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lets make burger
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ginger, basil, honey, ghost pepper powder, paprika, salt... forgot garlic so we are starting out at a 4/10
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>Beef looks extra lean
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nice beat.

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Redpill me on raw milk
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It's raw
It makes bomb-ass cheese.
Pus filled

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>you have to order $600 worth of food for work
>must have vegetarian option
What do?
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Way more details man. How many people?

600 mcchickens
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120 pizzas, 10 of them cheese only~

Does anyone else tend to get the "opposite response" from substances? When I drink coffee, it relaxes me. It doesn't give me more energy, it makes me feel calm and actually reduces my anxiety. Alcohol, on the other hand, increases my anxiety.
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sounds like you're a faucking retard lol haha
Dark roast coffee has little to no caffeine. Could be your problem. If you wanna get jacked drink light or medium roast coffee.
Yeah, nicotine does that to me, to varying degrees. i've been smoking/'snusing' for several years, yet nowadays i get a rush of anxiety each time i use it. But my body still craves it. Suppose it'll make it easier for me to quit!

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What do you think of this burger, /ck/?

I had it yesterday during a company picnic.
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What dickhead put both mustard an ketchup on your burger?
>Cheese isn't yellow

enjoy africa
It looks appropriate

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Refer to title
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I used to peel cheese off my pizza before I ate it, to this day I still prefer pizza with very little cheese.
What I like to do is punch my pizza into submission, kinda like that "I wanted to destroy something beautiful" scene in Fight Club.
Pizza without cheese is a sandwich.

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How important is the quality of olive oil?
Is there any reason not to just buy the generic brand trash?
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If it's from italy, there's a good chance it's not even olive oil.
w-what it is?
runoffs from the good olive oil that they keep for themselves and/or mixed with other cheaper vegetable oils

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who /cookout/ here?
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>keep hearing how great it is
>finally go
>burger patty tasted like crap and sides are mediocre with variety gimmick
>shake is just a bunch of ice cream in a cup
Meh, I only went to one location a couple times so maybe they just suck there.
tried it a couple years ago. was so fucking awful and they were blaring christian music inside. i'll never go back
Shakes are shitty. The only reason cookout is popular is because you get a decent amount of food for 5 bucks and it's typically better than regular fast-food. That said big double burger tray with double Cajun wrap and Dr pepper. Can't wait to get off work

What you buy?
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I walk out and go to one of these bodega vending machines
pack of tampons and a tall can of bud light lime-a-rita
What the fuck is that? Why do hipsters do this retarded shit

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underrated fruits ITT

Bery nice. Sweet and little bit sour.
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Is that another name for kumquat?
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Mangosteen. They taste pretty good.

should i buy this $100 thermometer?
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They're nice and all. Good if you are a pro cook and need to use it often.

For home use I prefer a thermocouple with a remote probe. That way you can stick it in your roast (or whatever) and leave it in place while it roasts, smokes, BBQs, etc. That way you can check the temp without having to open the oven or the BBQ.

An industrial/scientific brand that uses standard probes makes a lot more sense than the ones marketed specifically to cooks. I use a Fluke.
i have a $15 one that works well enough

Buy a cheapie at the supermarket and just test it on boiling water when you make tea from time to time to confirm it's still accurate.

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What's your best soda float recipe? Any interesting combos? White vanilla with grape Fanta is delicious.
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Vanilla ice cream and orange soda is the best combo, period. Tastes just like a creamcicle, but fizzy.
My brother from another mother. This guy knows what's up.
Erock, comment?

Why would I use one of these instead of a rolling cutting thing (obvious pizza expert with my terminology)
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makes you look cool
I already am supremely cool

Does one cut better, more uniformly etc?
thats something an un-cool person would say, especially since you're using the rolling cutting thing. maybe you should prove your worth, then we talk

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made my first sourdough bread tonight and WHY DID NO ONE TELL ME IT WAS EASIER THAN USING COMMERCIAL YEAST
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it looks like a big ol cinnabun :3
ty anon
Is it cheaper at home or the store?

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How can I prepare tempeh without it tasting like shit?
I tried some with some veggies, rice and a hot garlic sauce and it tastes off and almost gamey.
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It's difficult but it tastes like shit. You can only mask the flavor.
It tastes like shit naturally
Any time I've had it, it just tastes like tofu.

Doesn't have much of its own flavour.

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