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The ultimate style
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This is the epitome of prep. 10/10. It hits all of the core cookie cutter elements that make up the fashion called /prep/.

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I'm really gay, what kind of haircut and clothes will make everyone know I'm really gay?
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Show them a screenshot of this thread. Then there will be no doubts that you're a faggot.
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I can get 2 at most
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Top left and bottom right
pink and off-white
w2c and pink and off white as the anons above also said

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Any outfit ideas from these boots?
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full desert camo you dumb idiot. i hate it when civs wear this shit. if i ever see you around me and my military buddies will rip your arms and legs off like a bug.
Jesus christ calm down it's a boot.
Let the cunt wear whatever the fuck he wants.
This has pasta potential, thanks fampai :^)

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Were slavs ahead of the game?
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heck yeah
terrible squat, western spy confirm

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lets post some terrowave pics and discuss
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Some tips on what to wear
What kind of nikes are those at the centre of the shoe pics?
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turns out i had alot less to contribute with than i thought, pls post more if you can

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Previous Thread:


post shoes, ask about shoes, etc.

I'll Start:

So, I just copped these. What think /fa/?
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burn them.
garbage man, why even post here?

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will these EVER come back?
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they just did sleepyhead
ssense has them stocked right now


No fucking way

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i have a prom in about two weeks. i have a suit and all the normal necessities but i want to try and change the look, i've never liked full suits so i was wondering how i could change the formal look up but not like a clown. any thoughts what would look good?
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Underaged, get OUT
tfw your prom was like 2 months ago
i remember my prom, i was about to buy a used yohji suit on grailed, then my mom just bought a blue suit from c&a for me, too large, in blue, the only color that makes me look absolutely fucking retarded, and when i asked her to return it she got really mad and wanted to kick me out of the house if i dont wear that blue suit to my prom, in the end i felt so insecure that i probably looked worst out of all the people there. i had to wear it all day, i felt so horrible. in the evening i sneaked out of the building at 10 and walked home

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Activist Margo Frutier from t.jpg
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should men who unironically wear brown shoes with blue suits be arrested?
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Looks pretty good in this one though.

Fuck StyleForum hardcore menswear rule followers, they're annoying neckbeards.
>wearing black shoes anytime other than a wedding or a funeral
are you a literal moron?

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what is this core called?
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dadcore, obviously
I stopped giving a fuck about fashion 30 years ago -core
Served in Korea-core

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>post yfw you fucking hate summer and incessant sweating and you wish it was layering season again
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Try living in Australia...
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Rate my squad
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middle is terrible
flatfoot looks legit. the rest is posercore.
the random foot in the picture got the best fit

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Can we have a effay drawthread?
Just post a pic and or details and I'll draw it!
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draw me pls xd

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Well don't know if it's really streetwear (english isn't my native langage) but I'm gonna post some pics that looks like what I'm searching for

Anything that looks good will do.
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