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Is colored hair still /fa/?

I want to do this color, what do you think?
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I mean, this guy is gonna look like a rapist with that hair no matter what color it is. The color just determines his taste for his rapes. He's rapin' something either way.
>implying colored hair was ever effay

I think you should snip off your balls
genki desu!!
c u at anime club on thursday op :3

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Please fucking help me.
I don't know how to make myself look decent.
How do I fix my hair, skin, face, etc. and what colors should I be buying in terms of clothes.
As of now I just wear tshirts, jeans, pull over sweaters, shorts, and a pair of vans. I need help.
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Shave beard and buzz hair.
Grow beard and grow out hair
buzz hair and grow beard

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nike roshe one.jpg
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What are some underrated white shoes that look good? (Pls no Stan Smiths, Roshes, Vans sk8 his )
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>underrated white shoes
>that look good
Pick one dumbass
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whyd you post a black shoe in a thread about white shoes

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Since Summer's here, can we get a Sunglasses General?

Ideally, good mid-ranged sunglasses between the 100-200 dollar area. It seems like Ray Ban's dominate the market, but I feel like they're so typical and boring...

Can anyone recommend any other brands and makes that offer more variety for the same quality and value?
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You don't need your sunglasses to be strange you need them to fit your facial shape.
I've always been a fan of Persol 649 and 714.
Just saw a sunglasses site: hihun
what's your opinion about this site ? cause the prices are really low

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new waywt thread for the people who are sick of being forced to skim through countless thrift-store-normie-tier-shit-fits

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Nice idea. But you sound really fucking pretentious.
no tanks
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FullSizeRender (53).jpg
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ill start off this evening with:

drkshdw scuba jacket
drkshdw long sleeve turtleneck
drkshdw memphis jeans
rick owens geobaskets

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Been a while since I've seen one of these threads, post em !

I'm wearing this tomorrow for some niche perfumery in my town, need 3 month of summer job.
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Template here
if you're really wearing this we need a fit pic
He's either:
A) not wearing it
B) is wearing it and is butt-ugly
C) is wearing it but it fits him terribly

BonusPoints: He's a manlet

Why else would he make a grid thread?

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am i pretty? please be honest
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Just go to /soc/, idiot.
its the nose right? The nose kills all of my plausible aesthetic value :(

I honestly could be an 8 or a 9 with a smaller nose
You looks dead inside
try smiling, ans fuck off to /soc/ as teh other anon says
It's easily the most beta board on the site so I'm sure you'll get the attention you crave.

post inspo and discuss ways of achieving a successful andro look
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You can't achieve it desu, androgyny is all genetics.
Are you a boy or a girl?
You have to be malnourished in order to pull off anything "androgynous" also most iv'e seen are female.

Hello, fa.

I've seen this belt on taobao. I understand that it's a replic, but i don't know for what.
Please help me to recognize it
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It looks like kind of off-white, but i really can't remember what is that.
There is a bunch of cool belts on taobao, but i don't like replica. So i want to be confiedent that is original chineese design.
Does anyone has ideas?

Post inspo/infographics
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just purchased this Louis Vuitton and i was wondering if the stamps are authentic
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Dose it matter?
hell yeah it does i dont want any fake designer
Why not, it makes no difference
If it looks good, wear it.
If not, don't wear it.

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20m going bald

Am I allowed to wear hats or is that a sneaky bullshit thing for bald people to do
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help me anons
Just don't get locked in hat prison, if a hat becomes a crotch and safety blanket, it's not healthy

some bald dudes wear hats so long it becomes an autistic obsession and at that point they've been wearing a hat so long when it finally comes off it amplifys the fact they are bald when in reality nobody would have given a fuck if they didn't make it into something

Video related this guy wore a hat for his whole career and there wasn't a single picture of him without


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Are birkenstocks acceptable?
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As long as they are animal free, yes.
do not want to see your manky toes senpai
as long as they're real leather, yes

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nazis not Muslims
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White nationalists too
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The god

How would you dress including underwear?
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Who is that?

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