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I just don't respect brands, I'd rather support people who make clothing and are actual craftsmen than wear company created stuff.

It's my personal preference, I don't respect name brand stuff because quality can be lost in making something constantly on large scales.

And I feel special wearing stuff I know is in less quantity and in high quality than something mass produced.
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>"Yeah I'm equivalent to a vegan when it comes to fashion"
Why are you responding like it's a personal attack on you? Grow up dude
mass produced doesn't necessarily mean low quality. Banana republic makes some of the best tees for their price point. Levi's make decent jeans in a variety of cuts and colors, however they're fits are hit or miss. Regardless, $60 for a "nice" pair of jeans isn't a bad thing imo. Ralph Laurent also makes a lot of high quality garments. Obviously some brands cut cost and produce shitty clothes to maximize products, but to swear off all "popular" brands based on others faults seems a bit narrow-minded.

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last one almost at 300

post fits, crit fits, repost shit fits that got zero replies, etc
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Didn't want to be first but here it goes
File: blu.jpg (748KB, 1600x1024px)Image search: [Google]
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since your fit is shit

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Hello, I am an Armani fan and I was wondering what /fa/s opinion on it. Also, I will answer all posts and any questions and If this thread becomes popular I will post my collection. I hope you have as much fun as me and I'm eager to hear your opinion. It's time to have an original thread and conversation
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ss 2012 I think

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I'm 5'7.5 and 140lbs
Where can I find leather perfectos that go up to mid stomach. Every brand I've tried it always goes to waist or longer. I need some brands friendly to average height guys. I'm a little upset because I spend $400 on a BLKDNM perfecto size small and it goes past my butt.
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blackmeans or some Jap brand
>I'm 5'7.5 and 140lbs


Where to cop thread.
Need to find a specific item or want some I.D'ing, then here's your thread.

If you're asking for recommendations, state price range and specifics, it helps anons to find what you're looking for.

I'll start. Where a pair of pants with this windowpane patterning that's not too pricey. These are AMI shorts, but I'm looking for a trouser version.
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W2c similar boots?
Goslings from the new Blade Runner.
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W2c short sleeve button ups in this style or this shirt? I need some w bold collars or polos.
Chads R Us

But nah, you can probably get something similar at Topman.

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Please rate my comfy fits /fa/
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Second fit
cool, but where do you wear this? Boating?

What's that alternating color "V" shaped pattern that looks like houndstooth? You usually see it on men's wool jackets. I don't know what the name of it is.
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Puppytooth :)


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The wraps are called Lambas, these Lambas in particular specifically are akotifahana.

These are the result of centuries of Malagasy, Swahili and South Indian designs coming together.

It's made from indigenous wild silk.
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Here is a cotton and silk Lamba
File: photo_1497608359210.jpg (1018KB, 712x1880px)Image search: [Google]
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This is a akotifahana made from the silk of the Golden Orb Spider
where do you come from?
the closest thing aussie aboriginals wear to clothes are red loincloths
my personal ancestry is irish, eastern european and some british so i have no historical clothing

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how do i get rid of curly hair /fa/
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you buzz it
i did it last year actually
well, did it work?

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Post your good credit card designs
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That's a business card you retard
File: IMG_1010.jpg (28KB, 404x272px)Image search: [Google]
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All hail queen of aesthetics, averagr mortal girls of /fa/ can't compare with this.

> chinlet
> bloatcel
> long midface

just kys senpai

op u got some nice eyebrows

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Why is Curly/Kinky hair so especially aesthetic when long?
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Because the styles of people who chose to let it grow outwards usually go well with the hair. It can't ever look good with a few styles
because for pleb-tier normies a novelty = fashion.
It's like a cloud and more than anything else it makes the head smaller and softens hard lines on the face shape, reduces forehead coverage and in many ways I think people associate afros with child-like qualities and is "cute"

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What small bag do male (men) /fa/ggots carry around for their EDC (Every Day Carry)?

I want to get one for...
-Water bottle
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Not my pic. Mine would look almost the same except there's more evidence of use on the straps.
Looks pretty /r/mfa
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File: ss+(2017-06-16+at+02.32.15).jpg (38KB, 447x442px)Image search: [Google]
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Alright /r9k/ here
Ive seen a few of "these" girls (pic related)
and its the first time in my whole live i ever felt someting like affection towards someone

so my questions are how would i have to look to get a girl like this ?

What type should my body be ? skinny or ripped ?

and what would i have to wear ?

Thanks in advance
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those type of girls are called lesbians
I prefer to belive they are at least bi

So having a slim body would be recommended ?
9A and black if she wears chokers too

How can i know how i'd look bald? I'm seriously considering shaving all the hair but i'd like to have a general idea on the final result.
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What the fuck is that
That's a bald do, what do you think it is?
what the fuck it has a penis

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