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Where does /fa/ get their plain tees?

Looking for good quality thick-ish material. Pic related is from all saints - is this a good place to buy t shirts from?
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Uniqlo Supima
I like cotton on's The Other Tee because I'm a dumb cheap bitch
Margiela. Fits and colors are just good, I always get a bunch on sale.
Acne Eddy was really good too, but it's discarded now for unknown reason.

If on budget Asket and Blanc Essentials offer pretty high-quality tees for cheap price as well.

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i can't decide if I should get slp or old skools, are slp really that much higher quality? I just don't know!
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You don't know if you should buy a pair of vans or slp?
Buy a pair of wyatts, they are better than vans.
saint laurent paris is no longer slp anymore it's ysl for yves saint laurent

Its ok tho u didnt know

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Honestly can't take anyone in these seriously, I'll see people pair them with fits and it completely brings them down.

They look so cheap and immature.

I used too wear them when i was a lil faggot and they were so un-comfy and a ball-ache to get into.
Why even wear these?
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because they are simple, unpretentious and easy?

Learn grammar, faggot. To and Too have different uses. Try learning a fucking language before you judge people

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Not exactly sure where to post this, but you guys are the hair guys, so here it is.

I'm balding. That's not the problem, per se. I am soon coming into many thousands of dollars, and I've decided that I'm directing a portion towards hair replacement surgery.

I'm young, and my hairline isn't tragic, but it's obvious. Here's my concern: if I get the treatment done now, will the follicles that weren't replaced still fall out? I don't want to get this done only to have my hair thin a second time, and look super unnatural at that.

Picture only tangibly related
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The transplanted hair and the hair on the back of your head will be permanent, but yes the rest will fall down
I see, thank you.

Is there some kind of contingency for this? It seems like a pretty glaring flaw, I doubt they'd just ignore it.

For what it's worth, I'm looking at the ARTAS system, I don't know if that changes anything.
you need to own your balding.

cut your hair short so you can't ever look like you are combing over.

then you need to start lifting.

growing a goatee or a beard can help too. .

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or any recs on similar non-tevas?
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Suicoke depa.
File: 137_62451_NEGRO_1.jpg (49KB, 1024x1024px)Image search: [Google]
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I've no idea how to dress, so naturally no ideas what shoes to go with what I'm wearing. Not in any rush, but would like a full outfit for an eventual event that I can't wear a solid color T-shirt, jeans and converse to.
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shoes like pottery high tops in black
Derbies or boots
Are derbies not too flashy? What about suede?

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How does a guy go about making a Rihanna tier forehead not look bad if bangs aren't really an option?
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Oh . . .

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I'd be wearing that together with flip-flops, shades and a golden watch
The rest will be similar and the t-shirt will be regular length.
What do you guys think?
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Bump hoes
Looks like a simple pair of jeans shorts. Can't really go wrong with that.
Don't be a homosexual gay faggot, m8 :)

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How should i dress at 27? Pic related.
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why is dressing like you are 10 years younger than you actually are becoming a trend?

It's not as cringe as those people who dress 20 years older than they actually are, but it looks just as desperate.
While we're at OP's subject of age and fashion; do you guys believe that you should dress according to your age?

If so, what should you dress like when you're 30? What about 40?
I think lifestyle/career should determine your style when you're older. Are you an average joe working a 9-5? Then you'll look odd wearing designer clothing or streetwear. Are you a tattoo artist? You won't look too odd wearing a goth or metal inspired outfit when your older.

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What are /fa/ favorite brands that are not mainstream. Mine is stray rats.
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>it's yet another startup "streetwear" brand based around an epic logo thinking people will proudly wear it
90% of fa content

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At what age is it un/fa/ to live at home
I'm 3 months into being 24 and I feel like it's do or die this year
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Anything past graduating high school is the cut off imo.
I think the average male is living at home until 25. (assuming they haven't bolted to college).

Usually after 25 unless you're divorced living with parents is for losers. And if you're divorced living with parents you're even lower on loser chart than everyone else.
I waited until I was 21 and I felt fucking lame until I got my own place.

Also, having your own place considerably increases your chances of hooking up. Don't wait too long, dude.

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Anyone here ever got a nose job or any other plastic surgery?
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unnecessary as fuck
Why? A ugly nose can destroy otherwise good faces
im definitely getting one
i have the same nose as op

its because i broke my nose when i was young
both of my parents have qt straight noses and i look like im adopted or something

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Looking for some good white shoes to cop, what's effay especially for the summer
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just buy the yeezys if you are able to
retro/older styles are most effay
no cps

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there's about 678907 reasons why I ask this
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like your dad never understood you and your mom still makes your bed
what makes you say that?
if you're wondering, and this isn't bait, you don't look good

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