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what do you guys thing of cornbread and milk?
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It's a good bedtime snack.
>too busy eating delicious cornbread and milk to spellcheck

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Would a santoku be an ideal knife for a prep cook? Or should I just go for the chefs knife?
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Depends. How many times has the steel been folded?
Do they have decent house knives? Can you sharpen a knife? What are you prepping and will it chip a blade?
Our house knifes are butter knifes
$12 an hour
Mostly fruits and veggies

No doubt it will be beneficial so I don't have to use house knives but I want to know what's best.

Ive never used a whetstone. Just honing rod.

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Quick /ck/ help ! I got a rack of venison off of a hunter friend and it's the most impressive looking piece of meat I've ever seen. Babushka wants to cook it but not sure if trust her.

Her method

baste in salted butter and slow roast at 150 degrees c for 3-5 hours

I have bad feeling about babushkas method. Do I tackle old woman now before it goes in the oven or beat myself with branch for daring to question Babushkas wisdom.
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tell babushka if she fucks up the venison then she will go in the oven next
Why are you doubting her when you yourself have no idea what to do with it?
Eww gross. Toss it out

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I bought a rotisserie chicken and I've seen you guys use the remains for stock. How do you do it? Do you put salt or other seasonings in it? What do you use it for?
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usually when making stock you use meat and/or bones that haven't already been cooked
Throw it in a pot, add some water, a potato, baby you've got a stew going
I make stock from cooked chicken often. Just give it a good boil for a few hours and get all the bones out tasty and better than the store. Season to taste>>9435293

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I'm fairly well versed in the kitchen and looking for suggestions for what to cook. I try to be fairly health conscious but it's saturday so I would ignore that for something delicious.

I can run to the store and grab whatever.

>pic related, just made this. ahi poke bowl.
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baked potatoes with a side of mashed potatoes and gravy
>Wants to eat light
>Likes meme-y asian shit

Salmon broiled with miso and mirin, sherry soy broth, steamed baby bok choy, tasty rice
that sounds great. thank you anon

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What's the tastiest dry rub and sauce that goes on a rack of ribs for smoking?
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Dry rub: salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, paprika, brown sugar, chili powder
Is that all for one person?
This. Plus dried mustard.

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>order a steak
>it tastes vaguely Asian
>they've marinated it without my consent
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what does asian taste like anon
You'd know if you'd tasted it.
Soy sauce and ginger

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>you can't even taste the alcohol
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Alcohol burns and tastes like shit. Sorry your life is so miserable that you enjoy masochism, but it doesn't make you a manly man.
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That used to be my wallpaper

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Hey /ck/, my wife is looking to make some sushi rolls but we just found out the hard way that none of our knives are sharp enough—can you rec me some quality cutlery that can get through seaweed easy?
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Sharpen the knives you already have, you morons.

>But I never sharpened a knife before, I don't know how to do it, blah blah bullshit blah blah blah

Learn on YouTube.
Sharpen your fucking knives, christ almighty.
Don't feel bad, I went to my brother's house and brought homemade charcuterie and asked for a knife to slice it and all he had were chefs knives as dull as butter knives. I laughed and said, "Wtf is this?" His wife said he was scared to have sharp knives because they were dangerous.

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Mashed baked potatoes with a side of mashed box potatoes and gravy.
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needs french fries and tater tots
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ok, for next time
maybe a side of potato soup and sauteed gnocchi

these are back

they taste exactly like cool ranch

ketchup is better
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>Go to add some spice
>Open up and use the Pour and not Sprinkle
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Just make more of whatever you are eating
Wa la

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What you think. Not sure what it is. Bought it seasoned from the Hispanic supermarket. Wife is cooking it.
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This is the last one which was the first before she cooked it.
I have no fucking idea dude

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Making Prison Loaf (A.K.A. Nutraloaf) for a radio taste test. Thought you might be interested.

The total for all this was $25.37.
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How do you taste something over the radio
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We sit in a studio with microphones near us, discuss the dish at hand, taste it, and share our experience with each other and the listeners.

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