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So, I'm halwfay at finishing Monogatari series, but I still can't figure out what those black/red/white scenes mean. Is it just Shaft "style", or are they actually supposed to signify something?
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Just lines from the light novels.
Oh you poor little brainlet, if even the transition screens are too much for you to figure out then Monogatari isn't the series for you. You can just sit back and enjoy the pretty visuals I guess

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Say what you will about Netflix and their non-weekly-anime-fan model but it's a lot better that their at least using it on their own shit instead. Better than taking hostage shows they didn't have a hand in making and could've been picked up by a weekly service.
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>Say what you will about Netflix
Netflix does not belong on /a/.
>Say what you will about Netflix
I will, it's complete shit and they have no idea of how anime works
>and they have no idea of how anime works
Well, then explain to me how does anime works, dear Sir.

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This show like Maid Dragon but good
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They both have their merits
This show is how i'd imagine a KS anime adaptation.
I think it was better than Maid Dragon honestly.

100 episodes celebration.
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100 episodes and Kanae is still best girl.
One anon promised a while ago.

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Your name thread
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you couldve waited till it 404'd

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>doesn't ride anything
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sometimes she rides this horse with wings, but only when she's about to job

She could ride me.
.t didn't read the VN
You'll see when heaven feel comes out
Or was it in the fate route

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>OP by Angela

Is there anything more disgusting in anime than CGI?
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Yeah, your opinion.
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Why didn't he just kill Suzaku?
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why would he?
because he's an SJW and they had to make a second season
honestly if they had made Lelouch have half a brain the series could've been over in 12 episodes
just started watching this the other day, it's pretty good. I really like the first opening. too bad it they start going to complete shit

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Do you still find your waifu attractive when drawn in a realistic art style?
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Why are they asian?
Why do they look asian? Anime characters are white.
but the bottom one is realistic

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murata is streaming
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Atleast post the fucking link you faggot
You're a newfag?

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ITT: Anime openings dubbed in your language.

I'll start.

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Is this philipino? Sounds philipino.

Also I think you and I are part of a very very small group that actually know about BTX.
Je crois pas que t'as compris. Il veut le meme generique mais traduit dans ta langue. Genre la chanson doit guarde le rythme de la version originale.

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Spoiler out, we almost have the full chapter this time.

>Regardless of you being a woman, I will wipe that face off of you.
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>How bold of you… to ignore my kindness…
>Then by all means let our fists talk until we are satisfied.
>Hold on, Escanor. It is what King said.
>We do not need to hurt Diane…
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NnT 3.png
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>I am going to save her.
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>Diane!! Where are you? It is Gowther!
>Show yourself to me!! Diane!!
>You know how worried King is about you, do you not?
>Please answer me…
>I'm… an useless girl… Just because my heart connected to that of King… I got ecstasic…

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Happy threesome ending.
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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New Grappler Baki anime visual; to premiere on Netflix. (TMS Entertainment)


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Convicts Arc is my least favorite, but whatever.

I wouldn't have a problem with them redoing the Maximum Tournament with a real budget. The anime mostly looks rather bad
They're not that bad.

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