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Where to buy clothes for tall girl (around 6')?
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Found the trap
can assure you she cis

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corcoran jump boots.jpg
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How do you distress brand new tough as hell leather boots to look vintage?
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These could be a day out of the box
you wear them
These are much cheaper then your overhyped hipster brands and most of all, they are indestructible.

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are apple watches effay or am I just going to look like a huge fuckin dweeb for wearing it?
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I think they look fucking retarded

Unless you're into Apple hipster-core
idk I thought they looked kind of neat but I also don't really want to pay six million shekels to read texts on my watch if I'm gonna look like a fag too
I'll sell you my 38 mm stainless steel one if you're interested. I never use the damn thing. I just got it replaced through AppleCare too.

Best derby shoes thread - post your favorites here

Starting with
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>Dr. Martens 1461

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are turtlenecks /fa/?

and can i pull them off?
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better pic

one of my friends said that theyre for formal occasions and you cant wear them casually
I like turtlenecks. They are not for formal events, they are definitely a casual shirt. You look good in yours and it accentuates your breasts very well.

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What options do I have if I'm looking for a mid-range black leather chelsea boot? I want something at around the $300~400 range

Pic is Church's, which is what I consider expensive
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RM Williams
Unfortunately it seems that there is no stockist in Hong Kong, which is where I'm planning to buy so I can avoid shitty taxes or duties compared to buying in Canada
are you sure that the seller's profit in HK is less than the canadian taxes?

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What is so impressive about prominent cheekbones and jawline? Why do they make people very attractive like Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie when he was young? And can you actually get them naturally? Can training your Masseter muscle can achieve such a look?
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>And can you actually get them naturally?

Of course you fucking can't, it's not physically possible to modify your facial bone structure in a natural way

>Can training your Masseter muscle can achieve such a look?

You can, I've actually done it by just chewing a considerable amount of gum at least once a day, but obviously the differences are not really that noticiable
be skinny

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who's copping Yeezys Saturday?
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idk probably a lot of highschoolers
only for resale
i heard that they weren't gonna resell for much cause its the most abundant drop

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What do you guys think if this as a tattoo?
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disabled person hands? cool i guess
Someone who doesn't know how to draw made it.
Something about it seems like it's not complete but other than that it could be cool

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Can we get a thread for /fa/ band tees?

Pic related, c/n?
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File: IMG_0751.png (268KB, 480x640px)Image search: [Google]
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File: SWANS_TEETH_SHIRT_grande.jpg (32KB, 600x600px)Image search: [Google]
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i love you froggo.jpg
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Silhouette seems kind of off.
I'd say it's because your top is way to slim.
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Second time posting here.
Am I doing this right?

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please help me, something is wrong with my brain and I am incapable of identifying shapes. i somehow convince myself that it is everything at once. put an end to my autistic misery

how this somehow relates to fashion is because i want an le epic hairstlye

i outlined my face 3 seperate times because i am dumb and then i made them into shapes. one of them has a face on it. do you like it?

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youre gonna have to post a pic of your face for us to understand

maybe draw a bar over your eyes or something so that youre less recognizable
File: RPF_SA_31_big.jpg (103KB, 550x412px)Image search: [Google]
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How the fuck are you supposed to work out face shape anyway? Mine looks different depending on the lighting or my hair or the angle of the camera. Most peoples faces don't look like just one of the 'face types'. I can never work out what someone's face is from an example picture without reading the answer.
Is it all a ruse?
Is this how people really think people look?

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>tfw ugly
>bad hairline
>ugly nose
>bad skin complexion
>brown eyes
>fat legs
>5 foot 10
>weird looking feet
>ugly penis
>flabby ass
>bad posture
>scar on face
>shit facial hair
>no chin
>over bite
>uneven face
>baby face
>tiny lips
>low iq
>bad personality
>scared of people
>weird voice
>low income earner

I could keep going
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8/10 feel known
Oh my god, shut up.

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burgundy adidas.jpg
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What are /fa/ exercise clothes?

I've just been going to the gym in sweatpants and a white undershirt so far.
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nikelab 4sure
/fa/ looks in the gym:

1. Obviously working hard and not fucking around
2. Being fit

Wearing basic clothes is the way to go imo. If you're fit, they'll look nice. Stop wearing them after they start looking real nasty. Just avoid cringy shit that talks about going BEAST MODE or shirts that say you squat because you want an ass like an Overwatch character or w/e
athletic shorts above the knee with pockets and a sleeveless shirt or a tank top

if you're a girl just wear leggings and a shirt

anything else and you're trying too hard.

worst mistakes:
-full make up, designer water bottle, matching color high waist spandex shorts and bra and shoes
-basketball shorts, pulled up socks, tight athletic top (underarmor, sometimes nike) especially if it's longsleeve
-track suit
-boost or designer sneakers

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ultra boost or cdg
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>tfw not sure if b8 or just a moron
why is this board so bad sometimes
Get neither and buy Common Projects

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