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so basically my shoes are falling the fuck apart and I kinda wanna get some new sneakers that are like black and white ( preferably ) and I was thinking of getting old skool vans but I FEEL LIKE that's too fucking basic and a meme shoe but like I cannot find any others that actually look cute and would go with multiple outfits but anyways... give me inspo or links to cute everyday sneakers I could wear please

>TLDR; I need some affordable sneakers (under $100) that are cute but not too predicable or meme shoes please help
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chuck 70's r p comfy
vans has a lot of other less memed models
any of the suede adidas classics (gazelles, hamburg,etc)
af1's if ur into the sporty stuff
fila disruptors for the post ironic chav look (or ellese plativo or any 90-97 air max model)
gazelles or old skools
Why do girls type like this?

Anyway, Jack Purcells are cute yet not too basic.

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Jude Law Talented Mr. Ripley.png
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Hello /fa/. I have a problem with my scalp. Its dry with alot of dandruff/dead skin everywhere. What do I do? You guys know any good shampoo/conditioner that can help me with this?

I have been buying some natural sls/paraben free shampoos but have not seen any difference.
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I want to scrub and eat those flakes
drink more water senpai.
haha fucking jude law, when hes bald hes a fucking 2/10 but in that movie with a norwood 2 he looked so fucking good. FUCK BALDING.

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It's getting pretty hot - around 30┬║c here

what are some shorts brands which are both cool and comfy?
I have a couple of shorts from H&M and don't really like them desu
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bumping for interest
bumping too
Bump, It is getting pretty hot here too.
Is Urban outfitters better than uniqlo for shorts quality?

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>tfw nochin + no jawline + baby face wombo combo

Am I beyond saving, /fa/?
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>Am I beyond saving, /fa/?

yeah why not
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I'm genuinely sorry you look like that. Are you short as well?
Thank you for the condolences. Also yes I'm 5'10

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Any suggestion ? Any lists ?
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Fashion photographer goes out for a stroll and takes candid photos of a couple, only to discover a dark secret hidden in the background.

Features a cameo by the Yardbirds and snapshots of 60s drug & youth culture. Highly recommended if you're into fashion and/or photography
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le samouraï
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branded to kill

great and weird yakuza film. the director, seijun suzuki, was actually blacklisted for making this film and didn't direct for ten years after this.

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kill la kill shirt.jpg
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ITT /fa/ approved, actually subtle anime clothing
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Kill la kill yourself
ok pal
also Kill la Kill is a girl's show

none stop making this thread its pathetic

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Lets see em, /fa/.
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I have way too much fun with these.
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fashion years.png
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>Tom Waits

Oh hell yeah, good stuff
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i have only dated white women

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So... it's just an R on the side?

Why should I get this over regular Stan Smiths?
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>Broke nigga, step back
>Why don't you peep a nigga's swag
>You don't even gotta ask
So it's just to impress black people that you bought more expensive shoes?
>It's rare Raf when I wear Raf
>Bare Raf when I wear Raf

What core is this?
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biji kurdistan

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just shaved my beard after 8 months. fucking disgusting. dry flaky damaged akin underneath. always used moisturizing shampoo, moisturiser everyday. it's not worth it lads.
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Jesus, what the fuck happened there. Did you use minox or something?
wtf is that? I didn't use anything other than moisturizing shampoo and facial moisturiser lmao. I look like a freak now.

Bought myself some pair of yeezys v2 black and also bought the creme ones, i thinking about buying the zebras because its more eye catching and its hard to spot that the creme ones are yeezys and not regular sneakers
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Get out before they come for you anon
Wow, you're fucking desperate
If you're the kind of person who thinks that a piece of attire, such as shoes, may somehow grant one female attention, then gee, no yeezys ever gonna help you
You're not attracting any woman, you're gonna attract some men, trust me. I'm talking from experience

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Bought this Cap!


Also General Cap Thread!
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really gay
extremely gay

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Thoughts on compression shirts and male shape wear?
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Legitimately looks awful
You wear them under clothes.

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Hello /fa/gs, I'm looking to upgrade my autistic wardrobe. Have about $100-120 to spend on sneakers and I want to get a few basic pairs that are versatile enough to go with any color. Any suggestions to improve my selection in pic related?
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swap authentics with chucks and you have the poorfag holy trinity
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what are these, Adidas?

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where can i cop some pants like luka sabbat
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This guy is such a fashion victim. 1-2 years ago he was full saint laurent, now off-white and stuff like that.
No style at all, just follow the newest meme.
nigger just gimme some links hate how fucking extra autistic this site is
Did you just assume my colour?

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