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Stop wearing Chelsea boots
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jesus fuck familia, reddit is a goldmine

pic related was posted in /r/malefashionadvice not shitting you
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This place sucks too. Male fashion in general is pretty gay.
I am not sure what the picture is supposed to convey
literally a basic outfit nothing to cringe about
bonus because that edited face makes me chuckle

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Last thread: >>12495852 #

Comfy Rules:
>post thinspo
>make america thin again
>stay hidhratted


Low Calorie Food & Drinks List:

>MyFitnessPal: "/fa/ friends"

New /thinspo/ tumblr:
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drink water!! and don't eat cheese ;(
Thank you! I ate too much cheese yesterday, it's so tasty...
I was better today.
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fuck off with these threads.

they are not related to fashion at all.

go to >>>/fit/ and make these threads where they belong.

again, fuck off

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Why are school shooter haircuts becoming popular among women?
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women think it's empowering to look ugly as fuck now
>women think it's empowering to look ugly as fuck now
Wrap it up boys. Best post of year is found

How doable is this form?
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pretty easy if you have 4 grand
Do you really have to be tall for SLP? I'm skinny but a manlet
How talk are we talking about?

Anybody know a good site where I can get 90s jackets apart from ASOS market place or Ebay?

Hoping to get one like pic related
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back to krochan
i wanna know too

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Skincare General.

Post everything related to skin care ITT.

Skin care basics:
Acne treatment: http://tuxbell.com/index.php?title=Grooming#Acne_Treatment

Skinacea Links:
Retinoids: http://www.skinacea.com/retinoids/retinoids.html
Sunscreen: http://www.skinacea.com/sunscreen/sunscreen.html
Ridding dark eye circles:

General Guide: http://hastebin.com/raw/wojuyazibo
Dark circles: http://pastebin.com/t796eKvr
Soap, pH, irritants, and synthetic detergents: http://pastebin.com/51yse1NE
Popping pimples: http://pastebin.com/MufDiSfy
Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation: http://pastebin.com/GXYPdwMf
Skin tone and diet: http://hastebin.com/raw/ehesotajaf
Causes of acne: http://pastebin.com/tudaKWmN

Minuetly reminder: Stop touching your face.
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Which one /fa/m
Ignoring the fact that it's bad for my skin, if I use an electric shaver, when should I use it in my routine? I shave in the morning where my routine is just cleanse>moisturize>sunscreen. Kind of tempted to do it before anything because otherwise I'd have to wash it out each use, but I'm worried about applying all those products with microcuts/slight rash I get.
Cleanse. Shave. Moisturise. Sunscreen.

You do put hot water on face before cleanser, right? If not, do that as well.

How do I look like a cute all American boy?
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Buy the super soldier serum that captain America had
thats chris pratt in jurrasic world though

>t. ant eyes
this aint cute and all american enough 4 u?

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How do I obtain this style?
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loadsa mone
Vintage Windbreakers + Vintage Graphic Tees
aquire a fat stack of cash


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Can you faggots afford to buy clothes from Mr.Porter ? Or do you buy all of your clothes from goodwill ?
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I usually buy from adidas Nike north face etc but sometimes I buy nicer pieces at sites like Mr porter
sure you do faggot
Social media native advertising for Mr Porter is getting really aggressive.

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Hair Trap/ Glam Trap Thread. This includes artists like lil yachty, famous dex, lil uzi vert, lil pump, yung fib, lil peep, trippie redd etc fuck you /fa/
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night songs_3.jpg
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haha like glam metal? or hair metal? yess
exactly like this yes my nigga
this is now a famous dex thread

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Female use daycream, nightcream, anti-agecream, facemask, skinpeeling and oil shampoo to keep their skin perfect. The cosmetic industry is enormous and rich thanks to this.

What about men? Most men use literally no products. Maybe facecream is considered feminine, but I think that's a little bit redicilous? Sure, make-up are for girls, but taking care of your skin and look good as a human being, feminine? But do men need it?

Do you guys (men) use any cream or products for looking good and keep your body and skin in good shape?
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>make-up are for girls.
This is not necessarily the case. Pic related.

As for myself, I recently started giving more of a shit about how I look, so purchased some facial moisturizer with 20spf that I'm trying to use daily. I've also replaced my electric razor with a double sided safety razor, so I'm now using pre-shave, shaving cream, and aftershave. I did this to get a closer shave and cut down on bumps and imperfections my electric left me with, though as a complete beginner who keeps cutting himself and missing spots I look far worse than I did before - I'm confident his will get better with time, practice, and youtube videos.

I am considering a night cream and thinking heavily about the cologne I wear, though I don't think I'd ever bother with makeup.

>t. 6 that wants to be a high 7 low 8
as stupid as the stigma against men and makeup is be thankful it exists, for now its the only thing stopping marketers and corporations from also tricking hundreds of millions of men into thinking they need to apply some Name Brand Chemicals™ to their face to look acceptable in public

that being said there's a difference between makeup and skin care. its nice to use an exfoliant and stuff every once and a while, as long as you know what you're using and read the label.
women need skincare products that much because they shit up their face first by wearing tons of makeup since they're 12. Men don't have that problem so they practically don't have to cafe for their skin (save for acne or other skin issues). A moisturizer is nice but what's important is to keep yourself hydrated and a good diet and no smoking.

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Why am I starting to like these fucking things? Can someone snap me out of it?
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you like them because they are good
because they are great but unconventional design, it's like you suddenly find yourself enjoying arthouse film after watching nothing but endless hours of hollywood popcorn schlock
you are developing taste, you are going down the rabbithole
you shouldn't be asking dumb shit like this, enjoy the things you do, needing other peoples validation for something like this is silly
I unironically am starting to see so many potential fits with these now

when I was new here I thought these looked like clown shoes and you'd have to be retarded to buy them, and no one could pull them off anyway

now I'm fucking dying to get a pair but I'm poor

Seems like only the most beta fucks wear flat caps.
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I actually thought that kind of hat was also called a fedora

so yes

Those hats have 100 different names but fedora isn't one of them.
Who cares? Do we really need to discuss this?

Maybe focus on yourself instead.

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i love you froggo.png
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Which thread do i post in
dunno if ur a man or a woman but id knob u either way

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