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Last thread will be hitting image limit soon. Lets get a fresh thread going. Get your Tumblr in here.

Post your Tumblr. Tell us what it's about. Follow others whom you like.


>Vintage film, actresses & cinematography.
>Nautical influences
>Architecture & sculptures
>OC Photography
>OC Writing
>Cozy AF pics
>Manly shit
>Good food & cooking
>QT's wearing threads I like
>Other melancholy stuff

I follow back every single person who follows me, so long as your Tumblr isn't full of weab material, gothninja wizardry, etc.
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>Art Blog

i follow back
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Streetwear/Fashion/Cara love

>streetwear and street styles
>pictures of streets in japan

follow backs

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old one is dying
should i cop?
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whats with all the uzumaki on /fa/ now
im not a grill btw

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AW15 discussion

Post collections/lookbooks, runway pics, interesting pieces, etc.


Michael Bastian
Brunello Cucinelli
Ermenegildo Zegna
Piazza VI Febbraio
Costume National
Dolce & Gabbana
Andrea Pompilio
Jil Sander
John Varvatos
Neil Barrett
Philipp Plein


Bottega Veneta
Marc Jacobs
Salvatore Ferragamo
Calvin Klein Collection
Vivienne Westwood
Moncler Gamma Bleu
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why is Paris always last? London and Milan are so weak in comparison
RickO show when?

Save the best for last
>mainstream dad designers

No, thanks.

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Since there isn't one.

w2c outerwear sweater cardigan.
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I forgot the name of the jacket and i had it on the tip of my tongue.
Can somebody ID the jacket please?

look at the right ankle

Describe your fashion in 3 words or less.
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don't give a fuck
uhhhhhhhh indie
real nigga shit

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last one almost 3hunna
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Rick x Yesstyle?
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Whats some /fa/ music?
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in no particular order:
american football, clams casino, boards of canada, aphex twin, moderat, daniel avery, black flag, dustin zahn, len faki, laibach and about a 100 other artist people are gonna list.

also please dont get triggered because i listed music from completley different artists
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Crystal castles.
this pretty much translates into:

>what is some music that you like?

Go to >>>/mu/

cringe threads

bonus: facebook friends

pic related
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this is p dope tho
>neck brace
>ill fitting jacket
>terrible layering
>bleached top knot

p dope tho

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does /fa/ read any good fashion magazines? i like sitting down and reading something every so often but i dont know of any good magazines
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men's non no
I hear inventory is pretty good.

Monocle, Industrie, System, LOVE, Purple, i-D, Fantastic Man, AnOther

Try looking for an independent magazine shop near you for more.

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junji ito patch.jpg
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Post /fa/ patches ITT
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tomie is way to edgy for a patch
just sayin'
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Do you have any other inspo then?

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I only wear light gray t-shirts, zip sweatshirts and blue jeans.

I am afraid to wear anything else.
What can I wear that is modest and also better looking.
I am a 20 year old guy.
pic unrelated.
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Get rid of that alpha beta shit, this isn't pua forum

You can stick to your palette and try new styles or stick to those styles and try new colors. That's the easiest way to stretch and do something very overtly new without feeling like you're starting from scratch.
Also are you looking for casual clothing (stuff you can wear out with friends etc) or some sort of business casual for an office job etc.?

What do the people you're surrounded by usually wear? Let me know and I can recommend some colors and brands and stuff

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How effay is your girlfriend/partner?
pic unrelated
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I like the way she dresses
Looks pretty 2009
I dont have a gf but I wouldn't have one unless she was effay, cus il be walking around with her so its like a different set of clothes for me, it's logic.

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What stores can I find good looking, casual preppy apparel that won't cost me over a thousand dollars or more?
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Old Navy, i like their clothes.
help me be effay
>posts picture listing brands that are exactly what you're looking for
>not posting on /mfa/

okay u fuccs lets lay down some cold hard /fa/ facts. No memes, no bait, just raw reality.

I'll start:

>You cannot be fashionable if you still live with your parents
I'm sorry but there's simply know way you could possibly embody any real aesthetic if you still live at home. You just won't understand until you grow up.

>You cannot be fashionable if you are shorter than 5'9"
all the manlet memes have obfuscated just how true this is - if you're short, you will never make it.
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I'm 6'4, so this doesn't apply to me, but I think 5'7 is the cut off.
how do you explain asians you stupid fuck?
How about women?
How about asian women?
I am 5'10" (1.78 m) I find myself very short.
The minimum is at least 5'11" (1.80 m )

So the LA techno underground scene right now is all about BLACK. Black black black black. Black punk leather with some strappey goth bits and boots, mixed with a hint of that heavy drapey ninja goth shit.

Where can I buy this kind of stuff online? What is the style even called?
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it's called basic bitch, because all black is basic bitch now

can't wait for this trend to end

Eh I like it. It fits for what Techno is these days. Dark mechanical and brooding.
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>wearing black
>a trend

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