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Amerifag staying in London for 1 month here. I'm planning on going to clubs a few weekends, in London, Paris, Amsterdam, and Berlin most likely.

Does /fa/ have any inspo or advice for what to wear going out in europe? I'm not sure how different it'd be from the US and I don't want to stick out if I can avoid it.

pic maybe related
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I understand manskirts and long beards are in, with a matching vest. Pic related.
shut up u bloody racist i know lots of muslims at my uni they are all lovely u are just islamaphobic. #notallmuslims #lovenothate #dontlookbackinanger

*grenfell tower fucking explodes*
Shut up americans. This is why we always choose Europe move in. It's easy to move there, no one's racist, and we can still be ourselves.

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How does effay wear their beanies? Any proper or objetively good way of wearing them?
Pic related
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All of tthem
File: aF8gXGaz-Ms.jpg (48KB, 343x480px)Image search: [Google]
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the first way
second can look good, but it seems that the beanie is too small in this case
thrid always looks shit

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Start wearing Old Skools
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i'll suck any guy's dick if he wears old skools
about a year and a half behind

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kill me.jpg
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What's the best way to get rid of forehead acne? This is the most un-effay thing about me right now. NOTHING will get rid of it either, i've been washing my face twice a day, using acne cream twice a day, and there hasn't been a noticeable change at all. What should i do?

pic related, about what it looks like.
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stop touching your forehead and keep your hair out of it.

Splash cold water in the morning and wash at night. maybe switch to a gentler sensitive skin cleanser.

your cream might be doing more harm than anything.

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Jaw of a god.jpg
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Another facial aesthetics thread. Users with sexy faces, get your asses in here.
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you start a thread choosing the most boring, admittedly handsome, but generic LA fsce
Do you have any suggestions?

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the boddy alone is for sure a pass, now lets see the face
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I don't want to live in a future where the girliest girl is actually a trap and the average real girl is an ugly feminst or only wears athletic wear.

Someone stop this ride

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Im starting a Yung Fib / Stone Rose / Polo thread since none of the threads for the past week have been about fashion. Fuck you for not being aware of the new cali bucks.
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Well, judging by the sideways picture its obviously yung fib posting a picture about himself...
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Op: prove it
Every few days one of these slips through the shit filters.

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As a male I don't consider myself to have "fashun sense", I call it putting clothes on for the sake of being dressed.
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Any good alternatives to converse? I don't want to support the megacorps any longer
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Pepe jeans london
>"what did he mean by this?"

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angry wojak.jpg
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post ugly fashionable people

oh wait they don't exist and we're fucked
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Yeah, basically. Idk why I even try sometimes
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come at me /fa/

I honestly feel bad for ugly people who just want to look nice. But they can't it just does not work. There should be a world wide I don't know discrimination against ugly people so they can't breed? Like eugenics or something.

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Trump wears tighty whities
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dam he thicc
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more like donald badonkadonk

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cOp oR nOt?
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I need some /lunarcore/ footwear, do I fall for the aquasock meme or get something else?
what's with all the SLP shilling here lately?

they're overpriced- get converse or vans

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what would you wear to a wedding?
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Anything other than a traditional suit is wrong, unless they asked for a meme thematic wedding which I wouldn't attend
I'm sure you have a lot of wedding invitations you say no to...
lol did i hurt your feelings? i'm sure nobody laughed at your casual suit, sweetie

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My rating:

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10/10 wish I looked decent..
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I bought these unironically. Did I fuck up, /fa/?
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No my man
those are the best shoes I ever bought!
buy them dude
really nice
yes yes
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pix2pix (12).png
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I'm going to kill myself ironically in the next few months. Wish me luck

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