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ITT: Injury-core
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How much longer until the leggings/whore pants trend dies out?
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Until there are no more heterosexuals men on earth, so never.

Now post the gif version, webm faggot
What a fucking cunt. Is the vid fake?
Singularity coming in 2040, might be sooner than you think.

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>Tucked in
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It's always been /fa/
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but its not mainstream, no one walks around like that

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What does /fa/ eat?
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Food, my dude.

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Anyone else notice how Yung Fib or Stone Rose or whatever mostly raps about being lactose intolerant eating icecream and taking huge diarhea shits? Also dont you think avant guard fashion is just a way to tell the ladies (or guys) that you are desperate for some ass? Discuss
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Not fucking a disguised Yung Fib trap thread again. Why dont you go back to playing Csgo
I don't think I'm lactose intolerant because I don't get the runs, but damn I always break out when I eat dairy. I would much rather deal with shit than with pimples tbhfams
>I would much rather deal with shit than with pimples tbhfams
No you wouldnt. Currently on the shitter as I'm typing this.

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the stupid, clueless dickheads I'm acquainted with at my college are copying my style after they started complimenting me on the way I dress and asking about my items

what the fuck do i do
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nothing, but what do you think you should do
start an instagram and become an influencer, might as well embrace it
This situation actually seems to justify you acting like a snobby hipster. Just try to be funny about it.

>Hey, cool X. Where'd you get it?
>I'd tell you but then I'd have to kill you.

There's nothing wrong with keeping your specific choices private. If you don't want to hand them the keys to the kingdom, let them do the same work you did in finding the same shit as you if they want it so badly.

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what do you call these types of pants? I think they are beautiful but I don't know how to find them.
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Here's another one. Fat on thighs but tapered even before the knees, I think they are from years and years ago, like 19something's
I think they are called faggot pants

What lenght do ya cut your hair fa?
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I don't
t.haircut hipster

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headed out to uni this fall, post /fa/ dorm rooms
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>wasting tons of shelf-space to make it look better
>coffee mug
I always wonder if the people who design this shit ever live like this

I'd say: go to ikea or to a thrift store
>spends thousands on audio equipment
>atrocious speaker placement

that isn't even a dorm

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I mean lets be real here lots of people who wear it are white and want to dress like a black person.

But aside from that is it the stuff actually worth purcashing?
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Fuck no
its 2017
id be embarrassed just to wear them

Anybody know of some shirts like this? i know its a supreme shirt but i dont want a supreme shirt i just want a button up with guns all over it.
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saint laurent had shirt like this. in 2014 i think
Ian Connor a rapist. Hope he dies soon.
ian is fucking lit

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this thread is fucking hilarious

good work op
How do I make them stop leaving bumps in my sweaters?
How do you actually perform an abortion with one? This idea always baffled me

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tacticool legpack.jpg
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>not wearing a tactical legpack
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i'm all over this meme, effay as fuck
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deepti pouch a1923 shoes.jpg
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>newfags not recognizing the blatant Helmut Lang ripoff
Not that I'm mad about cyclical fashion. Kinda hope these guys come back in style. Deepti did a badass pouch a few seasons back.
all of which are ripoffs of the dump pouches and leg pouches worn in military/tactical gear
clueless langtard

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Boxers or briefs, anons? What kind of underwear do you like best?
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I switch around a lot honestly, if I had to choose, boxers. Briefs are comfy as well.
Boxer briefs, anything else looks and/or feels ridiculous to me.

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Comfy Rules:
>post thinspo
>make america thin again
>stay hidhratted


Low Calorie Food & Drinks List:

>MyFitnessPal: "/fa/ friends"

New /thinspo/ tumblr:
/thinspo/ for guys:
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