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what time of the day/week do you guys post a new profile picture for maximum exposure?
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an hero
Bro I wanna be straight up I think you have some problems man
What is op pics style called

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what do you guys think of cowboy hats as a part of everyday wardrobe? is it too much like a costume? how do i pull one off?
I live in Mississippi by the way. People associate cowboy hats with the South, but it's more of a Texas thing desu.
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go for it.
>bonus points for it being a stetson
Have a gray beaver pelt one from my dad when I was young. Get it steamed for clean and shaping. Very expensive for quality
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is that a bondage collar.jpg
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Three questions:

1. Do you look like a young Clint Eastwood?
2. Are you in the band Fields of the Nephilm?
3. Do you want to wear one?

If you answer yes to any of these fuck it do it senpai. So long as you don't look like a fedorafag you could probs pull it off

What clothing style do you normally wear?

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why are people who wear docs such faggots?
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looks pretty alright to me
caters to the alternative scene/leftist crowd/edgelord faggots/fedoras/goth faggots/punk faggots/metalhead faggots

no surprise it's for faggots.
boots and leather jackets look like shit on lanklets
t. lanklet

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>wear nice fits with expensive clothes
>Only get compliments on it from skinny fat autists who don't dress well

What has this all been for if no Qt grill has commented on it? I'm not fat or a manlet, I must just be ugly
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Do not trust compliments on individual items/fits. They will lead you astray.

The goal is to fit into your ideal Qt grill's social group. Do your current fits attract the intended audience? It sounds like maybe not.

Determining your ideal Qt is the most important step.

What kind of cutie do you want to woo? Be as specific and as realistic with yourself as possible. Then consider whether your wardrobe fits in with her aesthetic.
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t. guy who will be likely paying child support to multiple children
>he thinks the qts will come to him
t. Elliot Rodger

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Ok what's some actual nice shit for grown ups with jobs who can afford things not affordable on a weekly allowance from mom?
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Get a job you fucking bum
thrift some combat boots

I want this David Lynch haircut, What should i tell the haircut person?
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You hand them this photo.
I'll take the Cooper Classic Cut

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Who else / S H E R P A / here?
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Im gonna take the bait here
But it's summer?
>implying you are not the bait
man i've been looking for a sherpa lined denim jacket for so long, but i can never find one secondhand with a modern fit (i.e. slimmer sleeves, longer body, for lanklets basically), and i'm not gonna buy one brand new because i live in florida and it's just not worth it

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lit ultrabae.jpg
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Fuck, she's absolutely gorgeous. What's the coat OP?
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>perfect human
>not cara delevingne
Not sure, sorry

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Wet shaving general

Learn to use a razor

Take yourself seriously
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Beards are 2013
i shave with a boxcutter without shaving cream or foam or w/e while my face is still wet after i wash it

never had any problems
Isn't this how everyone shaves?

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What is this aesthetic called?
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Basic bitch
The IG Thottie

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How to look after hair? mine is always dry and frizzly... all i do is wash it once a day using head & shoulders. help me
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is that an boy?
stop washing it with shampoo

use only conditioner

you'll get really oily hair and then after a few weeks it'll normalize.

or if you dont wanna no poo, start using argan oil.
Lower temperature water, use shampoo only every few days, use a conditioner.

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What does /fa/ think of LL Bean lows?
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File: duckbootsmoonrisekingdom1.jpg (82KB, 831x490px)Image search: [Google]
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wanting to cop a pair just because of this fit
talk me out of it?
Fly af
yuppie trash

get the red wing lo's instead

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nice eyes
Thanks anon, I guess it makes up for the fact that I look like fucking Zarya from overwatch now
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Lmao, you look fucking ridiculous my man. Just shave it off and grow it back. I have a friend who had a much less noticable, yet similar fuck up who shaved his head.

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list location and describe how people dress
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I live in a white suburb located in north georgia

suburban white high school kids mostly dress in stupid vinyard vines shirt khaki shorts crap or they dress in athletic clothes (shorts and some shirt/hoodie)
From GA too, can confirm
I live in a less white, less north Georgia suburb and it's either basic white people or streetwear retards that only wear yeezys

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