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Screenshots, memes, whatever- idgaf
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cheese for me

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who likes gyro
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you mean hero?
no i mean gyro
so, hero?

where to get food grade cellulose powder?

i tried google but couldn't find anything intended for consumptiom that you can order in small quantities
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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my friend just had a baby and i'm making her a beef stew
should it be a pot stew or should i put sweet potatoes on top and throw it in the oven like a shepherd's pie?
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A baby that young can't eat beef stew yet.
And this is why we have a generation of cucks questioning whether gender is real or not
Definitely a pot stew preferably cooked with beer, because beer makes you strong. Sweet potatoes are for fags who can't handle real potatoes. The baby needs to understand that if it doesn't want the stew, it's going hungry. You need to show them what real strength is, otherwise they will grow up to be pussified nu-males.
>i'm making stew
>should I make stew or shepherd's pie


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Sup /ck/

I'm in need a flower petals, cherry blossom in particular. Where's a good place to get them in bulk? Amazon has them dried but only sell them in 1 ounce packages for way way too much. I live in California so there's some issue about getting a sapling. Apparently they grow like shit here. Any help is appreciated! I'm looking to make teas and ice cream mostly
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I'd try Kalustyans on Lexington
> I live in California
I'm sorry to hear that. Well, look at the bright side: at least it's not Wisconsin

never heard of it but apparently there's one here. Way up in Anaheim but still. I'll give it a look, thanks.

Hi /ck/ just started growing my own vegetables. The first things that are ready to eat are these potatoes.

Can't decide what the best way to cook them is. I want to avoid lots of strong spices and herbs (what I normally cook potatoes with) so I can really enjoy the fresh flavour.

Any suggestions?
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Also with the little tiny ones can I get these to re-sprout and plant them or do they need to be bigger?
Potatoes are the worst thing to grow at home.
Try beets and brassicas for the winter
Light a fire, wait until it burns down and you get some nice coals going, wrap potato in foil and put it in the coals. Leave it in there up to about an hour, eat it with a knob of butter and salt and pepper.

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i want to make the perfect, fluffy with hard crunchy crust bread.

please help me. my bread isnt fluffy inside and i cant get that intense crisp on the crust like my granny made
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Spray the oven with a water bottle before you put the bread in, this will create steam that helps create a better crust, or just use a dutch oven.

Be careful with now much you knead it, if you knead it too little it will create a brick, if you knead it too much it will start reverting back to something brick like, you also need to let it rise properly and peacefully

preheat oven to 250 celsius and pour a quarter to half a cup of water onto a preheated pan in the oven right after you put your loaf in

is how I do mine and my crust is crispy enough

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Is there anything more entitled and condescending than a vegetarian/vegan complaining at a party or catered event because their arbitrary dietary restrictions are not being catered to?

I don't think they understand just how lucky they are to have the luxury of being able to turn down food simply because it doesn't fit their belief system.
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>is there anything worse
Yeah, a child who makes a thread on 4chan for validation in some petty dispute with their brother or sister
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Vegan detected
>anyone who calls me out on my shitposting must be a vegan
Have you ever considered suicide?

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Trying to get /fit/ , went out and bought rice, veggies and chicken. But i dont know how the fuck to cook it, i google recipes but get endless return of healthy bullshit recipes. I have an oven and a skillet, and various herbs and spices. Help a clueless cuck
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what cut of chicken

how soon do you want to eat

what veggies
Apply heat until cooked.
chicken thigh
and a various bunch of veggies like broccoli, carrots, snowpeas, cauliflower, potato. They is probs a bunch of others

Baked an apple pie today, what do you think?
Also what has /ck/ made this week?
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weird looking fucking apples
I used cranberries as a garnish and for tartness
sharing is caring mate

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