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not cheaper, just would prefer something without those god damn tacky numbers
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>omg, cp, so minimalist
but they have those shitty numbers on the sides...
alden or carmina

red wing if you must have that gay ass wedge sole
actually, meh on the wedge sole, but really want the natural welt

pic related trickers x superdenim seems great but no longer available

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old at tree hunnid
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So I was reading through my FB feed when I came across the GQ post of most stylish man of 2014.

I read the comics and was chuckling to myself of all the butthurt old men and fat white guys in fedoras hating on the fact kanye beat out david gandy. (Kanye dresses like a bum lol does he even wear suits?)

My girlfriend askes what im chuckling at and I tell her how its funny that GQ readers think Kanye isn't one of the influential people in Fashion in the year 2014 and she said that people only think he dresses well cause he wears expensive clothes and that sweatshirts and sneakers looks stupid.

I lost my shit /fa/. I told her how kanye could wear anything Gandy can wear and pull it off but Gandy can't pull off half of what kanye wears. She started screaming at me about how kanye wears fur coats in the summer over 500 dollar hoodies and that his sneakers look stupid.

My girlfriend is a manager of a fucking Nordstrom so I'd feel like she'd know something about the fashion world. I asked her who she thinks should win and all she kept saying was "not kanye"

I feel like people let his retarded lifestyle and dumb antics influence their opinions on things that don't relate to it such as his fashion or his music.

The fuck man why am I so mad? Im not a dick rider or anything I can respect the guy is one of the few benchmarks in mens fashion.

Also david gandy has someone dress him for fuck sakes.
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Sorry about the errors im french and im typing on a tablet.
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it's okay man, i'm typing on a tablet too (i have a bluetooth keyboard so it's okay though)

you should really become an architect, it's a very effay job
while i agree with you im not sure why you care so much. who cares what some dumb ass people think. if they dont know shit about what theyre talking about why do you care if you do

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SS15 discussion thread

post collections/lookbooks, runway pics, future cops, etc.

other one got deleted?
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Supreme SS 15 gonna be great
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dumping some of the BV fits I liked
File: 15893x20451.jpg (127KB, 683x1024px)Image search: [Google]
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the last one is good as dead. post your shit, nerds
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>no registered user

the opportunity awaits you friend
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matisse - lydia.jpg
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Post your /fa/vorite fits.
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/fa/ i need help what are good short haircuts for grills that don't look like shit

my hair is pretty much like pic related but i have such a baby face it just sort of looks weird and idk what to do with it
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post pic..

how is anybody supposed to recommend a haircut without knowing what you look like? yeezus
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There is a chubby girl at my uni with this cut. For all these "alternative" haircuts, you need to be skinny period. If your skinny with non pronounced features ( small nose, not much of a jawline) then I recommend getting pic related (the girl without glasses)
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Hey guys can we get a lunarcore general

Pic related me before comicon 2014
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go start your own style

get out of our secret spaceman club
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How is a guy meant to get their waist smaller? I haven't managed to get less than 26 inches and corseting seems unhealthy
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Why would you even need sub-26in?
i'm a fucking size 34 because I have really wide hips, I swear I can't even lose size off of the hips because it's just bone
lose weight fatass

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marina pretty.jpg
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/mu/ here. Who are the best-dressed musicians?
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st vinnie no comp
who is this titty monster
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Donald Glover/Childish Gambino inspo
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Burton ups and sweaters mostly ironic
Short shorts

There is nothing else
i bought a similar sweater at a BR in maui
wear it everyday
Gambino dresses like an azn girl

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Undisputed Fashion Champion of the World edition

Talk shit, post Rick

>What are you guys copping for Christmas?
>What are you looking forward to copping from Faun?
>How much $$$ did you blow on Rick in 2k14?
>How much $$$ would you pay to blow Rick?

Raf fans welcome, Hedi fans tolerated
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File: rick.jpg (35KB, 570x379px)Image search: [Google]
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I didn't spend half as much on Rick as I would have this year after I saw these were coming out.

I'm sat next to a big pile of money waiting to order them in every colour.
got a leather. one season old. 25% of retail price. thank you kind-u
>The designer tells us how a masturbating faun inspired his SS15 show of other-worldly ...

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Other one at 300
Respond to every post edition
If somebody posts a potential cop you are obligated to respond with your opinion if you're in the thread--this way people get a whole lot more advice and shitty cops can be avoided
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File: qasass15.jpg (151KB, 800x533px)Image search: [Google]
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na, they look mediocre to me
Clarks naylor theyre 90 quid

File: 1379985084_cops-2.jpg (113KB, 1440x1080px)Image search: [Google]
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old one at 299
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a little present for myself before christmas
burn it
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had to proxy this shit from Japan but god damn it was worth it.

File: image.jpg (51KB, 414x605px)Image search: [Google]
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Gf recently bought this online and wants to wear it to clubs and such. Would you allow your gf?
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> allow your gf

She is not your property, fucktard.
Stop being a bad boyfriend and a shitty person.

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