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This is it guys.
No need to search no more.
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goes well with a bottle of grey goose and shitty rap music
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No. This is the perfect fit.

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so I want some cool photos of me. have you got any ideas on place/style/camera setting/whatever?
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If you're ugly and want to look better the general tip is to have overexposed lightning.
People and /fa face threads say that Im good but ty anyway. Any recs on place?
architectural wonders like the Alhambra do well

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Reminder that Canada is shit.

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as a canadian i agree
reminder that you're an ugly bald middle aged man
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I wanna see the ebays, the paypals, the merchants, the cunning capitalists, the tax evaders, i wanna see them all annihilated. I had enough.

If you are in Ontario or Quebec, you now will have to pay extra 15% fees on the items you sell. So is this policy not discouraging business?
It's gonna cost people 15% more to buy shit from Canadians on eBay. So. Why would they wanna buy shit from Canadians on eBay? I don't get it.

The system actually outright pushes you to become a criminal in order to become rich. There's no way around it. Be clever criminal, be rich.

Can we all agree that Koreans are on average the most well-dressed people in the world?
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There are no best dressed nations, at least not that I've been to. The only thing I can say is that the more money they have, the more disposable income they spend on clothes so yes a rich country like Korea will be better dressed on average than the Ukraine. But comparing similar countries, Korea is no better than Japan, Italy, Sweden, etc.
Koreans are tacky as shit
best would probs be japs, french or italian
I don't think it's tacky just different. They wear a lot of American pieces for sure, like hats and varsity jackets.

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LAST THREAD >>12530901
BBC perfume documentary (part 1 of 3):
general info
various fragrance communities/review sites/blogs
w2c samples
on DIY fragrances
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If you want recs, provide as many criteria as possible: including sex, price range, seasons/weather, occasions, other frags/notes/accords you like/dislike, special conditions i.e. can easily be found in mall department stores, other ephemera i.e. personal style/aura you want to project, etc...
I fucking loved this fragrance until I went on fragrantica and someone said it smells like playdoh and thats all I could smell after that
glad I didn't cop
so family I'm ready to cop VIW or Aventus probably both but I'm paranoid that the batch I receive will smell entirely different from whats in store
more concerned for aventus because each time I've checked in store(like every 3-4 months) its smelled entirely different from repulsive to really nice
Reposting from last thread

Does anyone else use a spray of a fragrance before bed? I'll sometimes do it with comforting ones like YSL L'homme

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Anyone else waiting to cop the Zerbras?
I can't wait.
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yeah i got this beta orbiter to stand in line for me haha

friend let me try on his pair of the all white color way, even more comfortable than the Ultra Boost
sitting here with 5 devices on different networks
copped 3 out of the 5 drops I've attempted
if I fail to get them for retail I got a plug to get them for a little over retail

any skate shoes that aren't vans old skools n don't look like shit. ill start with a couple i like
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I've only had my Docs for about 2 months and they already have this crease, does it look ugly or is this normal? I'm kinda mad at how easy they scratch, I didn't pay 140 dollars for them to look like cat toys.
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lol my 1461 looked like this literally after day 2
It's fucking normal, and it's a crease, not a scratch. Leather creases. Docs look best worn, anyway.

If you want to make them wear in really nicely and stay protected, use some leather conditioner (e.g. neetsfoot oil) every few months.
They have scratches on some places, I guess I worded that wrong, I use some shoe cream I found around the house that's suppose to protect, nourish and give shine to leather.

worst of grailed thread
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That feel when banned from grailed for calling out the niggers
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>get an offer of $100
>accept it
>get an offer of $90 from the same guy a few days later
Daily reminder that if all of your designer clothing is used then you don't belong is designer clothing.

It's okay to cop 1-2 used pieces for harder to find items or vintage items from the designers most coveted collections.

But if you're buying used Fw08 tank tops shoes and layering pieces you're better off at gap


So I'm looking for a pair of pants that reveals the borders of my penis.

I would like to accomplish the Jon Hamm look.

Any recommendations?
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don't wear underwear retard
>he's cut

lol being cut is un-/fa/ af so don't even do it if you're cut like you're man Hamm there.
y-you uncut devil

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What sport is the most /fa/?
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none. football is too street, polo is too preppy.

i suggest going against the grain, if you surf, dress smart while on the beach

if you play golf, wear fitting tracksuits
Tennis has produced some good brands/style, but it's a bit of a poofter sport.

>go to barber
>show him pic of haircut I want to get
>"yeah ok, 2 on the sides"
>doesn't even take the time to see the pic
>fuck my shit up again

Every fucking time
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so stop going to that barber
Barbers hate people who bring pictures, they are artists that wannt to express their creativity on your head.
Fucked your shit on purpose, trust me.
That's why I don't like barbers. Wagies with a god complex. They can completely fuck your shit for months and you can't do anything about it.

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are Star Wars shirts effay? do you own one? where did/would you get it?
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half the people in the first world are into star wars, so if that's what you want to communicate to everyone then that's pretty sad
if you really want to communicate your nerdiness go for a nice un-obvious shirt from some medium not everyone has heard of

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Legit check?
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It's $8 lol.
Just buy them they, even if they are fake you will have shoes to were for whatever.
100% fake.

can suomeon identify the shoes in this pic?
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Rick Owens Geobaskets.

Shoes like artistry
nike air max 95

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