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Hey guys, really wondering what the name of this type of style/look/AESTHETIC(sorry) is?

I know you guys probably think Superdry is dumb bullshit made by British guys trying to make some fake Japanese style profitable, but I'm sort of into the retro look of it, mostly the vibrant/contrasting numbers or Japanese characters on the sleeves or breast or something.

Anyway, I'm thinking of making my own vintage-style Japanese design (Racer/Motorsport or otherwise) into my own long sleeve shirts (preferably long sleeves that go just past the elbow)

Just kind of want to know what that would even be called, pretty tough defining that aesthetic in my opinion.

Kind of think the jacket from Drive (Sukajan Jackets) or Akira aesthetic. Mostly just Japanese

Any ASSISTANCE would be cool, but also talk shit or discuss if you want, that'd be cool too.

(tl;dr pic related, type of characters I want on a custom long sleeve shirt/jacket, along with my own design, would like name of Japanese Moto-Racer aesthetic)
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I actually completely agree brah. I'd totally be down with Kamen Rider-core
shit i think i read the OP wrong but either way i do love this aesthetic
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Been trying to get a real pair of these

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Other is dead.

Stupid questions that don't deserve their own thread go here.
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how terrible the asian made DrMartens are? will they fall apart ASAP like zara/H&M shoes?

or will they last me 2-3 years?
I dont love my mum

i had a drug problem. now i have to buy clothes. alot. and i live incel watching hot girls all day. its the worst.

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If you were completely naked with 700 us dollars in your hand to spend on clothing, shoes and accessories you would wear through the following year, what would you buy?
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But that's impractical and you'd come off as a weirdo.

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What are the essential cops on Uniqlo? Just got my paycheck, bitches.
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How the fuck are we suppose to know what you like to wear?
Honestly, only get the absolute necessities from Uniqlo. It's a pretty overrated brand.

some things are good quality, other things aren't

but it is true they have the best damn OCBDs for the price, for 30 bucks you won't find a better fitting or better quality shirt, honestly better than JCrew's oxfords. they come in a variety of colors too

their supima cotton short sleeve tees are pretty good. fit well, soft and comfy, and don't have loose threads even after 20 washes. no fading either. cant say anything about their long sleeve tees, graphic tees since I havent bought any

their sweatshirts are nice, just dont push up the sleeves at all, or machine dry it, because it shrinks like crazy and for some reason it'll get contorted as fcuk

I made the mistake of accidentally throwing it in the dry and the right sleeve curves now and feels weird, still looks good and isnt noticeable tho, but if you push the sleeves up after like 1 hour it stretches and stays that way until next wash

can comment on their dress pants, dress shirts, suit jackets/blazers, socks, belts, underwear, sweaters (I hear theyre SHIT) flannels or other casual shirts

only have one pair of jeans from them and its their slim fit kaido denim line, the denim feels effeminite and stretches after 1 fucking hour of wearing despite being 98% cotton. bulks at the knees because it doesnt weigh much and so you look retarded

their slim fit chinos are great but only cut in 34 in for inseam so you need to get them hemmed, which they'll do in store for you

their chino shorts are nice too

their polos are eh in quality, I have a white and blue one, the white one fits superb, but the blue one, even though I ordered my size, came incorrect

it was one size too big even though it was labeled as my size, and I never got around to sending it back because its a bother

over all they have some nice things some bad I would recommend getting their OCDBs definitely, im bout to go cop some more, and im sure all the stuff I havent tried is decent too

good luck op also dont listen to queers here

Poncho inspo. Get in here.

> Y-3
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General rapey drapey thread
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Rapey drapey

How to look effay when going to the gym?

What should I wear so people know that I mean business about going but still looks effay as fuck.

Mind you this comes from someone who literally wears white t shirts and jeans 90% of the time
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It's just going to get sweaty so it doesn't matter as much. Just wear solid color nike stuff or spandex, you should be focused on comfort and breathability, not looking effay per se. If you really want to go all out look up healthgoth. Just don't wear edgy graphic tees like Ed Hardy or Tapout.
>Its just going to get sweaty

Well thats it, but that doesnt mean you should just wear shit clothes all the time. Usually I just wear a wife beater, shorts, and converse. But considering how much time I end up spending in the gym I might aswell get some good clothes for it.
Wear black Nike gear. Sleek, simple. Anything else is try-hard.

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Is black overplayed now?
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It's a color. How can a color be played out?

memeochrome is sweeping the nation

in the mainstream, not too long ago you'd be seen as a goth if you wore all black but now everyone's doing it. it's a trend that I think will eventually die in the years to come and be ridden over with more tonal colors
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So an outfit such as this would be better?

I agree with you, I'm just asking for your opinion.

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Newfags ask where to find items in this thread EDITION
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w2c shoes?
File: 1420429720243.jpg (113KB, 475x700px)Image search: [Google]
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w2c pants or pants in this style?

also, fuccboi question: do the pants only look that way because of the socks?
they're just black penny loafers, they're everywhere

for shit like this you should just use shopstyle

let me help you out: http://www.shopstyle.com/browse?fts=penny+loafers

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how do you deal with it /fa/?
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bitches love it, especially the young ones (the best ones) obviously not as ugly as pick related
>wear shitty facial hair
>look 16

These are my 2 options. What do /fa/?

My facial hair grows in with a thick stache, thick soulpatch, thick chin and very thin/wispy everywhere else.

I can do the Johnny Depp thing and it's kinda what I've been doing.
You should work out. All it is is fat on your face.

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Fall 2015 Menswear Edition


Let's go, boys!
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Also could you have picked a more uninspired and boring look? Seriously that shit is so fuckin bland
OP wants to talk about the LCM shows going on for FW15, not SS15
From my brief look so far, Lou Dalton was great
turtlenecks are staying
trousers are getting looser
contrast pockets

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Post some effay design ITT.

products, furniture, architecture, posters, etc.

Anything that's not clothing, but is effay
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Cinelli bikes

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challange: post a good outfit with more than 2 colors. 90% of /fa/ users fail this
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File: 1413567572968.jpg (125KB, 478x750px)Image search: [Google]
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summer inspo.jpg
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ausfags how are you handling the heat? what are you wearing?

post inspo, discuss staying cool, etc etc
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Got a pair of Prada pants in a super thin poly fabric. They are really lightweight and have a super wide fit and leg opening. Been wearing them quite a bit with a boxy tee and sandals.
File: Spongebob-squarepants.png (123KB, 250x382px)Image search: [Google]
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>wide fit
>boxy tee
this doesn't sound too good. I imagine you looking something like pic related. aren't shorts supposed to somewhat slim and tapered?
They are pants, not shorts. They have some nice drape to them. I think it looks alright anyway, heh.

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are reflective jackets even available anymore?

is there any place to cop decent ones still available?
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I think Nike had one like that recently.

Yung lean wore one in the Kyoto video.

Dude bones bodied the reflective game do not try. Literally has a song called high visibility rain coat. They are kill and unless youre famous they are just a party trick
honestly dont sorry man i wanted one too :(
i don't give a fuck about what some niggers do with the jacket

i still think it's ace

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painting of lamia.jpg
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Post art and historical things that inspire you. Posts don't have to have outfits in them but u get kudos if they do.
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i'll be dumping things for a few minutes
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armenian female warrior.jpg
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youre going to get banned for nudes

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