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>sayaka, kyouko, madoka die
>everybody cry
>mami dies
>shitty puns and meems

Talk about double-standards.
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mami is a whoreslut with droopy cow tits, it's only natural no one would cry about her
No characters are created equally

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Preview pics are out.
Hibiki and Shirabe are fucking dead, but at least Tiki gets the diki.
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This is it /a/. Are you proud of yourself? Calling Maria useless; and now she's finally gone. Well, are you proud of yourself anon? Is this is what you wanted?
>HIbiki and Shirabe dead.
>Maria in coma.
>Chris without an arm.
>Kirika without linker.
So only Tsubasa can fight now.
Pretty much.

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muh destiny.jpg
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What the everloving fuck did he mean by this?
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Hes immortal.
Loop theory.

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Why is Galactor such a classic villain?

Hell, even Frieza pales in comparison to Galactor.

We need more villains like Galactor.
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a kuchisake-onna approaches the first /a/ character you think of, what happens?
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I'm sorry, anon, someone posted it before you.

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Would you a Neito?
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Would you not?
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My Horizonfu.
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Yes, mostly anal.

>Rape is really bad you see, i strictly forbid it.

>Now allow me to put a spell on these woman i enslaved that will make their pure hatred towards me, the ogre that massacred their compagnons in horrible ways fade and force them to lust over me

>This is consensual sex, my harem is totally morally unquestionable

I dont' have anything with raping the women you've captured, but good lord trying to spin it as totally not rape is an insult to intelligence
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Yeah it's kinda dumb I guess.

Oh well.
It totally is consensual though.

>magical drugs that make me want to have sex are rape
I know you people think that pheromones are really rape if you regret the sex afterwards, but the mc only wanted to avoid having rape victims like the women the goblins used to breed before he got into power, the Japanese probably even uses a word that literally means "violate" or something like that, i.e. hasn't been turned into a purely legal mumbojumbo term by consent-autists.
>It totally is consensual

Not completely, but it doesn't really matter.

Is femdom the true fetish for anime watchers?
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No, and females IRL are mostly submissive
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Yes femdom is amazing, S Girls are the sexiest
>females IRL are mostly submissive
>females IRL
Who cares? pretty sure he's talking about 2D
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Wasn't around to keep up with the threads while this show was airing, what were /a/'s thoughts on Danganronpa 3?
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You know what.
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Supreme meme material, but fucks everything else up that the series build upon.

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These dorks are meant to be together.
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Referring to this strip.
lewd Nakano is best Nakano
What are your thoughts on the theory that she's imagining all of the mindreading? If true, that would imply she's projecting all of her fetishes onto Toda and that she's really the lewdest one of all.

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Hey, onii-chan, I need me some potato chippies.
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No umaru, go study
Please put Umaru in the subject so the filter catches it.
You have to suck my dick first.

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Would the anime industry collapse if the Japanese unionized and demanded more for their work in animation? Would the quantity or quality of anime be affected?
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not really
i meant to say, it would probably degrade a lot
I'm not quite sure what that image is supposed to convey. Are those number adjusted for merchandising and advertising? Anime typically only has to pander to the Japanese while the west is much wider reaching.

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Who here would not sacrifice a few people to make your dream come true?
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Not my friends, but then again if I was a castrated cripple maybe I would.
I would not except this dream involve saving more people than the ones sacrificed
People without big dreams and who value their friends

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The raws are out here:

Here's the conclusion of the arc.
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