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Do you agree with Heathcliff?
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Post your 3x3s
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the only ones you'll ever need
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>Chinese girl has red eyes

What did they mean by this?
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That she's best girl

There's not that many anime or manga that have explored biopunk as a setting.

Xamd Lost Memories kinda tried it but they shit the bed hard.
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>Xamd Lost Memories
>those character designs
>that world-building
>that shitting the bed, hard
It could have been so much better.
It seems like a two-cour that was axed a few chapters before the end of the first season. The progression was clearly too slow for a short series.

Is it really better than the TV gits?
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Fuck no.
Fuck yes.
Fuck maybe.

>it's the year 2000 + 17
>Erika is still the unmatched best girl
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Posting best Seacat.
I consider Erika to be the best girl yet I still want to deito Lucifer. It's weird.
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The best stake deserves attention.

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>check waifu doujins
>nothing but faceless old men
>check the other girls from her franchise
>yuri and vanilla mostly
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even Japan knows your waifu is a slut
Nico Nico Nii > Kotori > Hanayo > Nozomi > Maki > Rin > Honoka > Eli > Umi
>most hated character
>practically everything vanilla or /u/ with Nozomi/Umi
I don't get it

Who is this woman and how is she outside the anime?
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She's your self insert.
why does DameDesuYo think it's okay to berate me as I'm jerking off?
>fansubbing opinions

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Oh no, you gotta act fast now!
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swipe downward
I don't even know what this means.

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Make or request /a/rt
Previous thread >>160343300
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Requesting Keiji pulling Kanetsugu's leash back as she pounds Kanetsugu's ass through her ass window with a strap-on. Loud moans of "Wan, Wan" are escaping Kanetsugu's mouth in the process.
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Requesting Tamotsu and Mayo from Akiba's Trip: The Animation fooling around with cut outs for couples.
Requesting Frenda looking awfully pleased after riding her bike down a really rocky slope, her legs splayed out with the seat digging into her puffy cameltoe

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>fuk u
>block her number after
send her pictures of my dick

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which anime has the best EXPLOSIONS
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Fuck you sunrise.webm
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Probably Gundam Unicorn
Gurren Lagann
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Gundam 0083.

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Hey /a/, I have a question.

In the Hunter x Hunter universe, how would one realistically have a hatsu that controls or at least uses wind?

Like...directly using manipulation wouldn't make sense right? transmuting nen to mimic wind and controlling it maybe? Conjuring a magical item that can do it? Someone suggested doing some sort of hot and cold aura transmutation that has them mix and react with one another to make wind.
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transmuting just gives your nen the properties of wind. also you need to define wind a bit more. do you just mean wind as in the "movement" of air so the properties of the air itself don't matter, but the properties of the movement does?

also i think with manipulation you don't manipulate the wind itself (wind is a system and a small change in the system will soon be overpowered by the system itself in order to correct itself) so maybe manipulating air pressure zones instead.

other ways would be creating empty space (like a void or a portal to space) so that the air gets drawn into there and thus creates a wind.

you could heat up the air so it moves more and also diffuses more.
In the argument we are having it's like...as generic air bending shit you can get. Killua's ability to use electricity but with wind. Blasts of wind for various purposes, easier jumps using wind as a boost, etc.

I feel like transmutation of wind doesn't work like Killua's electricity does so I'd take that off the table.

I hadn't thought about the empty space principle, that could be really neat.
the problem is that all properties wind have, nen already has. blast of wind is literally the same thing as basic emitter skill of nen (just throw you nen out) jump using wind. why not jump using nen, i think they even did that in the series floating in the sky with nen or some shit. the reason transmuting electricity works is because electricity is inherently different from nen itself so basic enhancing, emitting, controlling nen doesn't give you anything electricity could do. wind however is just air particles which moves at various speeds and nen presumably is also just nen(particles?) moving at different speeds

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Tell me what anime you want deleted from existence. You have 10 seconds to comply
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oh wait

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