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What would be the pairings of Round 3, anons?

My bet:

Takumi vs Satou
Megumi vs Eizan

Erina vs Momo or Isshiki vs Tsukasa
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I think Takumi vs Saito, Megumi vs Momo and Soma vs Eizan
my peenus weanus x erina + alice
If we don't get Takumi vs Saito I will be angry.

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I never did go back and finish this show...
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bikini merry.jpg
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You know, for the plot and all.
Same, I heard the final episode was notoriously bad.
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Damn, shame to hear that. it was pretty alright.

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Why dont Nips use real country names in WW1 or 2 scenarios? Theres always some shitty abbreviation while the map and plot remains the same
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Because military history animu's don't sell, and are horrendously controversial in Japan.
While it's fine as a source of inspiration, staying too close to actual history limits you in what you can do with the story.
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the general audience is fucking plebs and so is /a/

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Rate my party
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0/10 too many men

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>A new miniseries based on the Dragon Ball Z special, The History of Trunks is coming to HBO in 2018
>The show will opt out of typical Dragon Ball conventions and not include most of the typical Dragon Ball cast
>Trunks is a young teenage boy who must protect the future with his best friend Gohan after Android's eliminate humanities last hope for survival.
>The show is looking to take a more grounded and gritty take on the story, opting out of mentioning phrases like "Super Saiyan" that the Dragon Ball franchise has become popularly known for.
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Good god
Sounds good because it looks to me that Bills and Beerus will not appear.

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Pic related is a better movie than Kimi No Na Wa
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>piss is better than shit
>water is wet
ass and tiddies

>[HorribleSubs] Action Heroine Cheer Fruits - 04 [720p].mkv

It's time for cute toku fans doing cute toku fan things.
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Torrent please start downloading.
The 480p version works fine. I bet Crunchy is to blame, as always.

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Whenever people ask, i tend to say that LWA is on my top 10.
Is that true for you, /a/?
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Who the fuck would ask something like that?
Obviously, i would.
I came here to ask this.

Post characters who lost their light
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Guts lost his good art in that 2nd image
he never really had any
What expression is the blacked swordsman trying to convey?

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Who will die first?
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Stephen King Lady on row 2.
Taithon after she spreads her love.
A more interesting question would be who will be the last 5 standing?

ITT: Series that used to be huge but nobody even remembers them anymore
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new game.jpg
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I'm only on episode 3 but this is one of the comfiest anime I've seen since Barakamon

I'm so glad this season is filled with such total trash that I had to look back a year for something entertaining to watch
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>a second season of the show you love so much is literally airing this season
>this season is trash
I thought it was obvious that was what made me go back precisely a year instead of further
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One of my favorite SoL shows

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Why is she so perfect?
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Who is this stranger? I don't recognize her.
>the endcard was Nina
Fucking bullshit.
Why do they keep introducing new characters?

>A stand based on Queen
>A stand based on the Sex Pistols
>A stand based on Guns n' Roses
>A stand based on BOB DYLAN
>Not ONE (1) /wən/ stand based on KISS yet

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I can't
Araki has shit taste in music.
You forgot about 'that'.

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Smooth move.jpg
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That was really cute. This show is better than I thought it'd be, and the characters are pretty likable. Shame about the horrible lack of animation, though.
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