleated trousers like Ian's?
Under 300 would be ideal.
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go for your life buddy

some other good sites you can do the same thing with are ssense, matchesfashion, lncc, totokaelo, luisaviaroma, end, mr porter, yoox etc etc, just filter what you are looking for

also worth noting sales will be on very soon so if you wait till they start you can get much better pairs for the same price as ones that are usually cheaper
w2c quality long sleeve floral button-ups? I swear its fucking impossible. Is thrift the only way?

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These are my favorite shoes iv ever owned but they are falling to bits.

How would I go about sorting out the soles on them, they let in water and everything.

I tried hot gluing them back together but it didn't seen to stick to the the rubber and just fell off.

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You would do a sole swap using the same shoe or a shoe with an identical sole
buy a new pair! they still make them anon

get either triple black or white

Are Persians the most /fa/ race?
I've only seen good-looking ones.
The diaspora that I've seen here doesn't look subhuman at all, and they in fact aren't shitskins.
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No, they look like brown eyed sand niggers. fuck off
Just glancing at this shit I get a wave of nauseating cologne

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alf ep25d.png
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What style should I be wearing?
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whatever style you feel most comfortable in.
most seem to cater to taller people
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baby gap

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