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What is this face trying to convey?
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She wants her nii-chan's dick but she can't get any.
Cant swallow but not allowed to spit either

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All OVAs subbed now.
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Haven't watched any of the OVAs, I guess now is the time. Great show.
Thanks OP.
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Nice desu wa~

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>Wake up from nap
>see this sitting on the window seal
What do?
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Check the quads.
tell her to stop bullying my seal
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>window seal

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How could anybody like this character? I'm in the process of watching Toradora and Taiga is just unbearable. She's an aggressive bitch 100% of the time and obviously has some serious mental disorders. My favorite character is Ami because she's the only one who doesn't let Taiga walk all over her. Does anybody actually sympathize with her?
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Watch more than 13 anime before you post on this board
dont talk about my waifu like that
But he is right.

Why are there so many threads about maid dragon instead of his superior work
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Because Dragon Maid is currently normaflags and ironic weebs favorite anime.
Was it rape?

Which Waifu or Waifus would you enjoy giving anal?
Eating ass counts too.

I have a long list but for right now it's: Touka, Lala Dullahan, Akame, Koneko, Xenovia, Raynare, Ryuko & Satsuki, Shizuku Kurogane, Ayase Ayatsuji, and Chaika Bogdan(Red Chaika).
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But they poop from there.
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That word doesn't mean what you think it does.

What's her master plan?
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Eat all the pudding.
She seems pretty fat for an elf.
to promote racemixing betweens humans and elves

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Why does /a/ like konosuba so much?

What's the appeal?
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Ironic anime fans like ironic anime.
it makes me go haha
>hot girls
>genuinely funny
>great MC
>isekai parody because /a/ fucking hates isekai

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>anime starts with cicadas shrieking
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>anime doesn't have cicadas
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>anime has fighting cicadas
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>anime uses human actors to voice animals

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>Challenge Mode
Write the beginning of an isekai up until the MC enters into the start of the real story/plot
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>MC posts on /a/ about writing an isekai plot
>dies of a heart attack due to obesity
>reincarnated as anon++
>still fat
>life doesn't change except now there's no anime

How is she so cute and adorable
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How is she so sexy and breedable
Big eyes

Small tits
She isn't though. "She" is a girl-shaped turd.

And the series was awful.

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Why is this creature so fucking cute?
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You just like squishy things.
What's her name again?

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Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid: Kanna's Daily Life

小林さんちのメイドラゴン カンナの日常

Vol 2 Chapter 13

Ouch. Right in the feelings.

List of chapters:
Vol. 1:
CH 7:

Vol. 2:
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It's the best Pokemon season ever, of course, but compared to other anime, how was it?
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It's still shit.
Would've been legitimately okay stacked up against actual anime if they let it conclude the way the staff clearly wanted instead of shitting the bed hardcore. As it stands, the Pokémon anime as a whole and XY especially are a waste of the talent of OLM, of some decent writers and some outstanding animators.
XY would have been far better if the Serenafags weren't so delusional and annoying. Good thing people hate them now.

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Used the /a/ recommended list and decided on watching this. God is this a comfy show, I mean, like its so comfy. I can't believe how comfy this thing is like I know Lucky Star was comfy but this is like rolling around in your duvet at 9:30 A.M. and feeling slightly dehydrated but not too much comfy. Wow, I mean what else is there to say? I perceived slice of life in general to be nothing more than an exercise in futility employed only to subdue the primal desires of teenage boys as well as girls who wish to appear "nerdy" to appeal to said boys. This is actually of considerably quality.

Discuss this and anything else that interests you I suppose.
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>only watching Kamichu now
>more than a decade after its release
>blogging about it
>on /a/
Are you new to anime and/or 4chan?

It's a good show.
God-tier anime

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