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Is this the female version of the average /ck/ poster?
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She's cute as fuck, would wife/10
She just seemed nervous. I thought it was cute desu senpai.
That channel was one of the best things about having satellite in the early 2000s.

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how do you put tits on your basic low-rent ham sandwich?
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remove cheese
add mustard mayo

that's it
I throw it in the bin and order a pizza instead
delet ham

roast beef

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Diet Pepsi. It's the best soda. Hands down. Look into your hearts. You know it to be true
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Diet Pepsi tastes like flat Coke.

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So, I realized my French Bread Pizza was cheese only, so I ingeniously sliced up some SALAMI and threw it on, here's hoping all goes well!

That being said, it brought a thought to mind, plain cheese pizza is something of a....basic bitch, isn't it? I haven't eaten it or seen anybody eat it since childhood, but surely it must have some fans here, so what do you think?
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around 35-40% of all pizzas sold are plain cheese
Around 35% - 40% of people voted for Trump. Doesn't make it right.
That has to do with pizza being the most popular party/get together food, and in these situations people often order at least one plain cheese pizza in case anyone is a picky eater or vegetarian or for the children

If there are multiple pizzas being sold and it's for a party, at least one is likely going to be cheese only just as a precaution

>new month's desserts at work
>chocolate torte
>looks like it could be good
>after service I take a slice
>immediately try to find someone to split my slice with
>no takers
>put it cooler and nibble on it for 3 days until gone
I have never seen a person consume a full slice without taking a hard fucking look at their life to see where they fucked up enough to try this dessert.
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Just have some milk to drink
Milk is for pussies. I only drink asparagus water
are you just complaining about how your specific work cafeteria served a bad chocolate torte? i don't know why you thought we would be able to relate to this

What is your favorite pickle recipe /ck/? I want to try to make my own for the first time.
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No replies in the DB for this post!

This may be better in /outdoors but here goes. Can anyone recommend a decent, cheap, electric burner/cooktop to use on a 1600W generator for emergencies?

I know, the typical answer is "use a propane stove". I'd rather have something that runs off my generator as the fuel can be multi-use stored for either the generator or car as needed. Propane is also notoriously hard to find during an actual emergency. During Irma, no one was rushing in to deliver propane cans but fuel trucks were getting hotlined in. Gasoline is more readily available in my experience.

So I just need a decent enough cookplate, maybe 1200-1300 watts or below, just so I can boil water for drinking or cook pasta/soup/etc. Doesn't have to be anything fancy.

Any ideas? I've seen a few cheap ones on Amazon but they all seem to turn off once they reach the desired heat and don't maintain it to keep things boiling/cooking.
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If you're in an actual emergency you shouldn't be boiling anything but drinking water. Heating up beans and other canned foods should take minutes.

Also propane can be stored if you have a survival kit and is way more portable than a fucking generator.

But the generator is already being used for the emergency: air conditioning unit, fans, phone charging, etc. Portability of the generator is a moot point, since I'm not fleeing off into the woods in an emergency. I'm staying in my house, and the generator is staying with the house.

Pasta and ramen are great dry food storage in the pantry since they don't take much space, and cooking them to edible just requires boiling water. Why would I not boil water to cook pasta/ramen? I can store more meals worth of pasta in the same space as I can with a can of beans or soup.
>he doesn't want to prepare a nice hollandaise over a double boiler set on his portable stove by candlelight in the event of a terrorist attack on the electrical grid

>go to store
>ohh new monster
>looks cool
>check out label
>78 grams of sugar

I admire them wanting to cause diabetic shock in children but fuck man. In one fucking drink.
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thos arent for children tho...they should b illegal 2 sell 2 kids with 2 high sugar honestly.. so wrong so bad
nothing wrong with sugar u hippie
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A 20oz bottle of Sprite Tropical Remix has 64g of sugar.
What exactly are you expecting from HFCS drinks?

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what's some niggerspic food
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>its the american way

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ITT: Weird food things you do

>always think i want pickles
>never do
>always have a couple of pickles on my plate
>eat all my food except the pickles
> put the pickles back in the jar for another day
>have had same pickle jar for 6 years
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Make myself a nice comfy cup of tea before bedtime. Never drink it. Pour it our next morning
>Be Thursday night
>Have plenty of food including extremely easy to make meals
>Am hungry and drinking beer
>Know that I must eat or I'll keep drinking until I'm sick
>Keep drinking anyway because boiling a pot of water is too much work
>Black out, pass out
>Wake up next morning dehydrated and feeling like I'm dying
>Think I must be retarded or something
Too many times... to many fucking times.

Been there, done that. Not in a while, but still.

>cook too much as fucking always
>it's fine, I'm gonna freeze it
>forget about it
>fly home from a trip
>nothing in the fridge, whelp better order takeout
>more and more shit piling up in the freezer
I promise, one of these days, I'm going to use some of that stuff...

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Pro at cooking, you're welcome, enjoy.
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>8 years
Fuck I feel old
Pure Pwnage started 13 years ago... I don't want this feel...

Sausage McMuffin
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Good value but I miss the egg
Double sausage and egg.
Why are egg mcmuffins so fucking over priced

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What do you think about vegan burgers? I've never tried one, I ask you to give me your impressions and advices
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shut the fuck up
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i think vegans should stop pretending to eat meat and either just eat regular non-meat dishes or eat meat.
lol fag

Has /ck/ ever fantasized about owning a restaurant? There's nothing but fast food and franchise flyover shit in my home town and I'd love to open a decent sandwich shop. We have a good local farming and gardening scene and a fantastic farmer's market . I've even thought about menu items from time to time/pirated them from restaurants I've worked at and improved them.
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>A sandwich shop is not fast food flyover shit

Daily reminder that america os ALL flyover.
You até The rednecks of the world.
You don't have the GUSTO to open the sandwich shop of your dreams.

>prove me wrong basement boy
Here are some ideas if you actually open that sammich shop
1. Offer my creation: The PcHjLfgT - The pimento cheese, how jowl, lettuce, and fried green tomato sandwich.
2. Don't be lazy and offer just chips and fries as sides. Make sure you have good fried okra, pasta salad, potato salad, and a sautéd or grilled vegetable dish.

I bought a big bag of masa flour to make corn tortilla but it turns out corn tortillas suck even if they're homemade. What else can I use it for?
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gorditas de maiz con chicharron
same recipe of tortilla but add beacon or pork rind
cheese and carne asada fucking glorius plus avocado
Nope they are delicious. Post your fucked up tortillas. I bet you didnt even attempt to make them, did you? You're just a worthless fatass who thinks mc chicken sandwiches are delicious.
>i tried to make tortillas at home but they dont taste like the "for me, its the McChicken" plees halp!

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