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The beef in my chili is dried out. Anything I can do to rehydrate it?
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do you own a beef hydrator by chance?
Add some liquid.

I have but it isn't exactly soaking it up.. Was just curious if there were any tricks or not

How do you get a thin and crusty burger like five guys?

Do you have to oil the pan up with a cooking oil?
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make slim patties. use a hot cooking surface.
make giant meatball
throw in skillet
mash it down to desired dickness
I never get the same degree of crispness though.

I feel I am missing something.

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millenials will never remember the glory days
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Arby's old subs. HOLY FUCK
Seems like a great way to stiff you on toppings.
i saw that back in 91 or so. thought it was an odd way to cut bread for a sammich

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1a Water Buffalo.jpg
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Just splurged and bought some buffalo steaks, thoughts on best way to prepare them? Don't have a BBQ.
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you got memed
Low in fat, plus just had to try,they were out of Emu...
low in fat is not a quality you want in steak

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Hey there anons, random pizza anon here. Here's my latest attempt at making a pie.
Rate me and feel free to post your own stuff for us to rate as well!
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I have those exact same 2 pans, is that my house?
That onion topping is pathetic.
Looks breddy gud otherwise. I'd probably try for a thinner crust next time.
your cheese looks good. a little too much crust for me but looks tasty nonetheless.

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Shhhhhhh, they're sleeping.
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gib pls
You can has sum

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Name ONE food better than white rice. You can't. This shit tastes good and literally goes with anything you make. Truly the greatest food ever made by man.
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Plain white rice is terrible, has no taste.

>inb4 "it's what you serve it with"
Right. Then I'm enjoying the taste of what it's served with, not the rice. The white rice is unnecessary.
purty sure jesus made rice
>worse than sugary drinks
Lmao you can't actually believe this, right?

Put salt on it. Wow that was so hard

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Fat chink.gif
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I cant be the only one who enjoys watching obese people eat on youtube. recommend me some channels anons
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Thanks, my fetish is obese women over eating.

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It's hot as FUCK today. I'm about to die of dehydration but I ain't drinking no god damn water.

What is the most refreshing, thirst quenching beverage ever created by man?
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but its september
I agree, just die

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cat .png
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does butter can go bad?
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images (1).jpg
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Yeah, but how would you find yourself in a situation where butter went unused for that long?
Use your head.
Yeah, if you leave it out. In the fridge it's probably good for 20 years but will start picking up fridge flavors.

Freeze your butter for infinite shelf life.
what if room temperature butter how long can last

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Screenshots, memes, whatever- idgaf
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cheese for me

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who likes gyro
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you mean hero?
no i mean gyro
so, hero?

where to get food grade cellulose powder?

i tried google but couldn't find anything intended for consumptiom that you can order in small quantities
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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my friend just had a baby and i'm making her a beef stew
should it be a pot stew or should i put sweet potatoes on top and throw it in the oven like a shepherd's pie?
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A baby that young can't eat beef stew yet.
And this is why we have a generation of cucks questioning whether gender is real or not
Definitely a pot stew preferably cooked with beer, because beer makes you strong. Sweet potatoes are for fags who can't handle real potatoes. The baby needs to understand that if it doesn't want the stew, it's going hungry. You need to show them what real strength is, otherwise they will grow up to be pussified nu-males.
>i'm making stew
>should I make stew or shepherd's pie


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Sup /ck/

I'm in need a flower petals, cherry blossom in particular. Where's a good place to get them in bulk? Amazon has them dried but only sell them in 1 ounce packages for way way too much. I live in California so there's some issue about getting a sapling. Apparently they grow like shit here. Any help is appreciated! I'm looking to make teas and ice cream mostly
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I'd try Kalustyans on Lexington
> I live in California
I'm sorry to hear that. Well, look at the bright side: at least it's not Wisconsin

never heard of it but apparently there's one here. Way up in Anaheim but still. I'll give it a look, thanks.

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