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More like kakeyurui, amirite?
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>to describe addicted gamblers
I'm not sure I follow.

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Post 'em

Template below
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god i miss tu love ru
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boob chart.jpg
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Looks like isekai peaked in 1999.
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You can't compare this to the mmo isekai shitshow we have now.
That show sucks though.
i dropped this shit after three eps

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Get out of my anime, frenchies!
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How do you feel about /ourguy/ Reiner being confirmed for MC?
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He's just the focus for this arc, like with any other arc. Why make such a big deal out of it?
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JM soon
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Endgame right here, brothers.

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>the villain's presence alone is so strong that it makes everyone unable to move
fuck I love this trope
post your favorite ones
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>favorite trope
>when the OP is a faggot

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Who would you consider the worst mangaka or writer?

For me right now it's Takahiro, fuck him for what he's done to the AGK franchise.
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so is toriyama really out of ideas...?
super just seems like its rehashing so much
first broly, now ginyus
2 eps in a row
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Rory Mercury.png
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You can only post here if your waifu is over 100 years old
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Eternal lolis are the best after all.

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Which one /a/?
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Why are her eyes so huge?
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Best Saint
If you mean the bottom one, she was summoned to be an observer and referee. She needs big eyes to see big areas, especially when they're filled with tons of lens flares and cheap special effects.

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>watching anime normally
>suddenly CGI
>every episode after that is filled with CGI
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CGI is what happens when /c/ picks /g/ over /i/.
If you like it, you like NTR.
Is there people who like CGI?
Literally most normalfags.

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What's going on? 60mln hit?
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This'll never not be one of the best parts of the original series.
Don't pretend you just found out about this. We had a 500reply thread up for over 12 hours about this yesterday.
Eurofag, some people sleep sometimes

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Reminder that this was the JoJo fanbase before the new anime
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Now it's even more cringey with the bandwaggon faggots, normies, and meme fags.
> 2010

OP, Za Warudo/Wryy vids were a thing way before that. It seemed like it was in all sorts of YT subcultures.

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Worst Anime Dads of all time thread.

Naruto is such a fucking faggot, Jesus fucking Christ.
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erm, that's more than goku ever did for gohan. for starters, and why are we calling Naruto worst when Sasuke exists and almost killed his daughter?
You're a faggot for watching naruto.
Piccolo is his dad

Who else has read this? It's pretty good for a super edgy story.
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Besides MC and her family, I felt sad for the teacher and the blonde girl.
Art was the best part about it
i find the whole story stupid. It coulda been prevented if they actually talk to their parents but noo keep it to themselves to relish in their own dark emotions. A small talk with parents or others woulda solved this in an instant.

The ending was at least reasonable.

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