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Live now, get in here boys

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I believe this is the show invitation.

I am liking what I see so far.
Raf is a fucking hack jesus christ everything he does is just amateur at best


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every style on here comes and goes. what will always look good? /fit/ body and gosling-core. It's almost like u fucks are paying thousands to keep girls out of your life.

Gosling-core is the perfect in between fashion, and bitch scoring. why r u still wasting your money?
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Because dressing like that isn't too fun and id get bored
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itt: how to achieve this uniquely japanese style of comfy core
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>be japanese
>wear clothes
Asian here,

sorry, but you need to be Asian to pull those looks off, otherwise you look goofy af.
trust me. i have a Mexican and a white roommate who tried mimicking my style (i draw some inspiration from Jap comfy core), and they looked dumb as shit.

but hey, if you're white look on the bright side: you guys have HY and skinhead/punk fashion

lol stay chink,

i've seen white people pull it off as well. it's just more common in japan so there are more insp

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Femanons, no matter how many new and underground asthetic trends you hop on, no matter how many followers you have for your fashion blog, you will never be this attractive.
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>white women
white women will never be the height of fashion

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Let's get a general inspo thread going.

Also if anyone has any really good Adidas Superstar inspo (for men) then please post it.
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starting with random stuff that has caught my eye
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File: 1416770515531.jpg (263KB, 1280x960px)Image search: [Google]
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What are some /fa/ cities? I'm staying in Toronto atm and there are lots of /fa/ white chicks that look like models riding the subway. The white men are pretty effay too in their menswear shit. I don't notice much asian men because they're probably too short to see.
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Toronto is actually extremely effay, but you're too much of a racist faggot basement dweller to realize that.

And also, I live here, so that adds like 100 effay points.
are you a self-hating minority or what? because you give very insecure vibes

>lots of /fa/ white chicks that look like models riding the subway

you just have shit taste
Yeah, I was thinking that too. I ride the subway all the time and the only attractive person I've ever seen on the subway is myself.

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So /fa/

What is the most effay sport / method of exercise?
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cycling and badminton
Parkour in full Gyakosou tech fit
Lifting is best exercise

cycling is most effay

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>1. You can't be too crazy fashionable, all the ponchos -- that just make you look shorter.

>2. Wear slim jeans, if you wear baggy jeans you look lower to the floor.

>3. Ralph Lauren said that he used to wear shoes with platforms or heels on them, you could do that.

>4. Wear tall hats, it make you look taller.

And the most important advice:
>If you got swag, it don't matter if you ugly, short, got big eyebrows. There's a lot of tall dudes who don't know how to talk, don't know how to hold a conversation with females, that's not good looking. They clothes look weird, because they limbs too long or something.

>I'm 5'8" or something, I'm like average, but I can get jiggy with my clothes, a lot of tall people can't get jiggy with they clothes like that. Have you noticed babies always a fly, because they clothes always look crazy. Also, play basketball if you a short dude. Short dudes who wanna play basketball get more props.

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>if you wear baggy jeans you look lower to the floor

Is this true?

I'm 177cm and I always wear baggy pants, everywhere.
He dresses like shit though

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EDC thread?
PIC related, my EDC minus a nexus 5
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murakami is a good author
seems we have the same taste in sophisticated literature
do you have any book suggestions (any author)?
btw you should start using wooden pencils because they're much better
File: EDC.001.jpg (387KB, 1024x768px)Image search: [Google]
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Quick rough-up of my EDC

File: Valentino-1.jpg (51KB, 800x904px)
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Regular contributor here, now I need you /fa/

I am studying in a very competitive program in college and need some crazy clean outfits for either banquets, conferences, IRL or skype interviews. Chances are the next conference I meet my country's prime minister. I never bought a complete suit for myself but I was leaning toward a dark blue one since my blue eyes are my most beautiful feature. I'm 5'9 and very skinny.

What brand/fit would you recommend, considering I'm still in college, meaning I want it to look young and I don't want to take another loan to buy it.

Dear based /fa/ gods, please help me.

pic. related: kind of color I was thinking about
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Navy blue

What country are you in? Try J.Crew or Banana Republic or Brooks Brothers or something if you want a cheap suit like under $500.

You will have to get any suit tailored and that's like $100.

Just treat it as an investment.

5'9 and very skinny? don't wear a goddamn blue suit. Esp. not if you're going to meet your country's prime minister. Don't draw too much visual attention to yourself if you can't pull it off.

Wear a black suit, or if you're feeling fancy, a grey one. A well-fitting black suit is the best you can do.

The blue suit in pic related looks like ass btw, at a banquet or conference you will look like a clown.

Wtf dude he's not going to the prime minister's funeral

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Can we get some sleaze bag inspo? Ya know, Hawaiian shirts, gold chains, tinted glasses, male jewelery in general.

Its pretty niche, but I fucking love this shit.
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Oh thank God, I thought I was the only one.

How about some Nick Cave?
paging the fuccboi with the white-wash Asian "gf" who dresses Tumblr circa 2009

Post dope fits with turtlenecks
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left one obv.
File: piss to a shit fight.gif (1MB, 331x186px)Image search: [Google]
piss to a shit fight.gif
1MB, 331x186px

/fa/ interior inspo thread
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File: 05[1].jpg (96KB, 800x534px)Image search: [Google]
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File: rickowens_home_01.jpg (107KB, 660x440px)Image search: [Google]
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What's /fa/ business casual? Preferably your own pictures as examples.
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Brooks shirt and slacks, Sperrys, and whatever tie I feel like that day.

aren't sperry's hated on here though? i personally like them myself, got a brown pair.
>aren't sperry's hated on here though?

Who cares nigga

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Why the fuck doesn't /fa/ have a moot thread.

Post dope fits in honor of moot
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Fuck that faggot, what did he ever do for me?

The cuckmaster might've let you bang 'his' girl.

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