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Protect the succ.
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Sujcc is cute.
i want to be the fat old man that gets to defile her
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fuck the succ!

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She is a realistic character.
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She is the less realistic character. A teacher don't act like that IRL.
Said anon who never interacts with people.
You have never heard news about teacher getting arrested for having sex with a student ?

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No thanks

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at fierdo.jpg
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Episode 5
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Sieg sucks
No one gives a shit about him aside from OP.
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God, please keep her safe.
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Highest degree of talent
why does she let her lips touch the water where the other girls are?

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Who lived the harder life between these two?
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Ana Coppola. You try being a little, blue eyed blonde white girl in Japan. YOU TRY!
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My poor beautiful Megumi.
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plain old surviving as a trash of society > tragic heroes with lots of to do

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god tier openings thread
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Hey everybody, its Saturday Night! How are ya doing?
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I'm dancing to the Planet Dance.
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Doing fine.
A bit sleepy though.
No it isn't.

You had it all and you threw it all away.
You dumb fuck.
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Is this anime any good?

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Touch only whats touchable
if you break it you buy it

Whatchu wanna do is what they approve
Obey the rules and you'll see the truth, baby
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So this is swirly force huh?
Its not nothing
*kevin got tired and went home*

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You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like
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In other words water is wet.
>that one show with the shitty fanbase that outlived it and wont stop making 10 reply threads all the time when its obvious no one cares
But enough about Flip Flappers, why is Umaru so cute?
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Koe no Katachi was CGI, right? The hands, they are 3D models, or were rotoscoped, and when people sit around in class they were placed in a CGI box with a program, right? You can tell when the camera moves!

It's literally driving me crazy, because it's just borderline that I can't tell, but I'm almost sure it was CGI!
I'm not retarded, am I?!
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>doubting Godani

>3d art
>3d cgi
>CGI supervisor

I'm sorry anon

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Why was Kariya so eager to have a second showdown with Tokiomi at the church when he was effortlessly BTFO'd the last time? Is it the worms eating his brain? But his goal from the start was killing and usurping Tokiomi's place in his family. So why is he saying "oh this wasn't how it was supposed to be!" when someone else kills him and Aoi sees his corpse when that was exactly what he was trying to accomplish the whole time? With Kerry, Waver, and Uryu we know most questionable choices they make stem from their character flaws but with Kariya, Tokiomi, and Kayneth I can't tell if it's intentional, them just being latently stupid or a fault in the writing.
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Also, why do people wank Berserker so hard when Zouken chose him to torture kariya some more, not secure his victory? His strikes outweighed his successes in the story.

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did she mean stupid by this?
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