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What your favorite scene from you favorite seres?
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Why wasn't her head in the game?
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OP, you're like 6 years late to the party
I know. That doesn't stop me from wanting a mami thread
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you rip what you sow

Our generation's Attack on Titan.
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Except it flops and the manga sells like shit
>Our generation
Kiddies please leave
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Inferno Cop (2).png
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No, this is our generations Attack on Titan.

Boys who look like a mix of boy and girl are superior to boys who look exactly like girls.
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Because you're gay. That's it.
Contrary to what this board thinks, wanting to fuck a boy who looks like a girl is still gay anon.
Is it though?

ok i'm in episode 5 right now. when is he going full sociopath, starts killing shitheads and stops sympathizing with his bullies? should I just drop this piece of shit?
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some very big epic shit coming up. it was so fucking epic i watched all of the show...please watch it is FUCKIONG cool

It's a rollercoaster ride kid. He dials back the sociopathy eventually.
you'd be literal retard to drop it

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>Rebuilds are a cash grab
>3.0+1.0 will never happen
>Anno's a hack
Have Anno haters ever been BTFO this hard before?


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why not just call it 4

so dumb
because 3.0 was the beginning of a new story arc. making the title 3.0+1.0 signifies that it will be a continuation of that story.
>3.0 was released 2012 or 2013
>fucking ages ago
>2017 its only in production

They released the previous movies in 5 or 6 years, if it takes that long to get the last movie out its just a prove that they have no fucking clue what to do with it

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What is she lying about?
why aren't men allowed to be urara?

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Why was this allowed?
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Endgame right here, brothers.
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Best Girl
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AM a cute.

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Is there any anime (aside from Utawarerumono) where the bath scenes are actually fun and not just cliched shit like usually?
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the monkey in hotsprings is cliche

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Who would win a fight between these two?
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early on, Satsuki easily. After her senketsu absorbs everyones life fibers? Ryuko. Skill-wise though Satsuki is the best.
Satsuki's ass always wins
Ryuko easily. Power creep toward the end fucked over Satsuki pretty hard.

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Would you a Giant Super Sonico? New webmanga: http://www.zenyon.jp/lib/viewer.php?id=957

Japan has some really specific spin off manga sometimes...
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> Giant naked Super Sonico
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I wish Fuuri and Suzu were more popular and we got more of them.
Don't they have sex scenes in one of the Nitroplus VNs?

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Little too many dead children for my taste. That's like the worst thing you can ever put in an anime.

By episode 4 like 30 kids have died. It's just fucked.
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>watching LN ads
I thought /a/ loves death
>30 kids died
We can go higher.

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Did you ever realize that slut is an anagram for lust? But what was first? The slut or the lust?
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A woman with lust is basically a trap.

The word "slutte" is a middle english term that dates from the middle ages and refers to a woman with poor hygiene. In old english, the word "slut" was a slang word for mud. In the 19th century, the word "slut" could also refer to a maid or a female dog, and the current meaning of the word didn't come into wide use until the 20th century.

The word lust, on the other hand, has been mostly the same since the middle ages.

It is entirely possible that humans subconsciously create anagrams to end up with coincidences like that, but there is no empirical evidence to suggest so.
The fuck, is this guy writing a book? Didn't read lol.

God I wish this was me
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KuMeYu Ch.2 is out.


Waiting for PDF.

Reminder that today is the 2nd anniversary of NoWaYu.
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So how long until taisha commands the KeMeYus to capture a stardust alive for research and how badly will it blow up in everyone's faces?
November. S2 will be about the Hero Club cleaning Taisha's mess.
Will they try to instigate a change in management?

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