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I just saw a girl wearing my favorite shoes, Red Wing IRON RANGERS. What are the chances of that happening?

She's still around. Should I approach her?
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fucking summer
Share a noose with her
Just ask her where she got her shoes, open into they're your favourite etc, ask if she has an interest in fashion. If she decides to take the conversation else where just roll with it.

Hey reddit, friend told me to ask you're all about what kinda hairstyle would look good on me
Any suggestions?
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Forgot to say this but the picture is obviously me
that's where you gave away the bait, did this kid bully you or something?
this is literally me

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What do you do when you've gotten the worst haircut ever? I'm a dude and my hair looks so bad. It was really long and I just wanted at least a fringe but they did the same size the whole way around.
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wear hats
I don't think I can at work
shave it all off pussy

File: BY2207_WHT_P2.png (47KB, 255x255px)Image search: [Google]
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Got this for $40. Did I make the right choice? This is my first ever white shoes for street wear
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summer really is here
You probably should have bought more than 1

File: 4L_dh5lxDPN.jpg (172KB, 660x880px)Image search: [Google]
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I fucking love this shoe. I want this shoe. But I don't know how to style it. Help me pull the trigger on them with some inspo??
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You have to be skinny and every other part of your outfit should be pretty subdued. Skinny ankles are especially important, if your fat ankles push the lip of the shoe out, it's no better than the diabetic homeless guy you see at the back of the bus
They're actually easy to style. I'd recommend skinny jeans and keeping your fit simple, let them be the loud piece. Or you could go full raf mode and make your whole outfit loud if you're up to it.
Off topic, but where could one reliably purchase a pair of these?

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cuffs ruin it
w2c jacket

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Why does x look like such a faggot?

It really kills the vibe of his music knowing I could literally push this manlet over and make him scrape his knee and cry

Even the 13 year old tranny looks like it could put up a fight against him....

This is just sad
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Because he has been overexxxposed and become tumblr tier
How would being over exposed affect your height?. He's like 5 foot 3, he'd look pathetic no matter the circumstances
he started off tumblr actually lmao

Alright what are some underrated sneakers with a similar vibe to Air Max 95, Ozweegos, new balanciagsa?
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Love this new purposefully ugly trend.
I need more Larry David-core
File: adidas-yeezy-runner-1-323x215.jpg (12KB, 323x215px)Image search: [Google]
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New yeezys are flames

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dude I LOVE brand names!!
Not bad, but sort of memeish.

File: tumblr_oqhpowL3AZ1uyd47mo1_500.png (273KB, 500x750px)Image search: [Google]
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Can you be a Chad and also be fa in some way?

Which person makes the best representation of this concept?
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> literally just a black t shirt and jeans
Uh so maybe James dean?
Everything about Chad is being genetically blessed with likeable social skills, charisma. As such, a chad can be pretty versatile with how he dresses.

OP you'll never be a chad by dressing a particular way. Get inspired and find your own style my man.
chad core is wearing anything cheap or tacky but still making it look good because you're not an autist afraid to go to the gym.

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I know this thread is not seldom by any means but where the fuck can a nibba buy good looking clothes online that doesnt cost an arm and a leg to be delivered to the UK and where you dont have to search through countless pages of shit. I.e. not topman/zara/hnm/asos
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fuccboi general nibba
lurk more famalam

File: 1478554109547.jpg (71KB, 627x601px)Image search: [Google]
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nike, adidas, what is /fa/ to wear to the gym?
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These bitches probably take it up the ass by some fuckboi

File: NewBike3.jpg (193KB, 1015x617px)Image search: [Google]
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Is biking /fa/? What kind of clothes are well suited for getting around on a bike? Don't want to rip some well fitting pants.
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Yea biking is fa BUT only on those hipster bikes not the ones on your pic.

Old school road frames are GOAT. Just get some pants that have spandex or some stretch to them. Don't spend too much money, they'll wear out fast. Wear whatever top you want. Just remember if you're putting in any effort you're going to be sweating. I usually tool around in stretchy pants and loose fitting rayon or linen tops.



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Fuck you /fa/. I fell for the Reebok shoes meme and now I'm a laughing stock. A girl told me that her grandmother wears these same shoes. I'm never taking your advice ever again.
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File: 1497734377288.jpg (137KB, 450x600px)Image search: [Google]
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dafuq is that ?
File: V67899_01.jpg (218KB, 2000x2000px)Image search: [Google]
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wrong shoes faggot

File: 1480578619007.png (1018KB, 1596x2048px)Image search: [Google]
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What is the perfect capsule wardrobe for someone who just wants to dress safe and look good (rather than be /fa/)?

I want to renew my wardrobe by buying staples and essentials but I mostly care about looking decent, not emulating some avant-garde style.
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It must be hard to be autist
The infographic is p good imo especially the basics but here's my take on the whole thing.

-White oxford
-Grey,Black,White tees
-Grey and Black hoodie (zip or overhead)
-Black sweater (for smart casual stuff i'd recommend a looser crew neck over a v neck)
-Black jeans
-i dont think u need the chinos imo
-Black boots (you're probably gonna want to go for leather)
-Black beaters in something cheaper like canvas (white trainers are nice but you dont wanna always wear them)
-White trainers

With the jacket there's a lot of variety and bombers are kinda memed out. I'd recommend something more like a harrington or any type of jacket you want really. If youre kinda bored of the black and white maybe a navy jacket or a nice denim.

Also consider maybe opting for regular jeans but cropped chinos to give ur look some variety and you could tuck your shirt in with the cropped pants for the whole Scandinavian minimalism meme.
your infographic is close to perfect, but the boots are ugly and bombers are elementary school tier now

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