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You think she got dreads on the vag too?
Check your pronouns, xitlord
Made purely for flyover faggots.

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>muh hops
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Why is this so funny
why are hops fags so delusional

this is the biggest meme food ever

followed by sriracha
I much prefer skips.

>in b4 jump fags

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Why aren't you vegan yet?
Psyche! Don't care.
Just post your favorite vegan recipes. Vegan Thanksgiving recipes would be appreciated too, and gluten free ones would be nice since I apparently have Celiac disease. I already have an awesome green bean casserole recipe though so don't bother with that.

(For any trolls eager to give their uneducated opinions on vegan food: fuck off, retards!
We're not the ones eating the cooked and mangled flesh, mammary gland secretions, and butt food from other animals. Like, seriously shut the fuck up.)
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eat a dick faggit
As seen in the above photo: http://www.thatwasvegan.com/2012/11/15/lasagna-soup/
Why do people take obvious bait and samefagging

What meal gave you the worst shit of your life, /ck/?

I remember when I was like 14 I thought it was a good idea to eat some canned baked beans and green beans that had been in the pantry for ages as well as a sloppy Joe. I started feeling indigestion at around 11 and was on the toilet till 4 am. My pained wails woke up my family who seriously considered taking me to a hospital.
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One night I drank 3 bottles of white wine and did a big shit at work the next day and stunk out the office block, my boss sent me home and some coworkers left for the day voluntarily.
Did you quit after?
Na I still work here, I'm at work now on my lunch break.

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ITT we discuss foods from video games, movies, tv shows, and books. Things you've always wanted to try, things you have tried, or foods that are just interesting

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blue star wars milk
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For some crazy reason the chili dogs in sonic always seemed really appealing
I actually had my first "jelly donut" a long time ago thinking it would be sweet (filled with one of those pickled plums or something) but there was only meat in there. Did not think there were a variety of flavors/fillings for it back then.

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Hey /ck/ just did this with some potatos, but how long should i bake them for and at what temperature?
Please help
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Half an hour on bake?
350 for an hour is baked potato

determine when you want to pull out and oil/season again

but wtf, the point is to slice them as thin as possible

ITT: Shitty roommate stories involving food
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>Buy some pizza from a pricier place
>Cut a slice, take it to my room
>Set the pizza down to go grab a beer
>Come back
>My fatass ginger roomate is literally fucking laying on my pizza
>buy some tuna
>mix up a bowl of salad
>eating is with crackers
>black roommate walks up and starts eating right out of the bowl

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If you're not eating this then you are a pleb
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Transporter malfunction thread?
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photo 2.jpg
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It's not spit. It's good!
Improper foam usage is probably the work thing to come out of Avant Garde/Modernist Cuisine.

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Hello /ck/!

I see that there's a lot of different recipes for ramen on here, and that there's a lot of chefs that know their stuff. I'm not really a professional chef, but I'd like to share my recipe on here for others to use.

I call it "sweet sundae ramen" first, you start off with any flavor of ramen, as long as it's the maruchan brand.
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I'm at the edge of my seat OP
OP here, might be quite a wait. I have to process my images.
Pls hurry up, I need to get up to go to work in 6 hours and I am staying up for this

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Hey /ck/, first time poster here, hoping you guys could help me out with someting.

So I've been subjected to local radiation therapy targeting parts of my mouth/chin for a while now and have begun to notice a decrease in taste in general. When I brought this up with my doctor he said it's an unfortunate side effect called Ageusia and said there's a likely chance (since I decided to continue with my radiation treatment) that I'll have no gustatory perception whatsoever in a few months.

Cool, so why am I here? Well, I'm relatively young (27) and I've treated my body like shit throughout my life mainly because I love greasy, oily, fat food. So it got me thinking maybe I could change that around? If I'm not going to taste things anymore, I might as well adopt an incredibly healthy diet with disregard for personal preference, right? It can be vegetarian, vegan, meat, fruit, carbs, whatever daily diet that better takes care of my body from now on.

I'm not sure this is the right board to post this, I thought about asking /fit/ but I fear their response would be >MEAT >PROTEIN >NO SALAD or something like that; and I thought this board might have some nutritionists or whatever.

tl;dr suggest the healthiest diet you can think of, I don't care about what I have to eat
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DASH diet or follow the Harvard plate.
Healthiest foods I can think of:

Oily fish, sardines especially
Nuts and seeds
Sea vegetables/seaweed
Dark green vegetables like spinach and broccoli
Avocados are bretty healthy too
Cocoa powder
Whole eggs
Whole milk (although I know I'm about to get shit on for this one)

Check this out, this researcher has made a point of trying to build a hypothetical diet that would fill the average person's recommended daily intake in all vitamins and minerals, and examined the differences for vegetarian and vegan versions:

thanks, I'm looking them up right now

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My boobs suck because I didn't wear a bra for the first three years of having them and also genetics. Food and cooking is my favourite board. <3 Any how as some one who has only been legal drinking age in my country for a few months I'm inexperienced with alcohol but would like to develop my pallet.I can't find a beer I actually like but I do enjoy whiskey sours and amaretto. What should I try?
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You could try not posting ugly tits on a work safe board.


Only including relevant information to the thread you plan to make. Ugly tits aren't relevant information.
I'm sorry I didn't think about it being work safe before I posted.
this shit is the tits. SWEETWATER 420 blaze it faggot

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ITT: List your top 5 dietary staples, that is the top five things you consume more than anything else. Could be a complete food item ("sandwich"), ingredient ("rice") or even a meal ("fish and chips" [god help you]).

My top five are pretty basic:

>black beans

Chickpeas replace black beans sometimes.
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full grain bread
garlic and other vegetables
smoked mackerel
innocent noodle pots
greek salad
vegetables galore

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Can ANYONE tell me why Soylent is a bad idea?!?!

i mean, just the idea of it, since i cant be sure that the product is actually quality or not.
as far as nutrient absorption/density goes i cant be positive that Soylent is at a standard that can actually REPLACE food.

but the idea is DEFINITELY possible, and is the food of the future, and should be.

prove me other wise.
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it's not a bad idea if you know what you're doing
but it's not exactly an item for the common folk

because it's people, it's made out of people
Aside from the fact that soybeans and lentils are the 2 most finicky and thirsty crops which are commonly grown from dirty Monsanto stock and are major components of this formula peddled by some new-age guy with no training or education in human biology and nutrition?

Your stomach and the rest of your digestive system relies and requires solid food items to go through. It makes constant churning motions and contractions in order to process the food and the high acid content is a part of the process.

In WW1, Germany had the bright idea of creating ersatz food out of plant matter flavoured with various coal tar derivatives. The reason why they had to deal with ersatz food and not feed supplement pills to the population was beacuse:

1. Your digestive tracts would be ruined and you would die from inside out if you are permanently placed on a pills-and-liquid diet

2. The human body has numerous mechanisms of detecting delight in the food by smell, taste and texture. Humans grow bored and depressed when they eat the same thing day in day out because it is the body's mechanism of saying "you might be malnutritioned".

The eating of food, especially with others, is a source of mental and social stimulation that honestly cannot be replaced by a table of people gulping down some shake. It's why solitary confinement sucks, and why food is used as a punishment in some cases (nutraloaf). Our psychology is too well geared to seeking variety and social commonality with food to adapt to it, and you will invariably end up with depression.

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"Superfoods" that you can actually see evidence of after using for less a bit

Psyllium Husk. That stuff will make your shit slide right out. No need to wipe. And it adds great amount of fiber to your diet.
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>inb5 superfoods don't exist
>inb5 huge hatestorm of autistic trolls that feel the need to correct everyone to death


I eat chia seeds and blueberries etc.

maca root too. I love it.
op here, I eat blueberries and chia too. I also eat a lot of other stuff. I just wanted to start this off with something people can relate to and notice effects within days. Have you ever tried goji berries? they're an amazing healthy and energy boosting snack.
I heard psyllium is really harsh, I got this gentle adzuki bean based fiber at the store

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Tell me /ck/, what do you order at Timmy Hos?

If you've never been to Timmy Hos... what would you like to order at Timmy hos?
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Everything bagel with herb and garlic cream cheese + bacon.

Bowl of chilli.

Medium coffee with 2 cream.

Old fashioned plain donut.
I don't have this place
Large coffee with one cream

Sour cream glazed doughnut

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