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Dudebros i have an interview tomorrow, boss said smart casual... What is smart casual?
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reddit style

Thank you senpai

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>ironically dressing poorly
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it's effay

is this hairstyle and dress /fa/ or nah?
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works for me. but tbf that woman would probably look good in anything.
She's hot but the dress is not...

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What does /fa/ think about flecktarn?
Pic semirelated, tips and advices are welcome
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It's a nice camouflage pattern but if you wear milsurp for the looks only you're doing it wrong. Faggot.
Why would I wear if not for the looks? Besides LARPing like a true /k/ommando?
What, you don't need 300 over sized pocket?

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and where to buy them

(laverne cox in nyc)
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>Laverne cock
Dunno annon, probably chanel menswear ss19 by Hedi Slimane.

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i absolutely love the way the Acronym X Nemen jackets look
but i am way, way too poor to afford one

do you think i could replicate the fade design by dying and bleaching a plain white jacket?

i was thinking that if i dyed 2/3 of the jacket green (for example) and then bleached the upper part of the green section to fade it, maybe i could get a nice green-to-white gradient?

whaddya think?
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Do you have expirience? Btw go to de diy thread.
i have a lot of experience with DIY
but more the hammer-and-nails type than anything to do with fabrics
Yeah, i would try dying some cheap shit first.

But once you get the hang of it, I see no reason you couldn't do it.

Hey /fa/ where can I find something like this sweater? I looked online but couldn't find anything.
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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Are Jordans an acceptable shoe to wear if you're to wear them with nice pants/shirt.

Got some slim/skinny jeans (dark navy) and a slimfit shirt.

I think I look pretty damn classy.
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Jordan's are made by white corporate executive hiring 3rd world party Asians. There's nothing black about them but the person they're named after who only has 5% of the damn company and that's only cause he's a dumb nigger who could play a sport again monopolized and expanded upon by white people. Yet blacks are the biggest group wearing them.

No they are far from being an acceptable shoe. And made for the fucking dumb black dudes who want to "flex" and "stunt" on how much of a mindless consumer they are. Making white executives at Nike richer

yeezyyeezyyeezyyeezy just jumped over jumpman

Can we get an activewear thread
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I have oily hair and I'm looking for alternatives, I found this meme-method of nopoo, does it really found? give some advise and share your experience please.

>Do you use conditioner every time you wash your hair?
>How often do you wash your hair?
>Do you use apple cider vinegar and baking soda to wash it?
>Does your hair stink?
>Would it stink if I work out?

(Pic related but not me)
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I used to have long hair and not wash it. No it never got clean on its own. A little cringe in retrospect.
No poo doesn't mean No washing desu

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How do I get my hair to stay like this and not dry out? Is it just a fuckton of product or what? My hair looks alright until it dries then it turns into a birds nest basically. I have fairly curly hair as well, is that part of my problem?
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you gonna get bald
fuccboi general newfg
you don't seriously expect being able to keep a tv show haircut through the whole day, right?

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About to get a perfecto, how much should i be paying? Also post inspiration
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around 800-1200 USD
More for something like this but I would recommend just getting a basic black one with a zipper configuration you like and no extra details like words or images on the back

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post and rate bois.
I'll start
>small project i started with friends
>mostly trash
>gonna post more shit soon like clothes we've designed, music and other trash
>need followers desu
>pretty /fa/
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p good content

where can i get cheep tru relegeon jeans in the uk??
the ones with the flap pocket not the other 1
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I don't know if you're ahead or behind the times.
But for sure, one of this days they'll be back.
they have a bunch of physical stores here in the uk.
theres one in birmingham for sure.

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One word reply of the brand you think is best...

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marvelous thread, OP
truly the pinnacle of discussion

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