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How long until niggers steal vineyard Vines?
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I don't think they will, too many racist white bois who wear it. POLO is more dadcore
I'll give it a couple years since the Kanye prep revival is soon.

It's already trash though. Only people who wear those cheap rags are white eastern niggers.
the official brand of frat rapists

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Ask someone who just got PEDICURE anything!
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worth it?
Yeah feels and looks amazing. My toes look like candyball gum
Grats on not being attracted to children anymore!

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Why do some people still wear baggy jeans?
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Because your already behind op

Baggy jeans looks cucked atm

the near future trends a year from now or even right now ((only among fashonistas, normies dont really care about fashion or just wear skinny jeans/joggers at the moment)) is cropped pants, track pants, and straight fit

we will get back to baggy in 15 or 20 years

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Can battle-jackets be effay?
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vests no, jackets yes. Metal no, punk yes.
Just metal apparel and the whole metal look in general is a no go. Metal heads are the least /fa/ group on earth.

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What is the most /fa/ stylish middle ground between streetwear and formal wear? I don't want to look like a redditor in mall tier khakis and an oxford with a sweater over it.
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Raf anon.The current collection is a mix of formal e and street.
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why do faggots like this think they dress well?
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because 'well' is based on personal perception? clothes serve a practical purpose, but everything on top of that is subjective
what are you, the fashion police?
Because faggots like you only dress in "skatercore" take your crop jeans and tub socks and burn in hell
The dyed hair thing has become shorthand for 'mentally ill'.

Honest thoughts on my recent wedding outfit?
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Is there something I can wear with long sleeves that looks alright but isn't hot as hell in the summertime?

I have some unpleasant scars on my forearms so I usually just wear t-shirt with long sleeves overtop like pic related but now that it's summer that outfit is so unbearably hot that even most places fucking indoors are terrible.

Thanks for any help you can offer Anons
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> usually just wear t-shirt with long sleeves overtop like pic related

that's a fucking shirt
He meant he usually wears t shirts, with long sleeves overtop. As in a long sleeve shirt over a t shirt.
Just a wear a long sleeve shirt by itself, not a t shirt with a button shirt just a long sleeve shirt.

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is it possible to pull of a poncho without being either mexican or pic related?
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no, but give it 7 years
Not even if I'm a hippie living van life?
you can wear it, sure but it won't be revered or accepted.

wait for a big music artist to do it first

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anyone know where i can cop a similar style shirt
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I'm sick of the constant stream of ninja-goth-meme, skelly mode, all black shit that the faggots on this board seem to obsess over. It's honestly so cringe worthy
you don't need a forum to dress yourself like a normie

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Last thread: >>12530840

Comfy Rules:
>post thinspo
>make america thin again
>stay hidhratted


Low Calorie Food & Drinks List:

>MyFitnessPal: "/fa/ friends"

New /thinspo/ tumblr:
/thinspo/ for guys:
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Ate too much yesterday, lads. Today I'm going to be better.

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Last thread had some good debate and vitriol, so time for another Techwear General.

>Is X techwear?
It can include but is not limited to a number of aesthetics and brands:
• Tech Ninja/Cyberpunk (ACRNM, ACG, Guerrilla Group, Y-3)
• Activewear (NikeLab, Adidas, Gyakusou)
• “Gray Man” (Unobtrusive) (Veilance, Outlier)
• Outdoors (The North Face, Patagonia, Arc’teryx)
• Military (Arc’teryx LEAF, Triple Aught Design, Surplus)
Post news, inspo, and fits. Start flame wars, berate each other anonymously and have fun.

>Techwear Discord link:

>Techwear guide (link to the brand spreadsheet inside the guide):
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>"bands you pretend to like but you only listen to each album once" core
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Why haven't you bleached your hair blonde, /fa/
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That's some lazy bleach job and I have no hair ._.

Only platinum, only hardcore
U r a fuckin loser HAHAHA
Because I already have beautiful natural blonde hair thanks to my superior aryan blood

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it's a nice shirt
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CIA spy shirt
I used to have couple of those when I was a teen, but it was so long ago, I don't remember where they were bought or what the brand was.
One had the exact same colors and the other had more violet-orange pallette.
Fuck you OP, now I wan't to have them again
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putin lol.jpg
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the gooks obviously pulled a putin on him. based and dont gibe a fuck.

whacha gonna do, Trumpy?

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