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Hey /fa/, semi-serious question here. Is supreme still a good brand depite all of the dumbfuck hypebeast sheeple?
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People mostly just bitch and complain because of bots and high reselling

When you're buying direct Supreme is cheap as shit, roughly mall-tier priced, but way better quality. All in all a good brand. The hypebeasts and kids only want the loudest, most ridiculous shit anyway, so copping the wearable stuff is pretty realistic.

Also, the most adamant haters of Supreme would be all over any random Supreme piece if it said "CAV EMPT" on it instead, so take their bitching with a grain of salt.
great mid-tier brand. don't wear the loud shit. order online.

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Bigcartel/graphic tee thread
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cool jazz.jpg
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What shoes would fit with this hoodie?
(Personally I think the NMD Japan would look good, but ofc /fa/ will judge me like always)
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I'd say it would look great, but the classic skater aesthetic will go better, all stars and khaki loose pants with high white socks. /fa/ will say anything supreme is shit.
Go back to /r/ streetwear you broke boy with mommy's credit card dick loving, Jerry Lorenzo worshipping, middle school-attending, Stance socks-wearing, Lil Yachty-listening, cuckold porn-watching L.A. fuckboy Soundcloud rapper wannabe lookin ass
its not a bad hoodie, I just hope you didn't pay resale.
NMD japan would be good if you're going to wear it with track pants or tech pants.

With denim or chinos, skate shoes or sneakers that aren't runners would be better

also, lastly, ask in fuccboi general and delete the thread, these questions dont need a whole thread on their own

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Need your help again, /fa/. Which shoes complete the fit the best?
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The Rick Owens
w2c t-shirt?

What were some 2000s fashion trends that are coming back?
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This is the least sexy thing ever. The type sucks all the sexiness out of everything else.
Ed hardy and Von Dutch
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There was nothing good in the 2000s
It was just a toned down version of the 90s which was a toned down version of the 80s

Hello effay,

Could a 6ft tall white guy pull off overalls?
Also what to wear underneath it.

I feel like overalls deserve alot more attention.
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v hard to pull off gud luck
Overalls are for shorties to look cute in. 6ft is way too tall to pull it off
b-but im dutch, everyone here is tall.

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I was going to ask this as well actually
w2c pants that fit like this?
That is not a great tie colour

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I've found Arizonas in 9us (27 cm) for 20$ on sale. the problem is I normally wear 8.5 us (26.5). is it ok to go half size up?
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obviously there's no birkenstock store in my area. that's why I ask here. sorry for creating an individual thread if someone feels bad about. couldn't find the propper one for this question tho
no they're fucking huge in their sizes. I usually wear 10.5 us but for birks i go 9.5
oh damn. thanks bud

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So I've been looking to upgrade my wardrobe a little, start splurging on some higher quality cuts/brands.

Don't have all that much in the way of experience, but I noticed that places are having a spring/summer sale.

>J crew
>Ted baker

Those are the only two I know. Any one have experience with these companies, I've heard that J crew fell off a while back, but never heard anything about Ted baker besides a co worker who swears by there fits.
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bump for interest
>Posters: 1
Oh, OP
Is that the new Doctor and companion?

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how to keep regular hours?
how to socialize with actual people?
how to perform optimally in school & work?
how to achieve something IRL?
how to do social media like a normal person (that is not for trolling, meme propaganda or other degenerate shit)?
how to acquire a goal to work to in life?
how to not dissapoint my parents?
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/fa/ is the most normie board so : clothes is a good start
The rest of the questions I'm pretty sure nobody knows how to answer it so heh
Find a purpose. Stop living life aimlessly like the jewish programming is forcing you to do. Get off the internet seeking meaningless gratification and go look for a passion. Everybody has a few it just takes some time to figure them out. If you're under 25 you still have a lot of time to find those passions and work for them.
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If you're in a bad place (which it sounds like you are) start with self-improvement. Start reading books, exercising, eating better and dressing better.

Get therapy, learn about finances-- read up on minimalism so you know how to live efficiently while having very little.

Little be little all your discipline in all those facets of day to day life should open your eyes to your passions and your goals and then you have to come up with a plan to get there. Ask people around you or people that are where you want to be for their input.

I'm trying to get their myself but the hardest thing for me is being afraid to fail so I don't try, so that's the biggest obstacle I'm trying to overcome.

As far as socializing get a hobby that makes you go outside. Photography, collecting something that's fun to look for in stores-- when I was taking plant morphology I used to have to go out and sketch plants and people would just just be drawn to me sitting in the grass scribbling. Talk to people while you do these things, exchange contact info, and you're socializing.

Don't dress for bitches, but be mindful that bitches love a dude that knows how to dress because most dudes can't so even minimal effort has its perks.

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What's with all the hype for Gosha?
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because they made authentic clothes with cyrillic just as kanji started to become oversaturated and celebrities wore it

it is and has been total hypebeast status now though, ss14 was his best collection
Hello 2015
these are so fucking dumb when you know cyrillic

I like how pic related looks.

Any ideas?
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(In all seriousness it depends on what you're writing, also try visiting >>>/gd/ for some inspo. Personally I like Helvetica Bold Italic)
>Lehigh Valley, PA fag detected
the things is every font alone will look good but making it work with something else is the hard part. Looking at your picture the sausage works perfectly with the font

What is more fashionable than being a famous rapper?
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Being a good rapper
File: IMG_6043.png (2MB, 640x1136px)Image search: [Google]
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Rap music will never be /fa/

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Picture 2.jpg
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What hairstyle would fit me?

Thanks bros
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Forgot to add I have receeded temples since birth and they look like shit desu
messy long bangs
thanks bro

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How does your squad dress?
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Is the guy on the left wearing medieval armour on his legs?
rick owens sequin pod shorts
Why is fa so obsessed with the ridiculous Rick Owens clothing. It's not like that guy is the only designer out there

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