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I got these for you /a/
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>not a DOZO thread.
Who cares, you're just gonna break it like always.
It's not like I expected anything else.
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You're right, after all you've had years of experience with girls not giving you things.

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Why is this considered "The Greatest Love Story Ever Told"?
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Because baby's first anime.
Because Ami is best girl
because oreimo was shit

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What's he up to?
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Hopefully designing fashion.
Sleeping on a bed of money while fucking whores and sniffing coke off their asses in his giant ass mansion.
Damn, I hope one day I can look this badass.

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Which girl is best girl?
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>Which girl is best girl?
I like the blue one in the middle the deliquent girl and the dense girl at the bottom the most.

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It means I want to FUCK them
It means that I want to make babies with Eli and Nozomi
It means she is hetero and isn't in a relationship with anyone.

Aka, none of those girls.

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Why did you forget about me?
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I consistently think about Mai at least once a month
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Because we found someone better in the same series: Ruru-chan!
That Ruru doujin still hasn't been scanned...

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Let's have a Chaika thread.
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Freddy is here to save the Chaika thread.

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>Fight you? Nah I'm gonna kill you.
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Piccalo sacrifices him self by intentionally getting killed by Jiren so he gets eliminated for the sake of U7.

calling it now

screen cap this shit
Reminder that Son Goku is beautiful.
son goku is a spic

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Why are japs so obsessed with mechs? I could never understand this, I hated this idea even when I was kid. And there are multiple reasons for that.

First of all: they are unpractical as fuck. I liked military things like tanks, planes guns and stuff and I looked through the history of the development of those weapons aswell. For example how tanks have "evolved" since the 1WW till now, all the improvements were made etc. And the mechas are completely the opposite of it. It's a huge leap backwards, like 1 lightyear back. First of all: Complicated mechanism which makes it very cost-ineffective. Too many parts that can break, too many unnecessarities which make it too expensive and unviable in combat. Building a lot of armor while being abble to maintain the whole construction (let's assume it's possible with the technology there) would cost more than just building a battalion of tanks instead.
Same for flying mechas, planes exist for a reason, you know? Even in space I assume some specialized vessels would be much better.

Now to the practical part: What is the usage of a big humanlike robot in a war with a gun (or even a sword lol)? A tank has low profile and is hard to hit, mechas would be blown away by artillery to smithereens because of their high profile. If you need a gun why you just don't put it on a tank?

So many plotholes in those mechas but they keep making and making and making it. I just want a nice science fiction anime without this bullshit but with normal space ships like in any western movie (starwars, startrek, whatever). Why must japs put mechs every-fucking-where? Where are the good oldschool planes/tanks/spaceships?

And now they are even putting them in fantasy where technology is even less developed. What. The. Fuck.
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>I hate giant robots beating the shit out of each other
I will however agree that anime is sorely lacking in the technological aspects of giant robots
Because you are a friendless autist faggot and they hate you. That's why they make mecha shows. Just to piss on you. Because that's what you deserve.
This anon.
You should proud several nations of people hate you enough just to make mechs popular just to spite you.

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Who will be the better hero?
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Motherfucker the series is a memoir from Deku about how he became the greatest hero
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himiko toga.png
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TFW people haven't figured out it was Toga fighting Kacchan in Deku vs Kacchan 2

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>Read Yowamushi Pedal when the first chapters were getting scanned, liked it
>Eventually stopped because Fujos started ruining it
>About to restart reading it and try to ignore fujos

Why do Fujos love to ruin series with predominately male casts?

Can't they just stick to the shows literally designed for them rather than needing to push fake shipping shit?
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>read fujoshit
>get annoyed that fujos are reading stuff made for them

You're the retard here.
>try to ignore
It's a fanbase. You are not required to talk to them. Just read the fucking manga. What is wrong with you?
It's just a sports manga full of bros.

No homo all the way, men can form bonds with other men without wanting to touch dicks.

Fujos do not understand this.

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Volume 2 Chapter 26 translated:


Let's have a comfy GJ-Bu thread where we discuss how all girls are best girls and how wonderful the bullying is in the latest chapter.
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Cool Op.
Nice, I wonder how long it will take to translate all of the light novels.
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Oh my, I didn't know that someone was still translating them.

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No Japs
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Doesn't count
he sucks

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Does /a/ like super vanilla?
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>super vanilla
Is this some new genetically engineered plant?
I guess he means husband and wife vanilla. going by that manga.

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Sure as hell ain't for ESLfags.
Shitty Arisa ripoff.

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