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fresh tumblr thread
following back if i like yours, doesn't necessarily have to be similar
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>occasional OC and music

I'll follow back if I like what I see
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GUNNM LO v01 c04 118.jpg
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/fa/ doesn't know shit about fashion.

Rule #1 of fashion - The way you dress is the way you market yourself to the opposite sex.

Take a look at the pic. The young man looks approachable and respectable. BUT OH NOES - HE'S WEARING A GRAPHIC TEE+BLAZER!

Looking like this, the man will get more pussy than all of you put together (btw, I'm taking about ATTRACTIVE women here, nerdy artsy fugly virgin girls don't count :-))

I love how you guys complain about girls not wanting to sit next to you on buses. Have you ever wondered why that is? It's because you look like you're fucking 30. It's creepy.

My advice to you: STOP TRYING SO HARD. I'm not saying everybody go buy ironic tees, Lacoste polos, Hollister sweaters and cargo pants. When you're out shopping, don't think what /fa/ would think. Buy clothes that YOU are comfortable with. Don't feel like wearing a scarf with your peacoat? Don't wear it then. Want to wear light jeans and a graphic tee? Go right ahead.

Just remember - if girls don't want to sit next to you on buses, YOU'RE DOING SOMETHING WRONG!
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that's not even a graphic tee, it's a patterned one that's perfectly acceptable to wear with a casual blazer
>dressing for girls

I dress attractively. But I'm pretty sure the girls who are like that aren't anybody here's type.
>graphic t

fucking your sister behind the barn on your grandpa's potato farm doesn't count

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Do you wear them? On which occasions? Which brand do you prefer?

For me, it's Ben Sherman, all the time, although the last season one wasn't that great.
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I prefer Merc harringtons, but I've barely worn one this past year as I've been preferring bomber jackets.
I used to have a Harrington by a maker called "King George" or something, it held up surprisingly long for a 50$ jacket.
Currently I'm looking for an all black Harrington jacket, as I'm not all too keen on the tartan pattern these days. Anyone know where I might find one?
Merc, zipped up and buttoned. Every faggot under the sun wears harringtons nowadays, but nobody wears them like that.

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Hi I'm gonna go to the mall tomorrow and get something printed on a t-shirt.

What would be an effay picture to choose?

pic maybe related
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Just rip out any page from a textbook and slap it on a plain t
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Hey, 5,4 manlet here, I just want to say we manlets don't give a flying fuck what you longfucks think about us. we have been around forever and we'll be around forever. many powerful men have been manlets.
Is this pasta? If not:
Lol at you calling yourself a manlet,
>powerful Manlet

That's called small man syndrome dude eventually u will be mostly wiped out due to natural selection and genetics, there will be a few remaining for us acceptable people to laugh at.

The only advice I could give manlets is to either kill yourselves or become traps.

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post your wallpaper/desktop

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Screenshot (62).png
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this is my fav wp but too bright. Does anyone have the grey one?
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2015-01-31 00_20_44-.png
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>Go to party rocking comfycore winter warmth fit
>qt Japanese international student compliments my fit and gives me her number and adds me on intagram
>its filled with /fa/ as fuck pictures of her and her friends in Tokyo
have I made it?
is comfy core the style to rule them all?
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were you actually trying to start a thread or just make me feel bad ;_;
I'm sorry anon can I give you a hug to make up for it
>Yes you did OP!
>Congraturations! Thankyou for playing!
>Music by Yukichan's Papa

Srsly isn't the whole reason to go to /fa/ is to learn how to make yourself attractive with qt 3.14 asians?

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Ask an H&M employee anything
>inb4 shitposting
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who cares what you think
inafter shitpost
get me a job there lil nigga

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jackass core.jpg
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why do people actually think rick owens is a good designer again?

look at this shit

what asshole would want to wear this out in public?

cheap see-through material for $400

you can get the exact same thing from a chinese sweatshop for 35 cents
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>cheap material
yeah why is that a bad thing
ashamed of ur gyno?
>you can get the exact same thing from a chinese sweatshop for 35 cents
link pls
its fashion bro
>yeah why is that a bad thing

because that's neither fashionable nor practical, you just look like a fucking idiot.

it doesn't matter what your body type looks like, you'll still look like an asshole

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u jealous?
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not jealous.
but i sort of do wish I looked like that.
I bet guys like that have cool gfs.
and plebs don't bother them in public/think they are somehow patrician or from a higherclass/rich drug addict
>I bet guys like that have cool gfs.
most of them are gay

Post your bombers, ones that you own and/or ones that you want.
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File: p_bomber.jpg (88KB, 1200x1600px)Image search: [Google]
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Received this bitch today. Fit's like a GOAT. Fucking love it really.
killion standard issue ma1

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Pic related is most upvoted fit in reddit waywt

Now that goofninja is officially dead what is everyone going to wear now?
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it's funny, they literally are at least 2 years behind effay
So I guess we can start seeing comfy bullshit there in two years time
I've been doing high street stuff personally, but that's because I was never really into gothninja. I went from dad to chill dad to new wave grandma.

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Fuccboi general - old one is at 300
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Where to cop an anorak like pic related. I like the material which it is made of.

also, does the Rains anorak have the same material or not? pls respond
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Inherited old storage hold with pile of old clothes from my granpa, rest I donated right away but this coat I kept. It's shearling lambskin and possibly from the 70's. Heavy and warm as fuck so figured someone might buy it. True Teasle core.

How much should I ask for it? 50$ too far fetched?
Is the Levi's slim trucker a decent jacket or should I just cop the regular fit one?

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Since these threads are always a blast

>anime shirt thread
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Searched Catalog, no one is replying to other W2C thread.
>W2C shorts and leggings
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where can i get a similar cardigan?

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