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Any tips on how to DEMOLISH a backlog anons? Ever since I started watching things that came out each season as they air 3 years ago I have built an insane backlog.

PS: Should I watch Koi no Katachi or Read the manga first?
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saged get out and never come back
I was intrigued by their article on backlogs and didn't know what pic to use and I had it bookmarked so used it. My bad kinda new to /a/.
If you can't bring yourself to watch things, why even bother storing them?
Just start over.

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What's your opinion on this literal whore?
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I just found out she has the same seiyuu as Saber
Sayuki is best
Would you date someone who has engaged in compensated dating?

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Time for vogelchevrolet
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New poster
and of course it had ot be Meteora

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Rank these classic battle shounen series.
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left to right 1 2 4 3 6 5
1 1 9
4 10 1
DB > Hokuto > YYH

Barely remember Kinnikuman( I know read a bunch of it on Toriyama World long ass time ago) and dropped Dai.

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>Cute childhood friend
>Hot Nee-san
>Also Kiyoko-san

This bald nigga actually got his own harem
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If he had some hair, he might even be a shonen protagonist.

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Why didn't the MC just give her what she wanted?
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because he was a beta faggot like most MCs
Because her VA died
It's a satire on the self-destructive ethics of fascism.

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>people seriously believe that this was an asspull
Alright listen you cunts, it was proven time and time again in the series that you can use your nen after death.
If you still think that it's an asspull, then how can everyone still use nen after the hunter exam? Every one fucking died at the hunter exam yet they are still using nen.
Even fucking Netero who died during the hunter exam not only used nen in the chimera ant arc but he also used O my atomic bomb nen after dying A SECOND TIME.
Hisoka, who died since that one entrant pushed in the waiting room, copied Netero's double death technique after looking at him in the fight against Meruem.
Gon can't use his nen after dying his second time (against pitou) bevause he fucking sucks.
Now try to fucking dissaprove my points after this. Pro tip: you can't.
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You can only choose one.
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Can I give the middle one an actual personality?
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Optimus Prime.jpg
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I pick this one

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This is Bocchi, she'd like to be your friend.
Would you be her friend?
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Does that mean I'm her classmate? Does that mean I can be friends with Nako?
The question is, would Nako want to be friends you?
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>The question is, would Nako want to be friends you?
Don't say that Anon, that makes me sad.

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The time of Rukia's execution... got changed.
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>Not posting the animated version.

Delete thread.
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I hate when this happens
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But tomboys never win.
youre a normal person anon dont worry, only autists like seeing that
That's what you get for liking tall, handsome riajuus over nice guys like me.

Is Kanon better than Clannad?
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YES. Kanon has 10x better girls than Clannad.
>kanon better than clannad
>shows the most retarded being in the show

nice bait m8
Clannad's storytelling is fucking horrible, I'm about to drop it.

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The thinking man's harem.
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Jesús! Just how long is her fucking torso?
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imagine living the rest of the your life with the most perfect woman in the universe in a desolated wasteland just you and her wonderful
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Best girls that stand or stood no chance of winning
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Winning at what exactly?
The shitpostingb owl.

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