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Why you don't upload yourself to wikipedia articles?
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rate https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Category:Burzum#/media/File:A_fan_wearing_Burzum_t-shirt.jpg
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Btw I am the one who invented the word autismal
proofs http://autismal.livejournal.com/profile

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I am 26, black male, 6 feet tall and weigh 190 pounds.

I am in rough shape in the clothes department. I need to buy new threads. But all my teenage years and adult years were spent wearing regular jeans and metal band shirts from hot topic... I don't want to be that old dude shopping in hot topic still but I honestly don't know how to wear anything else.

What are my options? I don't want to dress like a stereotypical black dude either. But I am not sure what styles suit me to begin with.

I like functional clothing I guess. I hate shit with no pockets or few pockets. I like bomber jackets and trapper hats.

I like jeans a lot. I would prefer to wear boots like all the time. I just don't know to make this all work and not look retarded or autustic.

I feel dudes dressing themselves always looks terrible for the most part. If I had to describe the style I would like to go for.... it would be maybe like(please no flam) Russian post apocalyptic? That sounds autistic as fuck I know.

It just sucks because as a black dude... nothing seems to work clothing wise besides all the stereotypical rapper gear.
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buy a few basic clothes like blank tshirts and hoodies in different colors. You can get it all quite cheap and if you don't like it it's not too expensive to replace. As for shoes boots are ok in the winter/fall but you should get some basic white sneakers that you can wear with whatever
Are black colored sneakers not recommended? Also are leather jackets fashionable in any way??
how would you describe the scene you hang out with?

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you said white people can't pull off dashikis
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But why would you want to?
yes those $5 jeans and skinnyfat arms lend themselves to a truly sublime fit
because they look cool

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What do i need for proper boot care? thinking about getting pic related
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What kind of boots are they?
Dress or work?

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What's /fa/'s opinion of this haircut?
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/fa/ but fat people and asians cant be /fa/ so its un/fa/

Anyone recognize the sunglasses from Rakka?
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What type of outfit can you wear that doesn't make you look like a faggot to SOMEONE? Does it exist?
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Thinking like a cuck again
christ is your sense of masculinity really this fragile??
I don't actually plan to dress that way. I'm just wondering if there's a single style that isn't considered homo by at least one type of person.

What does /fa/ think of k fashion? I know that these backpacks are fashionable in Korea, but will I look out of the place if I wear them in my country (im british)?
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I've literally seen girls walking around with small bags like that they got from primark. If you're a girl you're not going to look out of place.

If you're a guy you might. Not because it's in any way Korean but because tiny backpacks look weird on men.
People have been wearing these for ages. It's nothing new
I'm female

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/fa/ or trashy?
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Like almost everything, depends on how you style it. If you need to as you 100% shouldnt waste your money on fashion beyond you
probably trashy when worn by you
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Anon, new gucci isn't that easy to pull off, you can end up like pic related.
If you're asking this question I think that you shouldn't buy it.

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Is Off-White/Virgil Abloh satirical?
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How is this type of collar called?
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I know but
What's in it for me?

What do I get out of teaching you?
Cutaway collar
Holy fuck the stupidity of /fa/
Spread collar idiot

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recommend please i am so fucking serious.
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You seem like that awkward loser who likes Katie but Katie likes Justin and it's just not fair just because justin has an awesome house

When you get to my age, you're going to be banging 19 year olds without a rubber fro. Behind after you pick them up from their parents house imagining Katie from grade school.

And Katie would have 3 kids raising them alone

Or she'd be happily married but would have been sexless since 2010
Who hurt you?
Some asshole was colluding with the other team on rocket league.

I lost despite scoring 4 goals


Also it's fun going on Facebook 12 years after high School and seeing that I'm the only one single, no kids with a full head of hair and still am mistaken for being 24.

Everyone else is bald as fuck and the women all have that turkey neck

That chick in your English class with the nice ass and perky tits...you know the one... she's going to have a full on turkey neck in a decade

Where can I get a Hoodie like that without getting ripped off? (pic is from urkoolwear)
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Well first buy a noose for even considering that dumb looking shit

Hello, fellows.

Going as a guest to a wedding, is it still fashionable for a man to have a same colour tie as the dress of his dame? Single colour or pattern?
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It never has been, wear a tie color that fits will with the rest of you clothing. This guy/girl matching shit is for the lazy and boring.
No, it never has been. Shows dependence on women or that you're her marked property.

No woman would respect you as a person if you do that.

Don't match your date and spend as little time as possible with your date.

Dance alone or with a bridesmaid, enter conversations with other people away fro. Your date.

Only interact with your date at the table/setting and nowhere else
I have been lied to.

Is it that much of a tragedy, though? She already bought one in the colour of her dress.

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Which is better, PF Flyers Made in USA Center Hi or Converse Chuck Taylor All Star '70?
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autism shoes
Pf flyers, tan cargo shorts , red t shirt so your mom or sister can find you in a crowd and a fidget spinner
probably the latter but i dont know

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