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>he hasn't watched boku no pico
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uhhhhhh thats like basic math?

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Does anyone remember Yoko's personality, or do people only like her for her tits?
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Team Dai-Gurren wouldn't be the same without her boobs
She's a good teacher.
With titties like that, her personality doesn't matter

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>It's another blonde, blue-eyed Japanese middle schooler
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The best type
I was born at Japan and Im a spic, brown messy hair, green eyes and I dance salsa; my ID says I'm japanesse though so...
>he would rather have the other 99.99% black hair brown eyes population

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Anon, why do you like little girls?
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But I don't.
They are friendly and cute and really small so I can pick them up easily. They like hugs and head pats.
They don't care about my inclinations

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So if Jeanne was able to possess Leticia due to their strong shared religious faith and general belief structure, what was it about Tohsaka Rin which enabled her to host the goddess of prostitutes?
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take a wild fucking guess anon.
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What are you trying to imply OP

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what does /a/ think about this?
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You first
It's wholesome and cute

Good times.
used goods

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How does one go from this...
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to THIS?!?!?!?!?!???
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to this?
>that pixelated nui and ryuko

the fuck?

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Ren-chon has seen some shit.
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How young is too young?
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Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid: Kanna's Daily Life

小林さんちのメイドラゴン カンナの日常

Vol 1 Chapter 7


List of chapters:
Vol. 1:

Vol. 2:

(As I last checked all of them are neatly uploaded on the goddess, too)
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Hey. I ended up scanning Sumire 16 since it was 100 yen, so now I'm seeking an editor with some free time who's interested in replacing the current magazine scanlations with proper tank scans. Otherwise, here's a volume and a half or so of Sumire to read.

>While bicycling to school her first day as a high school student, Renge Ohyama meets a weird girl who on closer inspection appears to be a life-sized doll--not an advanced robotic creation or even a magical doll. Rather, a scary looking middle aged man controls her movements, puppet-like, and speaks for her via ventriloquism. Unfortunately, this perverted-seeming old man and his doll happen to attend her new school. Even worse, is in the same class and sits right behind her. And it seems the doll wants to be friends?!
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Steins;Gate 0 doesn't really work as an anime. Are they going to keep changing the perspectives like the VN, or just focus on Okabe?
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whole anime will be through leskinens perspective
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I don't have the slightest clue, but I'm hoping the best scenes make it in. The anime is a side dish as ever anyway.

Perspectives aren't the issue. Ths issue is the endings and how true end is chopped into chunks across multiple ends.

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So who the fuck killed him?
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misato, obviously
Some say misato. Others say gendo. I like to think it was Shinji defending his harem.

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Dood ozzo.png
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Has an anime/manga ever influenced how you act in real life?
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I find myself saying random Japanese words.

Polite sage for off topic.
>saying sage

did you not read the first sentence

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