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Any tips for growing out long straight hair?

How do you stop your hair from getting greasy and nasty in the summer?
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Wash it?
whenevr I go out in the heat my hair gets greasy as fuck whether it's been washed or not
leave in shampoo perhaps

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w2c traditional goth gf?
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Siouxsie & the Bashees concert?

i wish they were still around

but honestly traditional goth is pretty dead currently, seems like there's more punks, psychobillys, tattoo-emos & rap ""goths"" like GBC

or the tinder "emo" girls who unironically listen to 'avenged sevenfold' etc

i can only name like 5 good current post-punk or goth rock bands so it kind of makes sense

i totally relate to this sentiment

what band gigs are the best place to meet girls who aren't just daddy issue clusterfucks because that seems to be the type i attract and it is not a positive experience
I've been dressing in a post-punk/early goth influenced style for years, and I haven't come across a single trad goth girl to cop yet.

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getting a haircut this week m80s help me find HY inspo
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What is this haircut called?
There's already a thread up
You won't be able to pull it off.

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last one reaching 300

post fits, crit fits, repost shit fits that got zero replies, ignore the eliza-poster, etc
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Been seeing these for months, but i dont know what are those called. But anyway, are the shortened pants effay? How to wear them and what to cop?
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bent pants
literally any slim trousers with the cuffs rolled up?

it's nothing new..
Cropped pants

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How do I go bald in my 20s without looking like I'm 35?
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be anything but white or asian
simple, you wear a hat.
Wear clothes that fit and don't get fat

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how do u make money to buy clothes
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get a job. get paid
i have a job just wondering what other people do.
Sell drugs


when did you realize that anti-fashion is the final conclusion to Fashion as we know it
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It's just a 90s resurgence, the 00s were beyond saving but the 90s had some good stuff hidden behind shit hair.
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Maybe a few years ago but black people have reclaimed the torch from unfashionable white boiz and they are going to carry us to a new golden age of fashion
>black people

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Sup, so i've been looking for a while now, I currently wear express Alec fit super skinny jeans but the bottoms are still slightly loose. Fits tight around the thighs, knees, even calves and lower calves but right at the opening its still a little loose unless i roll it up and make them cropped. Was looking for recommendations for jeans that are cropped/skinny and have a tight fitting opening for the foot that will sort of "seal" the gap rather than being loose at the bottom.

Pic related
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Here is another reference of tight fitting cropped/skinny jeans i'm trying to find. Mid to mid high range ($50-$150) currently have 85$ alec express mens jeans will post pic next.
This is exactly what I've also been searching for the past year
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Skinny jeans im wearing now, tight through leg but little loose at opening, looking for snugger fits

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Redpill me on Oliver Peoples glasses
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Jesus, that´s REALLY super! How´d a nitwit like you get so tasteful, Anon?
Fuck off faggot you don't even have a watermark
I got an 8:30 at Dorsia and you didn't, asshole

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Alright where the fuck do I buy these in fucking canada.

Why is the price so insolent? I used to buy leather chucks for $60 CAD and even then I felt I was overpaying like a chump. Now these cheap ass canvas shits are $100+
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Converse used to be an affordable standard. Now? Jacked up prices and worse build qualities. I was considering Purcells and quickly realized after doing some research if I wanted good clothing I wasn't going to buy Converse.
Oh they are sold out in normal sizes even for USA
get the chucks ii

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>X is already out of style
>Y is coming back

What the fuck is the point of trends and following them
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you are looking for religion, my froggo.
Take what u like from current trends and wear them forever
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Now they are $100+ CAD

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Are all stan smiths and superstars made with glued on thin faux leather uppers?
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Basically. Special stuff like the Raf Stan Smiths are made from better leather, it's the only reason to want those ugly things. Stans are just cheap mass produced shit now, don't expect high quality.

Get CPs if you want quality.
Are you a teenage girl?

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22yo Kissless virgin basement dweller guy here.

Had a single mom who trained me to act like a socially awkward faggot in front of women and just people in general. Im working on getting rid of these habits but it's hard.

What does a normal person wear to a first date and where do people my age normally ask people out to go?
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>What does a normal person wear to a first date
depends on your size and personality etc.
but usually i wear a sweater with dress shirt underneath, skinny jeans/chinos, and boots. looking clean is important.
>where do people my age normally ask people out to go?
restaurant, aquarium, zoo, theme park, etc. movie theatres are only good if you're already in a relationship.
hey man

how do you get dates

how do u get girls
>What does a normal person wear to a first date
Jeans and a shirt that doesn't have stains on it
>where do people my age normally ask people out to go?
A bar that doesn't reek of cigarettes. A couple beers or whatever are always a big help to get the edge off

>still wearing straight and bootcut jeans
>fuck me in the mouth

How do I transition to /fa/ jeans/pants without feeling like a fag?
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you can either buy a pair of slim tapered pants or just take a pair to a tailor. Just don't make the mistake of buying super skinny jeans like some anorexic fags here will tell you to do.
Anorexic fag here. Buy super skinny jeans.
straight is all right since quite some time now, you're good OP

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