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SS Special Stage v01_cover p003.jpg
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Hey. Dumping volume one of a racing series. Volume one is actually translated, but they need a cleaner to continue. Go talk to Team Moe if you want to help.

>Street racing, touge and wangan. Some rallying. It’s mainly about a middle aged guy who rediscovers an old Group B Starion belonging to his boss that he never got to race since Group B got canned before it could run. He fixes it up and takes it out on the streets. It’s bit of a twist on the usual coming of age story, this time it’s an older guy coming to terms with his own age.
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SS Special Stage v01_p005.jpg
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I didn't crop the scans, so you'll have to deal with that.
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SS Special Stage v01_p006.jpg
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SS Special Stage v01_p007.jpg
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Why did Araki do this? What was the point of giving a male character such god damn feminine features. It's making me confused.
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feminine features like his male chest in that picture?
File: 4L_ERiDRDc1.jpg (61KB, 480x360px)Image search: [Google]
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No cock bulge dude. Those pants are tight as hell, he must have a unforgivably feminine cock.
>No cock bulge
oh ok, 99% of the "boys" in jojo are girls then

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Read the guide buyfag.moe
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I hope we can see a prototype of this>>160447817
what is your most wanted scale of this WF?
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best dog

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When is unavoidable return of Bleach going to happen?
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bleach died bro
Hopefully never

theres been more action on the bleach front recently than in years. The app game, the line app game, movie etc etc. Id say its leading up to an anime return. Hopefully with a retconned ending.

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The absolute madman.
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>yfw Ver returned (again)
File: 1500741122429.gif (426KB, 889x500px)Image search: [Google]
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>Ver is haunting Maria once again
File: 1485107012062.jpg (24KB, 427x456px)Image search: [Google]
24KB, 427x456px

Well, /a/?
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O-only if you use protection !
loli horsepussy & vintage vinyl cds
>less than a day to pussy exploration episode
Glorious times to be alive.

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chink chocolate.webm
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>the best romcom shit of the Spring 2017 season is a chink knockoff of TWGOK
Explain this.
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The chinks seem to have upped their animation skills (at least in this webm), but that mealy-mouthed language of theirs needs to disappear.

Qt yandere female interests me; I'll have to go find this one. Also, inb4 chink shill.
Where can i watch it?
>best romcom of the season
>knockoff of TWGOK
Found the reason.


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Is this cringe thread?
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This is kinda...boring? Am I missing something here?
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does it have hot-blooded action and organized crime?
just kinda generic edge and one-dimensional characters. First volume seems alright but it's just boring.

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brain pixel girlö.png
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Introducing Daycore

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No replies in the DB for this post!

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>/a/ thinks cute anime girls make you gay
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Replying in a bait thread
faggots should be gassed
It's not gay if you don't touch the benis.

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Just finished pic related.
Nagisa was pretty good but Kyou was the best girl of the bunch. They all were solid 8/10s and 7/10s, but Kyou was the true 10/10.
Also, grown Mei.
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File: kotomi socks.jpg (324KB, 657x800px)Image search: [Google]
kotomi socks.jpg
324KB, 657x800px

>tfw Kotomi was your personal favourite.

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File: Kushina_2.png (1020KB, 1498x1124px)Image search: [Google]
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What is with anime having shitty horn designs these days? Almost none of them are pointy and badass, or speedbump rounded horns. All we got are like twisted ass crecent roll / crumpet horns.
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That or fucking ANTLERS

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Your name thread
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knnw wallpaper.jpg
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Shitposting is also musubi.
How could they go for weeks without seeing the date written somewhere while in the other's body?
Just let it die

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