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What's a good source for basics that are NOT made by tiny childrens hands? preferrably in europe, since i live in europe and that stuff tends to be easier to get. NA or japan made would be good, too. i have two ACNE sweats that i really like, really like the thick cotton and general quality, but i really hate that it's made in china. it's just something i want to stay away from in the future, but most recommended basics seem to be made in china, like the wang shit etc.
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American Apparel?
OP here, i have some basic tshirts from them and they are pretty good as undershirts. but i'd rather like something in a higher quality, and alot of their stuff isn't 100% cotton
James Perse
Albam (UK)
Sunspel (good quality, though I'm not a fan of their basic tee's cut)
American Apparel, good tee's for the price.

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General Boots Thread & Boot C/N Thread

Pic related. What you guys think about these?
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If anybody wants to know
dead link op

they look cute from the picture though
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Just a side note, does anyone have any good inspo for mens Chelsea boots??

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>tfw 5'11"
>tfw you'll never be tall
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5'11" isn't even short you mongoloid. You're just a faggot who wants something to complain about

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You don't know what projecting is.

>tfw winter break ends this week ;_;

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palewave silent damir doma.jpg
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continued from >>9259200
post inspo, waywt, recent cops, etc

also welcome:
sandninja and other pale styles
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Please stop
I don't get the around /pale/

It's like the most inoffensive style and all about spreading positivity, what's not to like?

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/fa/ anime
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best girl coming through, make way
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ghost in the shell
steins gate
psycho pass

cowboy bebop/outlaw star are kinda overplayed but are still breddy cool

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Are you still going to try to be /fa/ when you're 40-years-old?
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problably gonna be more worried bout fucking teenagers
don't fuck teenagers
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Of course I'll be effay my whole life

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>actually caring about fashion this much when the majority of you dont work in the fashion industry
>actually not worrying about your physique rather than "which shoes am I wearing to Terry's soiree tonight?"
>actually not realizing the positive physical and mental aspects by being healthy and fit
>actually not willing to mold your body to look good naked rather than look good dressed
>actually not focusing the majority of time in fitness, and a small minority in /fa/shion

and of course,

>actually caring this much what a person wears even when its a typical outfit for youth nowadays and she's hot as fuck

Hey /fa/, how do you reduce/remove blackheads on the nose? Thanks! My skin is somewhat oily :(
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why not both
>automatically assuming everyone of /fa/ is unfit just because we don't discuss fitness on a fashion board

Are you really this retarded ?

Ladies what are you wearing lately?
I've been suck in oxford-style blouses, sweaters and jeans for a few years, but I'm tired of looking like a super dyke.
I want to change my style up, but I'm not sure where I should go; I do like things that are kinda androgynous, but I'm lost at the moment.

I'll post some inspo stuff I got from tumblr.
pic related I absolutely love, but I've yet to fine similar pants.
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File: photo1.jpg (186KB, 607x911px)Image search: [Google]
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got and inspo pictures with these? I was thinking about purchasing them
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lena durr.jpg
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acting like hes bout to step in dew grass with rafs.

el oh el.
Got any inspo*
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how can i compliment someone on their clothes without saying "nice clothes"?
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you look very well put together today
I like your ____
"I like your style"

What's so hard? Just don't goof an be all "I'm diggin' ya gear".

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What's the best place to buy anime sweaters? Omocat is pretty good, but a lot of the pieces are out of stock/just out of my price range.
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you don't lol
Such wisdom from a shitty tripfag.

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2015 gon b gd.jpg
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have you already gotten over /fa/ schematics and general /fa/ peer pressure shit? I remember tryna dressing all black when I first started lurking /fa/
now I don't even try no more and everyday people b mirin birds wanna get my digits and fellas want to shank me for my steez

gonna post the template in the second post

im interested in seeing how you lot looked before you discovered /fa/ what did you wear most of the time
wanna see if there's any pattern to it
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do your thing
In what kind of timeframe does these happen to you people?
Cause my style has evolved very little in like the last 7 years or so, I just pay more attention to the quality, fit and colors of my garments basically.
considering my hair is mostly 8 inches long and you grow half inch of hair eery month at least 16 months but ive been keeping my hair 8 inches for like half a year now so i'd say two years time from a band t shirt wigger wannabe to a real human bean

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recenytu cop['.jpg
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Th-thanks Sneakerboy
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why is this ,a regular model, way , way hotter than any stickwomen supermodel I have ever seen? why is it mandatory for supermodels to look disgustingly unhealthy when regular ones are usually in very attractive, in good shape and just sexually desirable?
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ur mom
i dont like that model, its choice / preference. A lot of people dont realise that its the models choice as well.

No one ever complains about male models so why only female models?
christ, why is this still a question people dont know the answer to?

designers arent trying to sell you the model. they are trying to sell you the clothes.

clothes show better on a thin person because things like detail show better, it hangs more nicely (like it would on a hanger). while curves are more sexually appealing, they can detract from clothes and curves have to be dressed a certain way-- not all things work on all body types/heights/proportions. when only one body type is needed, it makes things a lot easier.

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How does one into designing? My dream job is shoe designer for Nike.
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ayyy lmao
ayy lmao
Ayy lmao

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