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o shit yo what the hell man...

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I want this haircut. What should I tell my barber?
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show him this
lmao anon good job

▲ ▲

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Please /fa/ tell me it's fixable
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way to many stickers, no going back
You seem to have a nice hairline, just buzz
I can't buzz, I have B4 and there is like a dip on top of my head that looks weird.

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These just came in the mail. Thoughts?
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they ugly
adidas x pythagoras

How exactly does the scissor over comb work? Is the goal to cut all of your hair around the sides the same length?

Also, why not just buzz the sides and back with a number 12 and scissor cut the top longer?

I need to know the basics.
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I've been doing this for a year now. It's probably the easiest DYI haircut and it looks really great. I strongly recommend watching the entire video. Godspeed, anon

Thanks desu. What do you think about doing some thing like, but instead with a number 10-12 clipper attachment? And the like cutting the top so it is longer with scissor over comb, but the length difference is not so big that there is a big contrast?
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Hahaha, I actually lied without realising it. I do what's done in the video, but I usually cut with my clipper guard set to 1,5 cm at the sides and back. Doing what you suggested should work perfectly fine, as it's what I'm currently doing. I cut the long hair at the top using scissors over comb, and the process is really straight forward and easy. Here's a video made by a goblin manlet that can help https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GdrG7acR7ks (watch from 2 minutes). I usually leave the entire short part (the undercut) of of my hair to be 1,5 cm, but sometimes, if I'm with family, I get them to help me trim the back of my head (not higher than up than the ears) to be 1cm while everything else is 1,5 cm. It's always better to have a bit shorter hair at the back. You can trim your back yourself, but it's tiresome and you need two mirrors.
To answer your last point, you can make your top (long) hair as short as you want, as long as it's longer than your sides. There's no problem with low congrast between the long hair and the undercut hair, but there should be some length difference

Can you be a metalhead and be /fa/ at the same time?? Also can someone ID those boots the guy in the far left is wearing?
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Sure as fuck, just dress dark and slim. You can pull of biker boots, combat boots, b&w-band shirts very easily.
No. These people look like manchildren.
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Yo /fa/

I'm a cuck for Ben Mendelssohn and want to know what coat this is!

I know it's a black pea coat but can anyone try tell me where it's from?

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Oak maybe.
Where's Bane?

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Is this a woman's jacket?
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The zipper slider is on the left side, and I don't think it's from euro
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/fa/ artist I don't like his music but I do think he is effay
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Cucks get >>>/out/
>le anything dealing with a black person means you're a cuck

I know this is bait but fuck you little kids get annoying with this cuck spam shit you might like ifunny better if its entertaining to spam cuck
and u might like ktt better if its entertaning to spam nig threads

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Is X /fa/?
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/fa/g maybe
If you're a 14 year old yes

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Scared Wojak.jpg
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How do you tighten baggy clothes?
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You can't really, unless you remove fabric from them. That or get fat as fuck.
eat a lot
ask the diy general or go to a tailor

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Do I look okay? Would any of you girls date me?
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buzz that shit off
You look like a walking broom.
ctc is that you?


I'm in Brighton next week, what stores should I check out?
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Beyond Retro
Peggs and son (obviously), to be worn again, jump the gun, Dirty harry, Immediate / the punker bunker, Starfish, family store
buying second hand goods at marked up prices
Have a look at snoopers paradise for second hand goods at reasonable prices

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if this place is for fashion then why do you all dress so bad. every wdywt thread is so awful and yet you all praise the bad fits so you all have confidence in yourself. its so odd that you are so oblivious to how terrible your fashion sense is. i know this may seem like a shit post or a bait but i am being completely serious.
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Bump for interest
Because most good posters left long ago and were replaced by the never-ending flow of summerfags. Since the board is 90% underage clueless kids who don't know shit about fashion, it ends up with beginners endorsing other beginners and as a result no one actually evolves towards something better. Also since the posts are so bad, there is very little appeal for the few good posters left to post in WAYWT threads.
Because fashion isn't really a full time hobby. Old good posters developed a good taste and grew out of it or actually got employed in a fashion branch.

Now we have tumblr teenagers who have no life experience and no money to actually afford high fashion.

Since we have nobody here actually working in the industry or having deep interest in design, textile, marketing etc. we have no deep discussion since there is nobody to contribute.

So we end up with unoriginal boring hm-tier WHYWT and abscence of any deep discussion. I mean even during fashion weeks, which should be what Cannes/Oscar is to tv or E3 to v, there is zero quality posts.

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Are they as comfortable as everybody says? What is the best one to get just for walking around? Is it ultraboost or bust, or are pureboosts good as well?
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overpriced gimmick for the most part, plus it looks stupid

for just walking around e.g. Reebok Classics are perfectly fine
t. asshole shill who hates comfy shoes

Try on some Pureboosts in store and you'll immediately understand, OP.
pureboost are comfy as fuck I just got a pair and I absolutely love them

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