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The novels were interesting mystery horrors.

The anime adaptation which is probably more of an adaptation of the manga adaptation of the novels than the novels themselves was basically just trying to sell to soft core guro lovers.

I agree with comedy aspect, the scene where the teacher commited neckpukku in front of the class was hilarious.
From what I remember of the manga, it was simply boring and tame. The anime is its own thing
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Yeah but the pie

This how was one of the best romance stories I've seen.

>based af unusual MC
>perfectly complementary male friend
>cute and funny gf
>never too sappy or cringy but lighthearted and very fun to watch

Am I the only one who thinks this?
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No my friend, these are my thoughts exactly.
Any good NTR doujin?
I agree.

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So, does this show have any actual value besides the 'cute' factor?
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If you like the same jokes repeated over and over again, yes, aside from that it's a mediocre show.

ITT: Anime that are INDISPUTABLY better than the source material.
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There are no other
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Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai
Mushi-shi (it's a direct adaptation of the manga but takes a huge advantage from the inherent benefits of the format such as color and music, it's not like the manga does anything wrong)
Lucky Star besides episode 1

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Would you say "I do"?
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Anything for Rin!
That's for her groom to decide
Who would that be?

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How would you improve this show?
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This tbqh

How does this make you feel?
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it makes my hand feel something hard
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i want to do the same
Jealous if females can derive that much pleasure from just rubbing an area.

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2004. A simpler time.
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How did it end? Did the MC fuck his sister?
nope. Shinku ded. Everyone else alive.
Best ending. RIP in piss, Stinku.

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Yotterashai mitterashai~~ Yami Shibai no jikan dayo~~
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I saw someone with umbrella across the street, what should I do?
I think it's kind of cheap and the scares are mostly just jump scares
wonder if I should even finish watching the first season

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Chapter 1188 is out
So, why do you think Ippo "can't" hit him?
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The waiting continues and I'm not even a skeleton.
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>Climb arc for the manga for the rest of the year
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Aura is best girl (female).
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Ainz is cute, CUTE

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Best SHAFT girl.
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made for anal
>want to fuck her brother

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Is Initial D worth watching today? If yes, which stages?

Initial D thread.
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If the first episode isn't an indication of bad writing then by all means this is the show for you. Personally I thought it was really boring. Just watch a view montages on Youtube instead. Drag racing doesn't really work when the cars feel like cheap plastic toys.
The first half of season 1 felt a bit meh but after that its all great.
Watch until you get bored.

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Is there a reason why Alters are so good despite being edgelords? They seem to be fun to hang out with.
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Something becomes more attractive when corrupted.
How do I corrupt myself?
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Better personalities+better designs. The are made to better than their boring/vanilla selfs.

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How did we go from this...
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to this
...to this!
Josuke was in a car accident which caused his elongated left arm to be corrected but, left his spine in an s shape. It's an existence of constant agony for him.

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