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Other thread is at 300

W2C this jacket, or one just like it. Anyone know where?
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thrift stores with oregynal thrift clothes
Jesus fuck it's generic as hell green windbreaker
Go ask the nigga on facebook or instagram or whatever social media site the kids use these days from the guy if you need to have the exact same jacket.

Yeah but I'm interested in knowing the brand too.

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tactical poncho.jpg
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Can we have one of these threads?
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bought look like template.png
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forgot template
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Post your Rick Owens Ramones inspo here
Let's pretend we've already made the converse jokes...
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Literally the worst shoes. Worse than rafdidas.

Why would anyone want these? It's astounding the shit you people fall for.

I don't think they're terrible but so many people seem to wear them to show them off.
They are meant to be chucks. I never see fits with them really dressed down with jeans and a tee.
so you're looking for "inspiration" on how to wear "chucks" with jeans and a tee



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Last one nearly 300.
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does anyone know where i can buy white rick laces or something very similar?
bought ramones with black laces only because someone told me customer services would send me white laces if i said i lost them, turns out they don't.
responses appreciated pls
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Who has a soundcloud
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is this a thread for blacks who troll basic bitches into having sex with them thinking it's going to lead to something that never, ever does because it's all about fuckboys?

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More like this
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no, go to mfa
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White grill here

Looking for women's inspo that isn't japanese or basic bitch. Seems like there is nothing good for white girls

Pic unrelated
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I have some female inspo on my other hard drive but it's pretty much all japanese or basic bitch. sorry.
go all black no poo hy
There is no need for white girl inspo when it already exists all around you.

Basic bitch inspo is everywhere.

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Why are so many girls self conscious about their height?

I've known quite a few really stunning girls who are under 5' 5" and they always seemed to be obsessed with their short stature.

Don't they know that being a 6 foot tall orgress is the opposite of sexy?
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No one cares about your opinion

Thanks for your superb contribution m8
>Don't they know that being a 6 foot tall orgress is the opposite of sexy?

Correction: "Don't they know that being a 6 foot tall orgress is the opposite of what [I think is] sexy?"

First of all: stop projecting your view on other people.

Second of all: I guess you don't like kissing taller girls.

/disregards OP's manlet rant.

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Hey /fa/,

Last year a few collections came out that really intrigued me - featuring a style that I think is very cool and I'd like to talk about it with you today. The style is similar to colourblocking - and some would consider it colourblocking - but the key aesthetic is taking very bright, very loud (think neon) colours and designs and blocking it with black (blackblocking). The louder and more offensive the colour, the better the result.

What is produced is bright colour (and / or an abstract design) juxtaposed against a void. It draws out the colour and sinks the rest of the garment into the background - like light escaping from a black hole. It was (in my opinion) not dissimilar to certain styles of art that mix the abstract with the dull and ordinary.

The big names that featured this (and got me into this aesthetic) were Raf's and Y3's AW14 collection. /fa/ largely dismissed Raf's AW14 collection but I think it was a big (and inspiring) "fuck you" to the bubble of monochrome that was about to burst.

I have discovered a few more since then, but no one did it so much, or as well as Raf and Y3. If you know of any other designers, please tell me.

I don't want to ramble on too long and I'm not trying to be seen as uncovering the next fashion meme - I just want to talk about the aesthetic and would like to discuss it and find out whether any other designers have been doing it.

Please leave harsh comments outside the thread.

Dump commencing...
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Is Y3 by the way.

This is Kenzo - and I feel it would work better with black pants - but you get the idea.
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tumblr logo.png
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post yours, follow others
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follow these cool blogs i like a lot too
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end game.jpg
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i might follow back
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new year, new me.jpg
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>My drawings and artworks
>will follow back
>thanks for looking

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Hey, i just went for the typical FA uniform hitler youth/undercut, however it seems to have gone a little wrong. I can't tell what's wrong with it, how do I fix this?
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Have you cut it yourself?
the face or regret

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Where my rain bros at? What raincoat do you wear in a rainy day? Do you use umbrellas?
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stutterheim is GOAT
planning on copping soon
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columbia hailtech 2(in orange)
Cause i'm a poorfag(Was only $80 on sale.)
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got this about a moth ago and for the next week on and off after it came in the mail. Love it

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How do you dress when you want to get laid?
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Not like ANYTHING you see on here. In fact it might even deflect pussy.
The average woman will be much too overwhelmed by high fashion trends that effay follows and would much rather go for tumblrcore walmart jeans and snapbacks
I don't dress for bitches.
Bitches get undressed for me.
I don't think what I wear has ever made a difference
I just wear the shit I wear daily I don't know

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Post your /fa/ bedroom/house or dream house
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Whoever the architect of that house is should find a new career
because it's terrible. simple geometry doesnt make for good architecture. plus it's overplayed and easily replicated in minecraft.

can you see that house in the background? it's one of hundreds just like it, it has no personality, no soul. just because it uses simple shapes and some fuck calls it 'modern' doesn't make it good architecture.

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Post inspo
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honestly everything theo wears looks extremely comfortable
this gets posted too much but here
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i like this one more

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Recent cops.
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They were cheap

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