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You ready?
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I'm gonna do it!
Kind of wish I knew what kippered meant
Huh. Tastes.. salty. Briney? No real odor to speak of. Not bad.

I just ate some breaded pork and im slowly turning my room into a gas chamber.
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All of them.

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I just made (kinda) a pecan pie. Never made one before so unsure what the issue is. When I would stick a knife in the middle it wouldn't come out clean so I kept sticking it back in well past the "done" time to the point that my crust was starting to burn (dark brown), at which point I pulled it out to cool. What am I in for?

pic is not my pie but just something I pulled of search
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Pecan pie is basically syrupy pecan custard, the filling shouldn't be slopping liquid but it's better to take it out when the center is still slightly jiggly, then it will continue to set as it cools. Though if you do think the crust was baking faster than the filling you can just lower your oven temp next time.
Temp the pecan pie at 200F and remove from the oven
You DIDN'T take that photo??

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How do I make burgers without a grill with ground beef
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Cast iron skillet. How new are you?
Use a cast iron skillet on the stove
A grill is inferior. Sear in a scorching hot cast iron

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>"Not long ago I invited a prohibitionist to supper, and induced him to drink a horn of Pilsner, assuring him that it wouldn't hurt him and hoping that it would cure him of his mania. He confessed afterward that its effects were surprisingly pleasant and harmless. He retained the use of his so-called faculties, and was aware of no impulse to kick over the table or brain the waiter. But he felt that he had to object to something, and so he objected to the taste. "It is," he said, "too bitter. I'd like it better if it were sweet." Fancy that, Hedda! Pilsner too bitter! That fellow, when he gets to heaven, will object to the fact that angels have wings."

What did he mean by this?
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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Is Masamoto VG the best stainless chef knife that can be had for less than $300?
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There are many great knives in that price range, even below $200. I doubt one would notice a major difference. Also, one knife can be good, another identical knife from the same maker and the same product line isn't because of bad quality control or heat treatment done by the intern instead of the master because he had migraine or whatever.
If its that important for you go to kitchenknifeforums.com and fill out the questionnaire for proper advice.
Jesus christ, what are you thinking

And why is it Ritz?
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these SOBs
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Go fuck yourself
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Make way for the king of snack crackers

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>when someone says fruit is just like candy
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I want to wear shane
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That mascot is creep, as fudge.

What does /ck/ think of the /v/ steak tier list?
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I think /v/ is retarded no matter what their lists are
>rare on the bottom
though i knew /v/ was filled with over grown manchildren, this is taking it to a whole other level.
>well done at fucking good tier
/v/ was a mistake.

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Rate my tea setup
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What would the Japanese say? 1.5/10
I'd say 6.9 the same magnitude as the fukushima earthquake. Your kitchen is a natural fucking disaster.

>captcha Road House

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